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Weber-Isis® Chakra Harmonizer (gold-plated)

13 sacred information systems to create a reality.

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  Eckhard Weber The Isis-Chakra-Harmonizer looks like an insulator for electric... more
Product information "Weber-Isis® Chakra Harmonizer (gold-plated)"


Eckhard Weber

The Isis-Chakra-Harmonizer looks like an insulator for electric current. They exist in different variations on Egyptian wall reliefs. The Egyptologists call them Djed pillars. Only those in the know were allowed to handle them. They had already been found under the oldest pyramid, that of Djoser in Sakkara. These Djed-pillars were later set up as ornaments or even worn around the neck. Their meaning was probably not understandable to the common people.


In Abydos there is even a large wall relief showing King Sethos I presenting a Djed pillar the size of a man to the goddess Isis. But what is this insulator-like object actually supposed to be? Contemporary Egyptologists are not in agreement on this. Different variations stand to the choice. The Djed pillar is the symbol of the god Osiris, they say, others claim that it is a symbol of permanence or a symbol of eternity. In developing the Isis Chakra Harmonizer, I was mainly interested in designing a small effective device that could calm people down a bit in these hectic times and make them take everything a bit more calmly. Also it should be a device for so called "Children of the New Age" (Indigo Children or Crystal Children), so that these children can better cope with the energies and structures of the 3-dimensional world. It is very difficult for children with a higher consciousness to adapt to such a lower vibration level. The Isis-Chakra-Harmonizer could help here.


The Isis Chakra Harmonizer

The Isis-Chakra-Harmonizer


Sacred Geometry

The shape of the Isis Chakra Harmonizer is based on the findings of Sacred Geometry and represents a double djed pillar with 8 grooves. Geometry is the cornerstone of creation. There is no life form, no existence of any kind whatsoever, that does not have geometry as its model. Sacred Geometry is the symbol and allegory of reality throughout the cosmos and is therefore sometimes referred to as the Language of Light. The Isis Chakra Harmonizer gets its power from the geometric shape radiance. The length is 5.41 cm. This corresponds to three quarters of the cosmic key, the wavelength 7.23 cm. In addition, the vibration of the 8 grooves can create a self-cleaning effect, which can prevent the absorption of foreign energy. Inside, there are seven different gemstone beads for the 7 chakras. The gemstone vibrations can be transmitted into the subtle energy field. It does not replace the Isis-Beamer!


Optimal mode of operation

Wear on the breastbone so that the lower sphere touches the solar plexus (see illustration below). Do not wear on bare skin, as sweat can corrode brass and gold alloy. The Isis Chakra Harmonizers develop their optimal properties in the vertical position. The brass Isis Chakra Harmonizer is gold-plated, so you can also receive a gold vibration. Gold is considered the highest and purest of metals and is also used in homeopathy. In the beginning do not wear the Isis-Chakra-Harmonizer permanently, but only hourly (3-5 hours). Each organism has its own level of vibration. Later it can be worn the whole day. Test your needs.


Characteristics and hints

  •  The Isis Chakra Harmonizer can vitalize.

  •  It can be worn by different people.

  •  It does not accept foreign energies.

If the Isis Chakra Harmonizer is worn on the body, it can build up the bioenergetic energy field and the 7 chakra system of the person. Thus a harmonious flow of energies in the body can be achieved. A person who has a balance of body, soul and spirit will also have a great bioenergetic field. 


The Isis Chakra Harmonizer

So the Chakra Harmonizer should be worn on the body. 


The task and function of the chakras

The seven main chakras, located along a vertical axis at the front center of the body, are so crucial to the function of the most basic and essential areas of the human body, mind and spirit that I have dedicated a separate chapter to each of them. There you can read about the specific soul-spiritual characteristics associated with each chakra and which areas of the body are subject to their influence. Here I would first like to describe those characteristics which are common to the seven main chakras. Their actual seat is in the etheric body of the human being. They resemble funnel-shaped calyxes with a different number of petals. In the eastern world they are therefore often called lotuses. The subdivisions of the flowers into individual petals represent the energy channels through which energies flow into the chakras and are transmitted from there to the subtle bodies. Their number ranges from four such channels in the root center to nearly a thousand energy channels in the crown center.



From the depression in the center of each calyx, another channel, which acts like the stem of the chakra flower, extends toward the spine and runs directly into it. It connects the chakras to the main energy channel called the sushumna, which rises up through the inside of the spine and continues up the head to the crown. The chakras are in a constant circular motion. They owe the name "chakra" to this characteristic, which means "wheel" in Sanskrit. The rotating movement of these wheels causes energy to be drawn into the interior of the chakras. If the direction of rotation changes outward, energy is radiated from the chakras. The chakras have either a right-hand or a left-hand rotation. An opposite principle can be seen in man and woman, or a complement in the expression of the different energies, because the same chakras that turn right in man turn left in woman - and vice versa.



The direction of rotation changes from chakra to chakra. Thus, the base chakra of the man rotates to the right, he more actively expresses the qualities of this center. The first chakra of the woman, on the other hand, shows a left-hand rotation, which makes her more receptive to the invigorating and procreative power of the earth. In the second chakra the signs change: The right-hand rotation in the woman shows a greater active power in the expression of the feelings, the left-hand rotation in the man lets him take a more receiving or often passive attitude here. 

And so it goes on: right-handed rotation and left-handed rotation alternate in each case and shape man and woman in different ways, which leads to a complementing of energies in every area of life.


The Isis Chakra Harmonizer

 The Chakra Harmonizer with its 7 gemstone spheres.


The chakras of most people have an average extension of about 10 cm. In each energy center all color vibrations are present, but always a certain color dominates, which corresponds to the main task of the respective chakra. As the human being evolves, the chakras expand further and their vibrational frequency increases. Their colours also become clearer and more radiant. The size and vibrational frequency of the chakras determine the quantity and quality of energies that are absorbed by them from various sources. These are energies that come to us from the cosmos, from the heavenly bodies, from the radiation of all things (e.g. the chakra harmonizers) and people in our environment, from our various subtle bodies as well as from the unmanifest primordial ground of all being. They are partly supplied to the chakras via the energy channels, partly they flow directly into the chakras. The two most important and fundamental forms of energy are received via the root centre and via the crown centre. Between these two chakras runs the sushumna, to which all the energy centers are connected by their "flower stalks" and are supplied with life force. It is the channel through which the so-called Kundalini force rises, which rests "coiled like a snake" at the lower end of the spine and whose entry port is the root center. The Kundalini force represents the cosmic energy of creation, which in Indian wisdom teachings is also called Shakti or the female expression of God. This active aspect of the divine being brings forth all manifestations of creation. Its antithesis is the pure, unformed aspect of divine being, also called Shiva, which is at rest within itself. In most people, the Kundalini force flows through the Sushumna only to a very small extent. As it is awakened more and more with the development of consciousness, it rises in an increasing current through the channel in the spine and activates the individual chakras. This activation causes an expansion of the energy centers and an acceleration of their frequencies. The Kundalini force supplies the chakras with that energy vibration which enables the human being, in the course of his evolution, to gradually tap into all the abilities and forces which are active on the various energetic and material levels of creation, in order to integrate these forces into his life.


First Chakra

Muladhara Chakra

Muladhara chakra, also called root chakra, base chakra or breech centre

The first chakra and its assignment

The first chakra is located between the anus and the genitals. It is connected to the tailbone and opens downwards.
Colour: An activated first chakra glows fiery-red
Assigned element: earth
Sensory function: s melling
Symbols: 4-petalled lotus
Basic principle: physical will to be
Assigned glands: adrenal glands
Learning task: original life energy, original trust, relationship to the earth and the material world, stability, assertiveness, will to live

Jasper 1st chakra

Jasper 1st chakra; colour: brick red

Historical tradition: The red jasper belonged to the most precious gemstones of the ancient world. In the Bible, in the Book of Revelation, it is mentioned that God was composed largely of fiery red jasper. The ancient Greeks believed that jasper gave its wearer an inner harmony. The red jasper can have strong harmonizing effects on the negative vibrations in the body. It acts like a lightning rod and can free us from blockages and influences of other people. We can achieve a higher degree of inner harmony, which can directly translate into more contentment.


Second Chakra

Svadhisthana chakra

Svadhisthana chakra, also called sacral chakra or cross centre

The second chakra and its associations
The second chakra is located above the genitals. It is connected to the sacrum (lat: os sacrum) and opens forward.
Colour: orange
Assigned element: water
Sensory function: tasting
Symbols: 6-leaf lotus
Basic principle: creative reproduction of being
Assigned g lands: gonads
Learning task: Original feelings, flowing with life, sensuality, eroticism, creativity, wonder and enthusiasm

Carnelian 2nd chakra

Carnelian 2nd chakra; colour: orange-red

Historical tradition: Carnelian is one of the most valuable gemstones of antiquity. The Egyptians always carried this stone with them as the stone of renewal and loyalty. The pharaohs of that time attributed divine power to the carnelian, with which they liked to adorn themselves. Carnelian got its name from the Latin word corneolus, because it looks like a cherry. Carnelian is a stone of renewal, which can give us more vitality and zest for life.


 Third Chakra

Manipura Chakra

Manipura chakra, also called solar plexus chakra or navel center

The third chakra and its associations
The third chakra is located about two finger widths above the navel. It opens to the front.
Colour: yellow to golden yellow
Element: fire
Sensory function: seeing
Symbols: 10-petalled lotus
Basic principle: shaping of being
Assigned g land: pancreas
Learning task: development of the personality, processing of feelings and experiences, influence and decisiveness, power and abundance, wisdom

Tiger Eye 3rd Chakra

Tiger eye 3rd chakra; colour: golden

Historical tradition: The tradition of the tiger's eye goes back very far into history. "The Arabs and the Greeks honored the tiger's eye as a stone which makes its wearer funny and sharpens his senses. Tiger Eye can also give its wearer more family warmth, security and balance and, especially in children, increase receptivity, attention and willingness to learn.


Fourth Chakra

Anahata Chakra

Anahata chakra, also called heart chakra or heart centre 

The fourth chakra and its associations
The fourth chakra is located at the level of the heart in the middle of the chest. It opens to the front.
Colour: green, also pink and gold
Element: air
Sensory function: touch
Symbol: 12-petalled lotus
Basic principle: devotion to being
Assigned gland: thymus gland
Learning task: development of the qualities of the heart, love, compassion, sharing, tolerance and forgiveness, selflessness, healing

Aventurine 4th chakra

Aventurine 4th chakra; colour: green shining through

Historical tradition: According to the ancient Greeks, aventurine gives its wearer courage and fresh optimism, ambition and determination. Due to its calming effect, it can give more humor and cheerfulness and can transform negative power into a more positive attitude towards life.

Fifth Chakra

Vishuddha Chakra

Vishuddha chakra, also called throat chakra, throat chakra, or communication center

The Fifth Chakra and its Associations
The fifth chakra is located between the throat pit and the larynx. It arises from the cervical spine and opens forward.
Colour: light blue, also silvery and greenish-blue
Element: ether
Sensory function: hearing
Symbols: 16-petalled lotus flower
Basic principle: resonance of being
Assigned g land: thyroidgland
Learning task: communication, creative self-expression, openness, expansiveness, word formation, inspiration, access to the finer levels of being

Chalcedony 5th chakra

Chalcedony 5th chakra; colour: light blue

Historical tradition: The Tibetans compared the stone with the beauty of a lotus blossom which can protect against weakness, discontent and melancholy. Chalcedon probably got its name from the Greeks after the city "Chalkedon" at the Bosporus. Under the pillow, chalcedony can protect us from nightmares and insomnia. Especially children can be helped to develop their own language. It can give more self-confidence and can also ensure clear, understanding pronunciation.

Sixth Chakra

Ajna Chakra, Brow Chakra

Ajna chakra, forehead chakra also called third eye, eye of wisdom or inner eye

The sixth chakra and its assignments
The sixth chakra is located a finger's breadth above the root of the nose in the middle of the forehead.
It opens to the front.
Colour: Indigo blue, also yellow and violet
Sensory function: All senses, also in the form of extrasensory perception
Symbols: 96-petalled lotus
Basic principle: Knowledge of being
Assigned gland: Pituitary gland
Learning task: Knowledge functions, intuition, development of the inner senses, mental power, projection of will, manifestation, imagination

Sodalite 6th chakra

Sodalite 6th chakra; colour: dark blue, partly with white inclusions

Historical tradition: The sodalite was already named soda (salt) and lith (stone) = salt stone or sodalite in ancient Greece due to its high salt content. The Greeks revered this stone as a protective and healing stone and believed that this would help its wearer to better develop his artistic inclinations. Artists, painters, sculptors and singers therefore always carried this stone with them. Sodalite can help its wearer to achieve emotional balance and can bring more self-confidence, steadfastness and courage, especially to sensitive people.


Seventh Chakra

Sahasrara Chakra, Crown Chakra

Sahasrara chakra, crown chakra, also called crown center or thousand-petalled lotus

The Seventh Chakra and its Associations
Theseventhchakra is located at the highest point, top center on our head. It opens upwards.
Colour: violet, also white and gold
Sensory function: connection to the cosmos
Symbol: 1000-petalled lotus
Basic principle: pure being
Assigned g land: pineal gland
Learning task: perfection, highest knowledge through direct inner vision, union with the All-Subsisting, universal consciousness

Amethyst 7th chakra 

Amethyst 7th chakra; colour: violet

Historical tradition: The amethyst is revered by almost all peoples. Its name comes from the Greek "Amethystos", which means "not drunk". The Greeks believed that the amethyst gives its wearer more stability, which protects against evil thoughts. Furthermore, it protects its wearer from the penetration of evil forces into the soul. It transforms bad thoughts into optimism and frees from false friends. The amethyst can strengthen the faith and can let its wearer judge and act more justly. It stimulates the imagination and strengthens true friendships. Amethyst can guard against learning difficulties and test anxiety. Amethysts can bring more harmony, warmth and security through their charisma. 


Fig. left: Physical energy field with the 7 chakra system, meridians and acupuncture points, ©Alex Grey, published by "Inner Traditions"

Fig. right: The different aura energy fields of the human body (©Caroline Esser), adapted from a graphic in the book "Das große Lexikon der Heilsteine, Düfte und Kräuter" published by "Methusalem-Verlag-GmbH", ISBN: 3-9804431-0-8


Representation of the 7 chakra system

The 7 chakras open to the front and to the back and to the top and to the bottom of the human body.

Adapted from a graphic from "The Chakra Handbook", published by Windpferd-Verlag, ISBN: 3-89385-038-4 


The Chakra Manual

The texts and the graphics to the 7 chakras are excerpts from "Das Chakra-Handbuch" published by Windpferd-Verlag, ISBN 3-89385-038-4.

The texts about the gemstones are excerpts from "Das große Lexikon der Heilsteine, Düfte und Kräuter" published by Methusalem-Verlags-Gesellschaft mbH, ISBN 3-9804431-0-8







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