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Weber-Isis® Beamer 1:1 (gold plated)

Weber-Isis® Beamer 1:1 (gold plated) including leather strap

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Eckhard Weber: "The Isis beamers work for us around the clock. They can create a field of... more
Product information "Weber-Isis® Beamer 1:1 (gold plated)"

Eckhard Weber:

"The Isis beamers work for us around the clock. They can create a field of protection and harmonization everywhere. The advantage of the Isis-Beamers: their energy is probably radiated permanently. Until I had completed the first Isis-Beamer to be worn around the neck, I thought and experimented for a long time. I wanted to offer a small mobile device after the Isis-Orgon-Beamer. Some Egyptian relief drawings gave me the first inspiration. I wanted to bring these forms together. Then I added the laws of Sacred Geometry. 

Sacred Geometry describes what lies behind physical existence. Crystals, metals and organic cells can all be traced back to specific geometric bodies. Within the physical existence, everything that exists is based on only five bodies, which are also called platonic bodies. Starting from the measure of the cosmic key, 7.23 cm, the form of the Isis-Beamer has constructed itself as if by itself.

By the way, this form can be found in ancient Egypt as a headdress. Pharaohs wore a halved Isis-Beamer as a crown, so to speak, and thus received higher inspirations. I distributed some prototypes at that time. The feedback was positive throughout: the Isis-Beamer would strengthen the body's own energy field and open the mind for new insights! A 'hard' scientific proof of its function can be I don't offer. However, the Isis Beamers have now been sold over 55,000 times. I would say because they keep what their shape promises! There is also a seven-page test study by the Hagalis Institute, which states that the Isis-Beamer can shield radiation from mobile phones." Weber-Isis® beamers 1:1, 1:2, 1:3, 1:4 and 1:5 polished and gold-plated brass. The gold alloy can enhance the harmonizing working area of Weber-Isis® beamers.

The well-known author Barbara Marciniak already pointed to the Weber-Isis® in her bestseller "Messengers of the New Morning" in 1992.® Beamer and other bio-energy products: "There will be technologies that can strongly counteract frequency control: These technologies can change the quality of your air and water, and they can shield and energetically seal your home so that you are a closed system and ...nothing can bombard you from the outside anymore."

Beamer outline and ring and groove structure

Beamer outline and ring and groove structure are familiar shapes. Egyptian relief with a so-called "Djed-pillar" and a Pharaoh with the Isis-Beamer headdress.


Dhe Weber-Isis® Beamers: loyal helpers around the clock

Harmonization through the Weber-Isis® beamer is possible with:


- LTE and UMTS

- 4G and 5G radiation

- Radio and television towers

- Converter masts for mobile phones

- Mobile phones

- High-voltage overhead lines

- Substations

- overhead contact lines of tramways and railways

- all electronic devices

- high-pulsed, cordless telephone systems

- Radiation that occurs naturally on Earth

- 36 meter grids and Benker grids

- Electromagnetic and geopathic radiation fields


The double circle

1. the double circle symbolizes a material object with polarity of the 3rd dimension

2. fish bladder, union of polarity. Transformation into the higher planes of vibration.

Union of polarity

Union of polarity

Vesica Piscis (fish bladder): unification of polarity, generation of harmonizing zero field energy. When man unites polarity (male and female side), he can come into a harmonious energy.

Radiation radius Wber-Isis Beamer 1:1


The right Weber-Isis® Projectors for every occasion

The Isis beamers are available in five different sizes. The effects they trigger can be seen in bio-resonance measurement, kinesiological tests, bio-field tests, Kirlian and aurafotography, the diagnostic computer system "Prognos" from Russian space research, dark-field microscopy, and the crystal analysis of the Hagalis Institute, whose test can be reproduced at any time. The Isis beamers can be used to harmonize homes and houses when electromagnetic and geopathic radiation fields are present, so that people and animals feel more comfortable there.

The devices are popular with naturopaths, alternative practitioners, radiesthesists, kinesiologists and Feng Shui consultants.

The Isis-Beamers work through the geometrical form radiation (Sacred Geometry), the vibration of the 7 ribs and 8 grooves, the wavelength 7.23 cm and certain frequencies and information generated by larger bio-resonance devices worldwide. More about this on page 11. The Isis-Beamers themselves no longer have polarity. They unite the polarity in themselves and can therefore generate a harmonic zero field energy. Weber-Isis® beamers do not accept external energy and can build up the human energy field. The Isis-Beamer is one of the first energetic aids from the future with a biophysical mode of operation. It can be energy and information at the same time. 

This Isis-Beamer can form a kind of protective sphere around the energy field of the body. It lets life-promoting rays through (e.g. from the orgone beamer) and can increase the general well-being. People with clairvoyant abilities can see that when electromagnetic radiation hits the human energy field, the protective sphere of the beamer is not broken. Rather, it starts to flicker and the disharmonic radiation fields can be absorbed (see figure page 5). As soon as the Weber-Isis® beamer is put down, this protective sphere disappears.

In addition, wearing the Weber-Isis® beamer can help to balance the hemispheres of the brain. This can improve inner perception and concentration.


Optimal functioning of the Weber-Isis® Beamers 1:1

- Wear on the sternum so that the lower ball touches the solar plexus (see figure page 5).

- Do not wear on bare skin (possibly sew into a cloth bag), as sweat can attack brass and gold alloy.

- When placed in a wooden stand directly on an electrical appliance (e.g. TV or monitor), the Isis- Beamer can harmonize the electromagnetic rays 1:1. 

- When using a mobile phone without a hands-free system, we recommend additionally attaching two Weber-Isis® Ray-Harmony Chips to the phone.

- All Isis beamers unfold their optimal characteristics in the vertical position.

- The Isis-Beamer 1:1 made of brass is gold-plated, so you can get an additional gold oscillation. Gold is considered the highest and purest of all metals and is also used in homeopathy.

- At the beginning do not wear the Isis-Beamer 1:1 permanently, but only by the hour. Every organism has its own vibration level. Sometimes it takes a few days for the body to get used to it.

- Later it can be worn all day long. Test your needs.

- At night, place the Isis-Beamer 1:1 in the wooden stand next to the bed, or hang it freely swinging on the bed with the leather strap when you are out and about, or if you only have an Isis-Beamer 1:1.

- If an Isis-Beamer 1:2, 1:3, 1:4 or 1:5 is installed in the house, the 1:1 should only be worn after leaving the house.


Advantages of the Weber-Isis® Projector

- The Isis-Beamer 1:1 can be vitalizing.

- It can be carried by different people.

- Some people can sleep better with the Isis-Beamer 1:1 if it is placed in the stand on the night table.

- The construction of a protective field can be made possible by the geometrical shape and the individual wavelengths.

- The function can be made possible by the vibration of the seven ribs and the ball ends.

- The wavelength 7.23 cm of the Isis-Beamer 1:1 = Cosmic Key (corresponds to the OM tone). The sound of the universe.

- The Isis-Beamers do not absorb external energies.

- The Isis-Beamer 1:1 can form a protective sphere around the energy field of the body.

- The body's own energy field can be built up and thus a vitalisation can be created.

- The Isis-Beamers are maintenance-free and can always be used.


The bioenergetic field of the human being with its north and south pole

If the Weber-Isis® Beamer is worn 1:1 on the body, it can build up the bio-energetic energy field of the human body and can shield the body from disharmonic radiation. Thus, a harmonious flow of energy in the body can be achieved. A person who has a balance of body, soul and spirit will also have a large bioenergetic field. The coloured fish bubbles (see graphic below right) represent the 7 main chakras of the human energy field. 


The geometric wave superposition patterns of the Isis-Beamer

The geometric wave superposition patterns of the Isis-Beamer

Electromagnetic radiation before


Electromagnetic radiation with anticlockwise (negative), monopolar polarity meets the isis-beamer energy field.

Electromagnetic radiation after



After some time, the electromagnetic radiation with left-turning (negative) polarity in the beamer field is transformed into a right-turning and left-turning polarity and a biocomplative, biopolar energy field is created.


The wavelength of the universe 7.23 cm and the Weber-Isis® Beamer: "Cosmic Key"

The lengths of the Isis-Beamer are based on the dimension 7,23 cm.

This is the "cosmic key" and corresponds to the OM tone.

The key to the entire universe - this applies to all stars and atoms that are in and out forever  - lies in the wavelength, which for our solar system is 7.23 cm.

This wavelength corresponds exactly to the average distance between our eyes from the centre of one pupil to the other - measured in one hundred people, where the average value was determined. It also corresponds exactly to the average distance from the tip of the chin to the tip of the nose, the distance between the index finger and the little finger, and the distance between our chakras (for the 12 chakras system). This length is localized in different ways in different parts of our body, because we have appeared within this very specific universe, and this universe is embedded in us.


This wavelength was discovered in the laboratories of the Bell Company. When they developed the microwave oven there, when they turned it on for the first time, they encountered frictional electricity.

Background: Bell Labs chose a wavelength that was only slightly longer than seven centimetres as the frequency to be emitted for their system.

The people in the laboratory tried to find out why. Initially they suspected that the radiation originated in the earth's interior.

They eventually discovered the wavelength: 7.23 centimetres. And realized, "This radiation is coming from everywhere!"

To get rid of the unwanted effect, they did something that mankind and the whole planet still suffer from today: They increased the energy,

so that it was 50,000 times more than would have been necessary to generate such a powerful field, which could not have been disturbed by the wavelength of 7.23 centimetres.


The sound of the universe

In the spiritual sense, the wavelength of 7.23 cm is OM, which the Hindus call the sound of the universe or the creative principle.

Every object in this universe produces a sound that corresponds to its construction. Each object emits a unique sound.

The Isis-Beamer also sounds. Why not take a beamer out of its stand (in the case of the Isis-Beamer 1:1 also remove the leather strap), place it horizontally on a wooden table and strike it lightly with a slightly heavier metal object at one end of the ball. Immediately the Isis-Beamer starts to vibrate and produces a high-frequency tone that lasts for some time, similar to a tuning fork; the Isis-Beamer 1:1 has a very high tone. With increasing size of the Isis-Beamer the pitch changes into deeper and longer lasting tones. If you take the average of the sounds of all objects in this universe, you would get this wavelength of 7.23 cm . For our solar system this would be the true OM sound of the creative principle. 

You have to imagine the Isis-Beamer like a WLan-Router, only in a positive sense. The Isis-Beamer also penetrates the whole house, but reverses the left-turning electromagnetic radiation into a bipolar, harmonic energy field (see figure above).

Functioning of the Weber-Isis® Projector

The Isis beamers make use of this wavelength, which comes from everywhere in the universe. They can potentiate this wavelength once (Isis-Beamer 1:1), twice (Isis-Beamer 1:2), three times (Isis-Beamer 1:3), four times (Isis-Beamer 1:4), five times (Isis-Beamer 1:5) and thus produce a higher energetic frequency spectrum and with increasing size of the devices also a larger radiation radius.

The potentiation results from the geometrical form radiation (sacred geometry) of the Vesica Piscis (fish-bubble form) and the vibration of the 7 rings. The ball ends on both sides can enable the depolarization of the Isis-Beamer.

Through the depolarization a bipolar harmonizing energy field can be generated (see fig. left, a graphic representation of the radiation field of an Isis-Beamer). This representation is also called the act of creation in sacred geometry.

The Isis-Beamers can thus superimpose all impulse waves and radiation that have a negative effect and can harmonize them for humans, animals and plants.

You see, smell, taste and feel mostly nothing of this radiation. Only particularly sensitive people and animals often feel a change in their body and house from the very beginning. On the basis of my research, however, I would like to suggest to you that this radiation can very well penetrate the whole house and all organic things, i.e. also your body, and that everything that is in the radiation field of the Isis-Beamer can be harmonized, protected and positively built up.

Customer questions and advice

Many customers called and said: "I have bought an Isis-Beamer 1:3 for my house and also noticed a positive effect on me and my family, e.g. me and the children could sleep better, grandma has no more backache, the plants are blooming and growing like never before, although there is a water vein under the windowsill and I usually had problems with the plants. Even my husband asked me if I would put something in his coffee, because he would get less sleep and feel completely different than usual, although he is actually very insensitive and does not believe in such devices.

But yesterday an acquaintance who works as a dowser and building biologist came by and knew that I had bought a new harmonizing device.

He asked me if he could test the Isis-Beamer 1:3 times and lo and behold, he found geopathic stress everywhere with the dowsing rod and different electromagnetic radiation fields with an electronic measuring device, although we had already had such positive experiences with the

Isis beamers." What happened?

The dowser had forgotten to test if the radiation was still affecting the human energy fields. The Isis-Beamers cannot conjure the radiation away, but they can be reversed and harmonized on the subtle level. 


Kirlian photography

Kirlian photography (high-frequency image) shows the energy radiation of the Weber Isis® beamer 1:1 in the closer range.


The said customer asked us for advice. We sent her our test results about the effect of mobile phone radiation, which show that mobile phone influence can be seen in the blood count and which an Isis beamer can shield. (See supplement: Test). The customer showed this material to the dowser. He tested again - and found no more interference fields. Such phenomena with dowser occur more often. Some test like the case described before, others find no interference fields at all, and yet others are not testable at all in the beamer's field. And some still find something. The Englishman would say: "Nobody is perfect". Some dowser cannot yet adjust themselves correctly to geometrical radiation fields of energetic harmonizing devices with higher-dimensional oscillation octaves. Therefore we have carried out this test series of radiation exposure in the blood, so that the customer gets something solid and verifiable. This test with the Isis-Beamer 1:1, in which the test person receives half an hour of mobile phone radiation is an absolute endurance test (which other manufacturers of comparable products should first face). This is because the smartphone and its radiation has a direct and very strong effect on the subtle energy field and on the physical body, which is not the case with other electrical devices. Recently, however, it is almost the same with W-Lan as with smartphones. After well over 25 years of experience we can say that the Isis beamers do not absorb or reflect any harmful radiation, even after years, this is due to their self-cleaning mechanism (vibration of the 7 ribs and 8 grooves). They also automatically adapt to changing earth magnetic fields and higher-dimensional vibration ranges, which will soon reach the earth. Through the worldwide supporting beamer project, the Isis-Beamers clearly stand out from the wide range of energetic harmonizing devices.

The worldwide Weber-Isis® Projector project

The worldwide Weber-Isis® Beamer project














On all continents, the Weber team installed a total of 26 Isis-Beamers 1:6 in large plastic tubes with over 30 kg of rock crystals and rose quartzes at certain power stations. This geomantic and morphogenetic beamer field, which can also be understood as a holistic earth healing project (acupuncture needles for the earth), is constantly being expanded. It should be usable as a superior, field stabilizing antenna system for all Isis-Beamers of all sizes. This is probably what makes the Isis-Beamers so unique in their mode of operation. Large-scale isis-beamers 1:6 are for example positioned in:

Switzerland, Belgium, Egypt, Australia, Iran, New Zealand, Germany, England, Spain, USA, Peru, China, Austria, France, Tibet, Belarus, Easter Islands, Mexico


Please also note our information
Why we say so little about the effect of our products


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