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Weber-Isis® Mer-Ka-Ba Ball Mini (gold-plated)

Access to higher dimensions

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  The Weber-Isis® Mer-Ka-Ba sphere Mini has a radiation range of 4m in radius (8m in... more
Product information "Weber-Isis® Mer-Ka-Ba Ball Mini (gold-plated)"


The Weber-Isis® Mer-Ka-Ba sphere Mini has a radiation range of 4m in radius (8m in diameter). It is intended for the size of a room, i.e. a living room, a bedroom, a study, a meditation room or a treatment room.


Weber Isis® Mer-Ka-Ba Ball Maxi 

The Weber-Isis® Mer-Ka-Ba Sphere Mini with its torus-shaped energy field. The torus field surrounds all forms of living organisms in the universe as well as in the multiverse: every galaxy, every solar system, every planet, every living being (human, animal, plant and mineral). Furthermore, the torus field is also the living energy field of every universe in the multiverse. 


Eckhard Weber

"The name says it all: the task that the Weber-Isis Light Body Transformer can do for you on the go, the Mer-Ka-Ba Sphere Mini can do for a larger room. You can create an external Mer-Ka-Ba field with a torus-shaped energy field. As mentioned with the Light Body Transformer, a device with such power is not "without". On the one hand, the energy field created during a Mer-Ka-Ba meditation can be held longer with the Mer-Ka-Ba Sphere Mini. On the other hand, due to the probably established connection to the 4th dimension (time) and to even further higher dimensions, things that one does not want can materialize very quickly (energy follows attention)! Positive affirmations and manifestations very likely as well. Whoever works with the light-body-transformer or with the Mer-Ka-Ba-balls should therefore have gained some awareness about himself. So please be very mindful with them.


Whoever uses them should already have developed some qualities of the heart and, for example, already be in compassion. With the help of the Mer-Ka-Ba Bullets Mini you can probably become more intuitive and "feeling", your heart chakra and the 5th heart chamber can possibly be opened and you can probably enter into the Christ or Unity consciousness. Followers of the prevailing sciences will not be able to prove efficacy metrologically. I myself and my long-time customers who own the Mer-Ka-Ba-Ball Mini (which has been available in this form since 2006) know, however, even without measurements of this kind, what this device is very likely to be able to do. By the way, I also call the spheres "initiation or Christ spheres" or "spheres for the experience of the higher worlds" because of the experiences made with them.


Structure and Principle

The Mer-Ka-Ba-Balls Mini probably get their special power from the spherical geometrical form radiation and the vibration of the 9 rings. They are made of polished and gold-plated solid brass. If you look through the grooves of the Mer-Ka-Ba-Ball Mini, you can see that 4 grooves each form a step pyramid. Together they form two round four-step stepped pyramids, one on top of the other. We see in this the squaring of the circle, which can be clearly seen in the two-dimensional construction drawing.  





The Weber-Isis® Mer-Ka-Ba sphere Mini

Another important detail is the wooden stand made of beech wood, which with its hyperbolic radius picks up on and complements the geometry of the spheres. The Mer-Ka-Ba sphere Mini has a diameter of 5.42 cm, which corresponds to 3/4 x 7.23 cm (cosmic key). Together, the wooden stand and the Mer-Ka-Ba-Ball Mini reach a height of 12.65 cm, which corresponds to a value of 1.75 x 7.23 cm (cosmic key). The Mer-Ka-Ba-Ball Maxi has a diameter of 9.03 cm, which corresponds to a value of 11/4 x 7.23 cm (cosmic key). Together, the wooden stand and the Mer-Ka-Ba sphere Maxi reach a height of 21.69 cm, which corresponds to a value of 3 x 7.23 cm (Cosmic Key). Possibly the Mer-Ka-Ba-Ball Mini and Maxi and the wooden stand represent the erection of the backbone of Osiris, who is considered the first resurrected man in Egyptian mythology. The beech wood of the upright probably represents the female principle here. The Mer-Ka-Ba spheres Mini and Maxi can probably help to build up and stabilize an external Mer-Ka-Ba field with the geometry of a torus-shaped energy field. In this regard, the Mer-Ka-Ba sphere Mini can deploy a radiation field with a radius of 4m radius or 8m in diameter, and in the case of the Mer-Ka-Ba sphere Maxi, a radiation field with a radius of 12m, i.e. 24m in diameter.




Possible advantages: 

  • Creation of a suspected external Mer-Ka-Ba field, a light force field rotating against each other with the geometry of a torus-shaped energy field can become possible

  • Clarification and/or dissolution of probably indoctrinated blockages is possible

  • Possible mood lightening through the gold alloy can become possible (Aurum is also used in homeopathy for possible mood lightening)

  • Harmonization of all kinds of possible disharmonious conditions

  • Access to suspected higher dimensional worlds is possible

  • Strengthening of thought power can become possible 

  • Probable leap in consciousness may become possible 


NOTE: Please note that the spheres are not firmly connected to the stand and should therefore be transported separately from it. Unfortunately, it has already happened to some customers that they wanted to transport the balls and they unfortunately fell out of the wooden stand  in the process. In 99% of these cases this led to a bending of the radiation ribs and thus to a total loss. A repair is not possible in this case. Unfortunately, we can no longer straighten the bent ribs.


The Mer-Ka-Ba-Balls Mini & Maxi cannot replace the Isis-Beamer! However, both can be used well together, but should be set up with a minimum distance of 4 - 5 meters.



The torus-shaped energy field 

The Earth's magnetic field 

Fig. above: The Earth's magnetic field also forms a torus-shaped energy field. The torus field surrounds every planet, every galaxy and also every living thing in the cosmos. Image source: http://image3-cdn.n24.de/blob/314344/1/die-gefahr-aus-dem-all-gallerypicture-12-data.jpg


Torus-shaped energy field of the galaxy 

Fig. above: A galaxy also has a torus-shaped energy field and evolves within it. The torus field surrounds every galaxy, every planet and every living being in the cosmos. Image source: http://www.aquadea.de/wp-content/uploads/2013/10/WEB_Still_Galaxy_02.jpg


Torus field of an apple and torus field of a pepper


Fig. above: Torus field of an apple and torus field of a pepper. Many plants and vegetables grow according to this model and form their shapes according to the torus energy field. The torus is the first form that arises from the creation pattern and that results when the genesis pattern is completed. 


Graphic of a three-dimensional ring torus

Fig. above: Diagram of a three-dimensional ring torus.



Crop circle on July 11, 1997 at Woodborough Hill, Wiltshire, England

Fig. above: Top view of a ring torus that appeared as a crop circle on July 11, 1997 at Woodborough Hill, Wiltshire, England. Photo: Steve Alexander. 



The torus is absolutely unique among all existing forms because it is able to rotate in itself - and around itself. Already in 2001 the torus field inside the star tetrahedron and the complete light body surrounding all life forms was shown to us in some crop circles in England. 


Fig. left: Graphic of the crop circle at Pegsdon on May 28, 2001

Fig. right: Graphic of the crop circle at Barton-Le-Clay on July 12, 2001 




Fig. above: Torus-shaped energy field inside the star tetrahedron field with UFO shape of the Merkaba field and spiral energy flow of the torus-shaped energy field, with pentagonal alignment to the Christ grid.



 Torus-shaped energy fields are confirmed from higher dimensions by the crop circle messages:


Fig. above: "The all-seeing 4 ray-eyes, with 4 ray-circles each, embedded in a fish-bubble (Vesica Piscis, or also called "Mandorla" or "God-form from the first day of creation"), with the 3 torus-energy-fields". Appeared as a crop circle on July 20, 2008, Hillside Farm, Wiltshire, England. Photo by Steve Alexander.


Fig. above: Diagram of crop circle at Hillside Farm, Wiltshire, England. 20. July 2008. In this diagram you can see the three torus-shaped energy fields, with the main field in the centre of the crop circle having a diamond-shaped grid (for comparison see the diagram before: "Torus-shaped energy field inside the star tetrahedron field with UFO shape of the Merkaba field").



Fig. above: The complete torus-shaped energy field from the human light body


The complete torus-shaped energy field from the light body of the human being, with star-tetrahedron energy field with UFO-form (unity) of the Merkaba-field, as well as the pentagonal alignment to the Christ grid, as well as the complete torus-shaped energy field of all living beings in the universe. At the same time, it is also the living torus-shaped energy field of a universe in the multiverse. Even the multiverse has a vast torus-shaped energy field. The multiverse is a torus-bearing entity. Even the woman's uterus has the shape of a torus.


This torus field must be thought of as a doughnut centered on each Mer-Ka-Ba UFO shape used by the ensouling spirit. Sometimes the ensouling spirits run many Mer-Ka-Bas at the same time, usually resulting in the "wheels within wheels". This image has been seen and described by many biblical prophets in appearances of higher beings, including Ezekiel. U.S. researcher Stan Tenen found that the different letters of all our languages image when a snail spiral is placed in a three-dimensional tetrahedron and illuminated from different positions.


The torus within a three-dimensional tetrahedron

Fig. above: The torus inside a three-dimensional tetrahedron © Stan Tenen, see the website www.Meru-Info.de. 


So language was the first thing that creation produced. In a new creation to come, will we become co-creators in our universe who can create independent creations or universes through language, sounds, tones, manifestations and frequencies? Was this what Jesus Christ meant when he said, "You will follow me and do greater things than I?" The overhead view of torus fields has already been given to us on July 11, 1997 with the torus crop circle sign at Alton Barnes (Wiltshire, England) and on August 13, 2000 with the "Geometric Sunflower" at Woodborough Hill (Wiltshire, England). 


Fig. left: Ring-torus (donut) with superimposed spiral geometry of the Golden Section spiral represented by the crop circle at Woodborough Hill on August 13, 2000 and the crop circle at Pewsey on July 17, 2000.

Fig. right: The ring-torus geometry, appeared as a crop circle at Woodborough Hill on August 13, 2000, Wiltshire, England. Photo: Steve Alexander. 


Fig. left: The next stage of twisted genesis patterns with torus geometry, appeared on 11 August 2002 at Etchhillhampton, Wiltshire, England. Diameter: about 80m. Photo by Steve Alexander.

Fig. right: The snail-shaped ring torus, appeared as a crop circle, on 17 July 2002 near Pewsey, Wiltshire, England. Diameter: about 60m. Photo: Steve Alexander.


Fig. left: "The complete torus energy field from the light body of man and planet Earth", appeared as a crop circle, on 20 July 2006, Straight Soley, Berkshire, England. Photo: Steve Alexander. Fig. right: B/W graphic of crop circle from Straight Soley 


The Mer-Ka-Ba 

The Weber-Isis® Mer-Ka-Ba sphere Mini can probably build up a torus field just like the large Weber-Isis® Mer-Ka-Ba sphere Maxi and possibly stabilize and harmonize the Mer-Ka-Ba field (star-tetrahedron field) inherent in humans in the process. 


The star tetrahedron of the Mer-Ka-Ba, with directional indication for man and woman

Fig. above: Man in the first energy field of the star tetrahedron, the "Merkaba" with directional information for man and woman. © Caroline Esser.



From the apocryphal Gospel of Thomas, chapter 22, saying 21:
"And Jesus said, If thou shalt make the two one, and if thou shalt make the inward as the outward - and the outward as the inward, and the above as the below, and if thou shalt make the male and the female one and the same, then shalt thou enter into the kingdom of God!" With this sentence he exactly described the star-tetrahedron fields of the Merkaba. 


Fig. left: "The star tetrahedron of the Mer-Ka-Ba", or: the "Light-Spirit-Body", crop circle of 01 July 2012 near Liddington Castle, Wiltshire, England. Photo: Steve Alexander. 

Fig. right: The star tetrahedron within the "fruit of life" and the "Koch`s snowflake", crop circle of 08 August 1997 near Alton Barnes, Wiltshire, England. Photo: Lucy Pringle  


The Mer-Ka-Ba 

The graphic illustrations "The Star-Tetrahedron of the Mer-Ka-Ba, with Direction for Man and Woman" illustrate the placement of man and woman within the geometric shape. When the Mer-Ka-Ba energy field is activated, it can begin to rotate and can, for example, reach an extension of 9 m on the right and 9 m on the left for a person with a height of 1.80 m. This is similar to a "UFO". This resembles a "UFO" shape and corresponds to the heat shield of a galaxy. Due to the special energetic programming of the Weber-Isis Mer-Ka-Ba spheres Mini and Maxi, it is possible that all degenerative conditions in the body, which have already healed on the gross material level, can very probably be regenerated on the fine material level, and can thus make themselves felt once again. The presumably strong energy field of the Weber-Isis Mer-Ka-Ba-Balls Mini and Maxi and the cosmic connection that can possibly arise from this can probably bring about a significant improvement in the extrasensory perception of sensitive and mediumistic people.


Every body probably has an energetic "copy". This presumed perfect copy contains all possible information about the body as it originally, i.e. perfectly and healthily existed. The Weber Isis Mer-Ka-Ba spheres Mini and Maxi can probably activate this total blueprint. The energy field that the Weber-Isis Mer-Ka-Ba balls probably activate possibly corresponds to that of the fourth dimension. This means, among other things, that our thoughts can become reality more quickly. This can make it important for everyone to control and master their thoughts to a large extent. We therefore recommend the Weber-Isis Mer-Ka-Ba balls mainly for people who consciously enter into the light body process. They can probably harmonize this process and can possibly bring help, support and stability with physical as well as possible psychological symptoms that can occur through the light body process. 


Sombrero galaxy in the constellation Virgo 

In the case of the Sombrero Galaxy (©NASA), 14 million light years away in the constellation Virgo, we are looking closely at the heat shield of this galaxy as seen from the side. The central part is unusually extended. We can see that the upper part is larger than the lower part, which is due to the different rotational velocities of the stellar tetrahedra (see Fig. above). 



Fig. above: The human being in the second unfolded energy field of the star tetrahedron, the
"Merkaba" (the UFO form). © Caroline Esser. If the normal body height is approx. 1,8m, then
the extension of the Merkaba field is about 9m to the left and 9m to the right.



Fig. above: The human being in the third perfect energy field of the star tetrahedron, the "Merkaba",

with aura energy fields, star tetrahedron, UFO shape and 12 chakra system. © Caroline Esser.



The Mer-Ka-Ba energy field in UFO form

In Hebrew as well as in Egyptian the same name is used for it. Mer = light, Ka = spirit, Ba = body. This means a light-spirit-body. The Mer-Ka-Ba can be imagined as a vehicle made of light (also called a god chariot), the mastery of which presumably allows one to transcend time, space and dimensions. This vehicle of light (light body) is probably not separate from the organism, but probably represents an important component of the body, which is probably contained in every cell as a holographic resonance. The rotation of the star tetrahedra can build up the Mer-Ka-Ba field. With the setting up of the Weber Isis Mer-Ka-Ba spheres, the star tetrahedra can probably begin to rotate and the living Mer-Ka-Ba- field can probably be set up and kept stable. The presumed geometric shape of the energy field can take on a saucer-like UFO appearance as it rotates. This state is probably best described by the term "unity". The dynamic shape of the Mer-Ka-Ba can be a powerful resonance symbol. As a spiral nebula with rotational arms and as a UFO, they are probably deeply engraved in the consciousness matrix of humanity.

Alignment of the Mer-Ka-Ba with the Christ Consciousness Grid
Usually, alchemy speaks only of fire, earth, air and water; it rarely speaks of ether or prana. The reason for this is that it is so sacred. The word "dodecahedron" was so sacred in the school of Pythagoras that one would very likely have had the greatest trouble with the initiates had the word been uttered outside the school of Pythagoras. Religious debates about it were impossible. During Plato's lifetime, two hundred years later, he did speak about it, though very guardedly. The reason for this is because the dodecahedron is probably near the outer limit of our energy field and was probably the highest form of consciousness. It probably forms a sphere when you get outside the 16.5 - meter boundary of our energy field. 





The male and female alignment of the Mer-Ka-Ba with the Christ Consciousness Grid

The very closest form within the sphere is the dodecahedron (better expressed, the relationship between the icosahedron and the dodecahedron). Furthermore, we probably live in a giant dodecahedron that sustains our universe. Should our minds eventually stretch to reach the end of space - and it probably has an end - they will probably find a dodecahedron enclosed by a sphere. The human body probably contains the same principles of the universe, and can probably be called a hologram of it. The twelve signs of the zodiac probably fit in here, and so do the constellations that go with them. Since the dodecahedron is probably the terminus of the geometric forms, it is probably very important. The dodecahedron and icosahedron are probably, at the microscopic level, the relational parameters of DNA, the blueprint of all life. If you connect certain presumed energy points of the Earth, you probably get the dodecahedron, the basic shape of the presumed Christ consciousness grid that spans the entire Earth. The intersections of this grid were probably occupied by the two great powers for tactical reasons during the Cold War. The overcoming of matter (resurrection) can possibly take place via a geometric vehicle called the Mer-Ka-Ba. The dodecahedron probably represents a stage of the Mer-Ka-Ba. 



Fig. left: "Double Pentagram with Pentagon", appeared as a crop circle on August 8, 1998 near Beckhampton, Wiltshire, England. Photo by Lucy Pringle

The colored diagram in the fig. on the right explains the possible correspondences.




Fig. above left: Confirmation of the pentagonal Mer-Ka-Ba from higher dimensional levels by the crop circle message.
"The Mer-Ka-Ba field and the Christ Consciousness Grid is completed", this is what this crop circle could mean. A similar crop circle occurred back on 7/24/2000 at Silbury Hill, that's when you saw another pentagon out of frame. At that time, the pentagonal structure of Mer-Ka-Ba (light-body) was not quite stable (see crop-circle below of Silbury Hill at 7/24/2000). At this crop circle of Avebury of 06.07.2003 (see picture above left) one can see a perfect pentagram, with 6 small pentagrams. These pentagram-signs (which should symbolize the human body) are enclosed by a pentagon, which again is enclosed by a twisted pentagon. This is exactly how the alignment of the Mer-Ka-Ba with the Christ Consciousness Grid is depicted in the Mer-Ka-Ba teachings.


Illustration top right: The perfect cosmic human with new DNA code and the pentagonal Mer-Ka-Ba vehicle. This illustration was adapted from the book by J.J. Hurtak: The Book of Knowledge: The Keys of Enoch®, page 341, plate 16: The Merkabah Coordinating the Astrophysical Life Codes. Academy for the Science of the Future.


Avebury, Wiltshire, England 

Avebury, Wiltshire, England, July 6, 2003. photo by Steve Alexander


The so-called light body process
Personality is probably made up of three energy fields and their possible contents. The combination of a suspected field and its possible content is called a "body". The presumed spirit self probably projects or manifests out of its own energy three bodies

  • the manifested physical body

  • the presumed emotional body

  • the presumed mental body

energy is presumably arranged in standing waves in an envelope so that they can form the three energy bodies. A fourth body, the spiritual body, forms a bridge between these three lower bodies and the mind. The fact that all four bodies are formed of the same material is, as we shall see later, of paramount importance. First comes the physical body. In what form it manifests is influenced by many factors. At the moment of conception, two complete strands of DNA fused, creating a third. As the egg divided and the cells formed, conscious energy units helped form first subatomic particles and then atoms and molecules. This process was overseen by patterns stored in DNA - namely the "overall blueprint" for the physical body. Scientists have so far only been able to decipher a fraction of the millions of pieces of information stored in DNA. DNA can be thought of as a series of proteins, but like a hologram, it should be read in its entirety to get the maximum benefit from it. During the first weeks of pregnancy, the conscious energy that forms the cells reads the DNA. It decodes it to find out what kind of cell is to be built. The growing cells, which are also conscious in their own way, tune into the blueprint for the physical body and the simultaneous future to receive guidance for their growth. They self-organize and attract other energy units to form the necessary atoms and multiply within the parent shell to perform the function set forth in the DNA.

The consciousness of a cell that wants to develop into a liver cell, for example, attracts energies and divides to form more liver cells. As it develops physically, it multiplies in the ever-growing standing wave set up for the liver. At the beginning of pregnancy the growth is very rapid and then slows down towards the end of pregnancy. The growth continues for a few more years and eventually stops. Only dead and damaged cells are replaced from then on. The physical body is built of standing waves within standing waves. The body consciousness forms out and shapes atoms, molecules, cells, and organs under the guidance of the spirit self as well as some sort of future version of the body (which acts as a blueprint).

After the body is created and reaches its full size, it does not remain on its own until its time will be up. The energy that forms the particles of the body is renewed millions of times every second. In fact, the body is constantly being recreated in accordance with the blueprints in the DNA and the mental blueprints - the thought images - that you have about your body. The body is a wonderful entity. It has its own consciousness and can regulate itself excellently. However, it looks to the greater "you" and expects "inputs" from it. Through resonance, the thoughts and feelings everyone has about themselves have enormous influence on the body's consciousness. Fear of illness and death can very likely program it for illness. Similarly, thoughts of good health and enjoyment of life (positive thinking) can probably program the body to possibly activate its self-healing powers. These forces can probably fix distortions in cell DNA (possibly the often the cause of disease and illness, which can sometimes be linked to the aging process). These explanations may not even begin to reveal how complicated the processes really are. Even the briefest reflection on how you are very likely to grow your body would leave you in awe of yourself.

This very reductive description can only have the purpose of showing that the body you may think is solid is actually energy, probably arranged in a series of standing waves, which to the physical senses may be subatomic particles, atoms, molecules, cells and organs, and finally the whole body. Each unit of energy may be fully aware of its role and probably participates joyfully and in accordance with the picture of reality probably in the structure known as one's body. It may be surprising to hear that the body is very likely conscious, but it may not be conscious in the sense in which you understand that term. The body probably knows, for example, how to make its heart beat, digest food, and possibly heal itself. It is aware of the cycles of the moon, the planets, and the stars. He probably uses these cycles and adapts to them. Finally, he is probably composed of conscious energy that comes from what is probably a tremendously large planetary field. What is thought to be consciousness is actually a mixture of different kinds of consciousness (although they are ultimately one)

  • subatomic consciousness, which is presumably aware of the vast cosmic fields and probably interacts within them with all other subatomic consciousness.

  • presumed cellular consciousness, which is based on the blueprints and can be impregnated with the life experiences, thoughts and feelings.

  • Body consciousness, which is presumably the overall form of cellular consciousness, to which a few ideas of its own are added (the self-image of the physical body , however, probably depends largely on the beliefs of the mental body ).

  • Feelings that are flowing through one in the moment and are probably overlaid with past emotions that one holds onto instead of letting them flow.

  • Thoughts and beliefs that one may be using to structure reality (realize that probably any belief can only represent one opinion about reality).

  • Spiritual awareness, intuition or direct cognition.

This latter aspect is roughly equivalent to what is often called universal consciousness. Actually, it is probably part of a hidden blueprint from which reality presumably flows and which may contain -among other things- the archetypes of the species, that is, the heroic aspects of humanity. Through this presumed "connective tissue" for physical reality, one probably has access to other cells, other places, and other dimensions.


The Torus Energy Field

Fig. above: The torus energy field completely surrounds the human being. The human being grows within this torus-shaped energy field.

According to this torus-shaped energy field, the apple and the pepper also unfold their forms.

Image source: http://www.universal-harmonics.de/wp-content/uploads/2013/01/MenschTorus.jpg


Coming into being, being and passing away

Becoming, being and passing away: the human being in all stages of life.


Just as the embodied soul passes through different bodily forms in the present life - from childhood to youth and then to old age - the soul also enters into another body after death." (Bhagavad Gita 2.13) 

Source: Prabhupada, Bhaktivedanta Swami: In the Face of Death, Bhaktivedanta Book Trust.


No one perceives the miracle of life anymore, how a child or a full-grown person is continuously changing. The whole of life is growth, transformation, change, up to divine enlightenment. Just as every flower, bush or tree blossoms once, it is also the birthright of every human being to also blossom and "become enlightened" once.



 The presumed torus-shaped energy field of the heart 

 Electromagnetic field of the heart

The presumed electromagnetic field of the heart can possibly be activated by the Weber-Isis® Mer-Ka-Ba spheres Maxi. 

Image source: http://www.aquadea.de/wp content/uploads/2013/10/Torus-Heart.jpg


The Weber-Isis® Mer-Ka-Ba-Kugel Mini can probably help people to unfold the so important heart forces, which seems to be more and more important, especially in today's turbulent times. With the unfolding of the presumed heart forces, qualities such as charity and compassion are probably directly connected. The presumed subtle torus energy fields of the Weber-Isis® Mer-Ka-Ba-Ball Mini can possibly not only help us to unfold these aforementioned powers, but they can probably also help us not to lose these unfolded qualities in everyday life as soon as we leave the house to pursue our everyday activities. The possible heart powers unfolded through the Weber Isis Mer-Ka-Ba-Ball Mini can help us and remind us to always remain in compassion. When we fall out of "compassion", the Weber-Isis® Mer-Ka-Ba Ball Mini will gently remind us again, with slight reactions in the suspected heart chakra. All of creation is likely a torus-bearing element. All levels of the cosmos are probably carriers of a torus field: this probably applies to humans, animals, plants and also the earth, as well as all other planets, the solar systems and also the galaxies ("As above, so below" - an old Hermetic theorem). The torus field is probably a protective field of the highest divine order - and who wouldn't want to have something like that at home? Being in harmony with the torus field can also mean that you can possibly use it to give yourself and also the earth probably strong stimulating impulses. This can support the current presumed transformation process of man and the whole earth on all levels. 


The human being with his 7 main chakras

Fig. above: The human being with his 7 main chakras and his torus-shaped energy field. The torus energy field probably envelops the human form - man is probably growing within this torus energy field. © by Alex Grey and Inner Traditions International.


Kundalini energy in the human being

The human being can be completely taken hold of and transformed by the fire-light energy of the cosmic Holy Spirit. This process is believed to be accompanied by the ignition of the Kundalini energy within the human being and the opening of the heart chakra. © by Alex Grey and Inner Traditions International.


Firepower, energy, the power of the Holy Spirit

Man can probably be renewed by the Kundalini force (firepower, energy, the power of the Holy Spirit). The possibly renewed human being now carries the whole world in his heart. The new human now speaks and acts in new alignment and balance between heaven and earth, presumably to heal the people and the planet. © by Alex Grey and Inner Traditions International.


We probably absorb life energy (chi, prana, orgone) from space via the torus-shaped energy field. Thus we probably have 2 energy systems: once the presumed subtle (etheric) energy field, as well as a free-energy resonance engine, and at the same time we are probably still a gross-matter combustion engine. Through food and fluids, we generate heat and energy through metabolism. Without the combustion-engine we probably could live, without the fine-material Free-Energy-Resonance-Engine probably not. We refer all interested customers to the internet to watch the film "Thrive" on the platform Youtube. In this film the meaning of the torus field is explained very clearly: this is exactly the level in which the Weber-Isis Mer-Ka-Ba spheres Mini and Maxi can possibly develop their greatest power potential.


At this point we give you the corresponding link to the film:
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-pRfGVHU_Qg .However, we point out at the same time that the corresponding link may change from time to time. In most cases it is sufficient to search for the film on Youtube using the search function. 



Fig. left: "The Image of Jesus of Divine Mercy" or in short "The Merciful Jesus" is a painting depicting Jesus Christ as described by St. Faustina Kowalska (1905-1938). "Image of Mercy Jesus, I trust in you", photo from the Sanctuary of Lagiewnika in Krakow, Poland. Pictorial representation of the unfolded powers of the heart in Jesus Christ, and how they can also arise in man. Every human being has the potential to develop such powers of the heart like Jesus Christ. 


Fig. right: Old painting after the Turin Shroud. Photo: © Magazine 2000plus. From the Acts of the Apostles, ch. 2,16 - 19:  "...but this is what was spoken through the prophet Joel (Joel 3, 1-5): "And it shall come to pass  in the last days, saith God, that I will pour out of my Spirit upon all flesh; and your sons and your daughters shall prophesy... And I will do wonders in the heavens above (eclipses of the sun and moon, comets, constellations of planets, light phenomena? Author's note) and signs down on the earth (crop circles, tree circles, ice circles, sand circles, earth holes? Author's note).



Message from Jesus Christ to judge the times:

"When you see a cloud rising from the west, you immediately say, 'There is rain.' And it so happens. And when the south wind blows, you say: it will be hot. And it happens so. Of the appearance of the EARTH and HEAVEN ye can judge; but why cannot ye judge THIS TIME (NOW)?" Luke, ch. 12, 54 - 56.



The face of Jesus Christ appeared as a crop circle sign in 2010 

More and more, through the crop circles, we are now probably getting clues to their possible creator: the cosmic Christ, who today is probably influencing man and earth from the ethereal spheres. This was probably not always so clearly the case in all the years before, because the possible source of the crop circles or the possible originator of the crop circles has presumably masked and hidden and kept hidden behind the outer pictures of the crop circles until now.


Fig. left: "First part of a crop circle with Jesus face from the Shroud of Turin", dated 31 July 2010, Wickham North,  Wiltshire, England. Photo by Steve Alexander.

Fig. right: "Second part of a crop circle with Jesus face from the Shroud of Turin", dated 31 July 2010, Wickham South, Wiltshire, England. Photo: Steve Alexander. 



Fig. left: Graphic of Wickham North crop circle.

Fig. middle: Graphic of the crop circle of Wickham South.
Fig. right: If both crop circles are superimposed, the result is this illustration.  



Fig. left: If the two superimposed graphics are now merged, this image emerges - a face.
Fig. middle: The photo of the Turin Shroud, the face of Jesus Christ.
Fig. right: If the graphically merged image is now placed on the Shroud of Turin, then it is completely identical to the face of the Shroud. 




 "Three large and three small mandorlas (fish bubbles, from the first day of creation) give rise to two genesis-like patterns from the sixth day of creation. Or does this crop circle possibly represent a crown of thorns?", dated 10 July 2010, Guys Cliffe, Warwickshire, England. Photo by Steve Alexander.


Graphic of the crop circle at Guys Cliffe, dated 10 July 2010.



Fig. left: Wooden sculpture of Christ with crown of thorns. Source: Wikipedia.

Fig. right: Mandorlas, fish bubbles or crown of thorns? This crop circle appeared at Guys Cliffe, Warwickshire, England on July 10, 2010. Photo by Steve Alexander.


The Holy Grail

Fig. left: "The Holy Grail", or "the 7-branched candelabrum (menorah)", meaning "Let your life be given light", appeared as a crop circle on 13 August 2010, Northdowns near Beckhampton, Wiltshire, England. Photo by Steve Alexander.

 Fig. right: B/W graphic from Crop circle on August 13, 2010, Northdowns near Beckhampton, Wiltshire, England. 


The Holy Grail is an integral part of the legends surrounding Joseph of Arimathea. According to the legends, he brought the Holy Grail to England 2000 years ago. The Holy Grail is on the one hand an object in the form of a chalice, and at the same time a symbol for the "holy blood", the child of Jesus Christ and Mary Magdalene. The Holy Grail is a possible gift to humanity, to the consciousness of mankind. The Holy Grail is probably the pure, clear symbol of the union of the masculine light with the receiving powers of femininity in divine love. Through this union, there is possibly a field of love that we can enter and anchor ourselves, our spirit, our soul, our entire being in. There we can presumably find healing. It is remarkable that in 2010 first the crown of thorns, then the face of Christ of the Turin Shroud, and then still the Holy Grail appeared as crop circle signs. Can one still speak of a coincidence here?

The following passage is taken from a chapter in the book by Jeanne Ruland: "The Dodecahedron and the Fifth Chamber of the Heart", Schirner-Verlag, page 52-56:


Jeanne Ruland:  


"To scientists and physicians initiated into alchemy, the fifth chamber in the heart, also called "hot spot," has long been known. Dr. Otoman Zar Adusht Hanish, an American physician, announced his discovery about the divine atom in 1920. He stated that our heart has a fifth chamber in which the Divine Atom resides. This chamber is an airless cell. Hanish photographed this cell with a microscopic camera, magnified the images one million times and made the Divine Atom visible. It showed itself as an adult ("mature"), sexless human form, in nevertheless perfect youthfulness. This form is always the same; it is always adult and youthful at the same time, both in an old person and in a newborn human child. It stands erect without touching the cell walls anywhere. In the Christ flame, the eternal light, the divine spark in the heart of every human being, is the perfect image, the likeness of the Creator. This is the divine pattern, just as Jesus was. This "heart-man" is the archetype appearing out of God and thereby the formed and forming image power of the human life-form (Ledergerber, Karl: "Mit den Augen des Herzens. Ein neues Denken breitet sich aus", Freiburg im Breisgau 1988, page 103). This chamber, as already mentioned, is also called the "hot spot". It can have a temperature of up to 100°C. It is the seat of divinity, to which we are connected via the crown chakra. Sometimes people feel this spot when they feel deep and especially genuine love for another person or being. Then this place expands and a very warm, also physically perceptible feeling arises, which expands and in doing so expands the heart center. We all carry the power of the Creator, the creative power within us. It consists of light and love energy and is the union of the masculine and the feminine, the fusion of the poles within us. 


In many cultures and wisdom books there are references to the fifth chamber in our heart. In the Hindu tradition one finds the idea that a spirit resides in the chamber of the heart. Further, there is mention of the inner self, which is no larger than our thumb. Christians describe "the quiet chamber within" to be visited daily. They speak of Jesus who became Christ and of the seed of God that dwells eternally within us, glowing, shining, and blazing without ceasing. The Buddhists call it the "Buddha nature." In the Jewish tradition we find the term "Neshamah." In the Upanishads it is described as a cosmic dimension. The tiny space in the heart is as big as the entire universe.


The supreme being lives in our heart

The heart is the first organ to form after fertilization. It beats about 100,000 times a day and about three billion times in the course of a lifetime. It pumps about 8000 litres of blood through the body every day. The adult heart of a human being is the size of a fist and normally beats 60-80 times per minute. It beats from our very first minute here on earth until our last. The heart is much more than just an organ. It is the mirror of our reality. Since ancient times it has been a symbol of love, affection, compassion, and it is considered the center of our emotions.


"Where does the truth lie?"

"In the heart," he replied.

"For it is in the heart that truth is revealed to man." 

(Brihadaranyaka - Upanishad).


In our usage, this is evident from phrases such as, "My heart grows warm," "my heart is light," "my heart is broken," "to take heart," "a heart hard as stone," "my heart bleeds," etc. The Heart Math - Institute has been conducting basic heart research since 1991. Studies there have shown that the heart generates an electromagnetic field about 5,000 times stronger than that of the brain and that it communicates with all organs from the first moment. When the heart is open, it has an energy field that goes far beyond visible space and can encompass everything. The space of the heart is endless. Where does this power in our hearts come from? What keeps a heart beating after it has been transplanted?

It could be the light being in the innermost part of the fifth ventricle. Research into this miracle organ of creation is only just beginning. Let's keep in mind that blood is moved through the heart in the body in large quantities every day. The main component of blood is water. Water, in turn, is a wonderful carrier of information and converts everything we take in, think and hear into vibrational crystals that flow throughout our bodies. Masaru Emoto has made this visible using pictures of frozen water crystals. With this knowledge, we can perhaps roughly imagine how we create much of our reality in an unconscious way. It is important that we allow ourselves time out every day and dedicate this to the true being within ourselves, giving it space so that we can feed the regenerative power with love, peace and harmony through breathing and light charging, thus supporting and strengthening it. We all carry the power of the Creator - Creator Power - within us. It consists of light and love energy, the union of the masculine and feminine, the fusion of the poles within us. This is the secret of the five-pointed star (see the crop circle illustrations and graphics below), which protects us and helps us to fulfil our mission here on earth and to unfold the life plan that is already laid out in us. Voice yourself to God within you, to the Divine Atom, to the protection that is already given to you."


We recommend the little booklet by Jeanne Ruland "The Dodecahedron and the Fifth Chamber of the Heart", Schirner Verlag, ISBN 978-3-8434-5032-4, as further reading.


Crop circle from 08.08.1998, Beckhampton


Crop circle from 06.07.03, Avebury


Crop circle from 26.07.07, Tidcombe

Confirmation of the pentagonal Merkaba and the 5th heart chamber from higher dimensional levels through the message of the 3 crop circles, see photos and graphics above. The Merkaba Field, Christ Consciousness Grid and 5th Heart Chamber are now interconnected.








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