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Weber-Isis® Heart Chakra Beaver (gold plated)

Harmonization and opening of the heart chakra.

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  Eckhard Weber "Seen purely from its outer form, the Weber-Isis®... more
Product information "Weber-Isis® Heart Chakra Beaver (gold plated)"


Eckhard Weber

"Seen purely from its outer form, the Weber-Isis® Heart-Chakra-Beaver resembles the form of the Weber-Isis® Light-Body-Transformer, however, the Heart-Chakra-Beaver is reduced in size by 1/4 compared to the Light-Body-Transformer, and due to its modified inner life with aventurines and rose quartz it also has a completely different mode of action than its "bigger brother". The Mer-Ka-Ba (the light body) can activate and stabilize the heart chakra beaver not. For this reason, the "larger original", the Weber-Isis® Light Body Transformer, remains indispensable for those of our customers who are working on the activation of their Mer-Ka-Ba and who would like to develop further spiritual abilities. In the development of the Weber-Isis® Heart-Chakra-Belever I was mainly concerned, as the name of this product already says, to be able to offer you a pendant which has the property of opening and enlivening the Heart-Chakra.


Weber-Isis® Heart Chakra Beaver

Cross-sectional drawing of the heart chakra beaver, with its 4 gemstone beads. 


The opening and enlivening of the heart chakra is a central task for humanity today. Why this is so important for the present time, I would like to clarify with the following example: up to now, there has never been a purely in the ego - thinking minded person, without being present in the here and now, to heaven, but strictly speaking only those who managed to fully develop their heart qualities. The revitalization and unfoldment of the twelve-petalled heart chakra is thus proving to be a major task of the new age, and this should be the focus of all our efforts on the spiritual path of training, especially now in this time of great challenges. The divine heart is the greatest gift of God we could ever receive. It is the interface between the attention energy of a so-called loved one is nurtured and which is sustained by our own dependent love for a loved one. Most often such people have a similar >> energetic pain body << which is activated and resonates when two souls meet. Most often, this resonance energy of a similar energetic pain body is thought to be the "great love". How such dependency relationships can end has been experienced by millions of people on Earth throughout human history.


When one acts out of the activated divine heart chakra, one makes loving choices. If one listens to the so-called ego-mind, possible fears, stress, pressure and other negativities that may arise become a possible daily routine. No life energy is likely to flow through a closed heart chakra. The more we close off our heart center, the more unhappy we can possibly become. Due to possible fears, stress and other possible negativities we can not only get energetic problems, there can possibly be physical Complications in the heart chakra area. Therefore, we should connect with our heart chakra as often as we can. This is where the Weber-Isis® Heart-Chakra-Beleber could possibly help. Only with an open heart chakra are we likely to be able to enjoy our way through life healthily and happily and allow the divine energy to flow through us. In a small meditation in the morning, we should imagine (with the Heart Chakra Beaver) green and pink light entering our Heart Chakra or Christ Consciousness Chakra and all that is heavy, all that is constricting, all that is hurtful and all that is oppressive (such as fears, worries, anger, stress and other blockages) being taken from us and dissolved. When these constricting issues are dissolved, the divine presumed life energy can once again flow freely through our heart chakra and throughout our entire body. With an opened heart chakra, we can likely come into compassion and thus forgiveness processes. When this is achieved, the "lightness of life" can possibly be experienced. Divine guidance and providence can then be increasingly perceived. Similar things have been described in the books "The Prophecies of Celestine" and "The Tenth Prophecy of Celestine" by James Redfield. I can only highly recommend the books just mentioned, as well as the "manuals to the two books" to every person who is on the so-called "spiritual path". They will be an enrichment for your life (the first mentioned book has also been released as a feature film on DVD)."


Jesus Christ already spoke in the Sermon on the Mount about the opening of the heart or Christ consciousness chakra: "Blessed are the meek, for they shall inherit the earth." Meekness, humility, love and kindness go hand in hand. One who has become selfless love is also meek, humble and kind. He is filled with wisdom and power. People in the spirit of Christ, the selfless lovers, will possess the earth realm. Behold, the way to the heart of God is the way into the heart of of selfless love. Out of unselfish love flows the peace of God. The people who walk toward the heart of God and the people who already live in God work for the New Era by teaching all willing people the way to God. Thus they take possession of the earth more and more in the spirit of Christ (quotation with interpretation from: "The Sermon on the Mount", Verlag Das Wort Gottes GmbH, Marktheidenfeld, ISBN: 3-89201-061-7).


 The crop circle with the two hearts

The crop circle with the two hearts


"Through the development of heart qualities to enlightenment", crop circle of July 22, 2006, Milk Hill, Wiltshire, England. Photo by Steve Alexander.


This crop circle at the so-called Milk Hill in England from 2006 shows us exactly those secrets that are closely connected to the unfolding of the heart chakra. In this crop circle, all the demands on contemporary humanity - as well as a possible solution - are presented in a single image. Whoever has the right key to this riddle in the crop will also discover the secret of the unfolding of the heart chakra.


The interpretation of the crop circle from Milk Hill 

Through development of heart qualities to enlightenment. The inner and outer heart chakra of humanity and of Mother Earth are activated by cosmic radiation. The whole pictogram consists of 7 circles, 2 hearts and an 8-pointed star. Together these are 17 crop circle elements. 1 + 7 = 8, which in turn is the divine number 8 for infinity. The 4 circles at the tips of the 8-pointed star represent the opening of the 4th dimension into the infinite number 8 (infinity).


The meditation on the two hearts 

The two hearts depicted in the middle of this crop circle indicate a special feature to which man should direct his full attention today. Probably a mysterious energetic connection exists between our heart chakra on the middle of the chest and our crown chakra on top of the head. Although the crown chakra on the top of the head is actually known as the 1,000 petal chakra, its inner geome- try shows 12 petals each, just like the heart chakra. According to the teachings of the master Choa Kok Sui the crown chakra and thus the light channel to the higher dimensions can presumably only open up to the human being after the human being has unfolded his heart chakra through corresponding qualities.


The heart chakra is represented in ancient Indian Sanskrit with 12 petals (©Caroline Esser), a Sanskrit letter and a Star of David.

The crop circle with the opening heart chakra


A one-sided education of only the intellect and the head-knowledge will not release the said channel of light to higher realms of power. Only a simultaneous and harmonious unfolding of heart and mind and in resonance to this the working of a divine grace will open this channel. This is exactly what the depicted crop circle also shows us: the path, i.e. the longitudinal axis upwards to that eight-pointed star - to the so-called "soul star", the 8th chakra, i.e. to the higher soul or also to the cosmos - probably only leads via a simultaneous activation of the two hearts. Audio CDs with corresponding meditation instructions are freely available on the Internet ("Meditation on two hearts" by Choa Kok Sui). The heart is the first organ to develop in the embryo. This alone emphasizes its importance. The heart is the central organ of our entire vascular system, and it was early recognized by man as the seat of the principle of life and the state of mind. It also stands in Biblical usage for affection, desire, and love. It is the seat of love, but at the same time also of hate. The energy field of the heart chakra radiates over the entire body (see figure below left). Since it is able to decide, it can be equated with the spirit (cf. Ez. 36:26; Ps. 51:19). If a double heart is depicted, it is also an image of heavenly and earthly love.


 Heart chakra with 12 petals

 In 2003, there was a crop circle in England that depicted "an opening heart chakra with 12 petals." Thornborough, Yorkshire, England, June 21, 2003. photo: Mikeplato.myblog.it.


The crop circle with the opening heart chakra

Black and white graphic of the crop circle of Thornborough with the "opening heart chakra". Yorkshire, England, June 21, 2003.



The development of heart qualities

At the heart of the transformation of our presently rather rational humanity into a spiritually oriented community in the spirit of Christ, then, is the development of heart qualities. Centrally connected with this is the development of our purely logical thinking into thinking "with the heart".


Man and the Kundalini Force

Man and the Kundalini Force


The Weber-Isis® Heart-Chakra-Beleber 

The Weber-Isis® Heart-Chakra-Prayer is meant for those people who have consciously chosen the path just described or who still want to choose it, and who need a possible energetic support for this path in the form of a Weber-Isis pendant. Furthermore, I have been asked again and again by my clients if I could perhaps develop a smaller pendant especially for the children, which would presumably energetically support the souls coming in now and help them to find and accept their way and their tasks in this world. Exactly for those children of the new time this pendant can be very suitable. However, the Heart Chakra Beaver can be worn equally and without age restriction by young and old. Here it is now, the "Weber-Isis Heart Chakra Beaver".


Sacred Geometry

The form of the heart-chakra-beaver is based on the knowledge of the holy geometry about the radiation of the lying eight, as well as about the fish-bladder (Vesica Piscis). Sacred Geometry is a symbol and allegory of reality throughout the cosmos and is therefore sometimes referred to as the "Language of Light".


Structure and Principle of the Heart Chakra Beaver

The heart-chakra-beaver can unfold its power, just like all other Weber-Isis products, presumably through its geometrical form radiation. Its length is 5.41 cm. This corresponds to the three-quarter value of the Cosmic Key, the wavelength 7.23 cm. Furthermore, energetically speaking, the vibration of the 8 ribs can possibly create a self-cleansing effect, which can prevent the absorption of external energy. The heart chakra beaver contains a ball of aventurine and rose quartz in each of the two superimposed chambers. Aventurine and rose quartz are the corresponding stones from the mineral kingdom of nature, which are assigned to the human heart chakra. If the heart-chakra-beaver is worn as a pendant on the chest, the vibrations of these 4 gemstone spheres (via the geometric form radiation) can presumably locally impulse and enliven the heart-chakra, and thus new heart abilities can arise for the wearer of this pendant according to his individual nature. In addition, possible energetic blockages in the heart chakra can be released and thus new qualities can unfold. We could describe these as follows: Its colours are green, pink and gold. This spectrum of vibrations can probably be optimally fulfilled by the aventurine and rose quartz inside the heart chakra bead, as well as by the gold coating and the so-called geometric shape radiation of the pendant.



  • Unfolding of heart qualities can become possible

  • Compassion can unfold

  • Universal love for the whole creation can probably be experienced

  • Compassion can become possible

  • Sharing can be experienced

  • Tolerance can unfold

  • Forgiveness and forgiveness can become more possible

  • Selflessness can be experienced

  • Mercy can be developed and experienced

  • Brotherhood and sisterhood between people can be experienced

  • Charity can be developed and experienced

  • Self-love can become possible again where it was previously blocked


This is how the Weber-Isis® heart-chakra-beaver should be worn.


Practical application

The heart-chakra-beaver is worn at the level of the breastbone (see picture above). Direct contact with the skin should be permanently avoided, as skin sweat can attack the gold coating of the pendant. The heart chakra beaver can probably develop its full potential in the vertical position. The heart chakra is the fourth chakra and is located at the level of the heart, in the center of the chest. It opens forward and backward. In the beginning, the heart chakra banner should not be worn permanently, but only by the hour or for as long as you feel comfortable with it. Every organism has its own energy level. Once one has become accustomed to the presumed vibrations of the Heart Chakra Livery after some time, it can then be worn all day.


The light body of the human being with 7 chakra system

The light body of the human being with 7 chakra system


The gemstones used

Aventurine for the 4th chakra
Colour: Green shimmering through
Historical tradition: According to the ancient Greeks, the aventurine can give its wearer courage and fresh optimism, ambition and determination. Due to its probably calming effect, it can give more humor and cheerfulness, and it can probably transform negative power into a positive attitude towards life.

Aventurine for the 4th chakra


Rose quartz also for the 4th chakra

Colour: Pink translucent
Historical tradition: The rose quartz has been revered since the antiquity as the stone of love and the heart. The Greeks and the Romans believed that the gods of love, Cupid and Eros, brought rose quartz to earth to give people the elemental power of love and reconciliation. To today, rose quartz has lost nothing in its value in beauty and its potential healing power. In recent years the probable healing powers of rose quartz have also become more important to us. Rose quartz, by its probably mild and sensitive vibrations, can have a very invigorating power on our creative thoughts and imagination. The mild, delicate vibrations of rose quartz can probably radiate into our whole being especially from the heart chakra. It can probably give us love, tenderness and more contentment with ourselves and to those around us. Children and young people can probably be protected from emotional injuries by rose quartz, especially in the adolescent soul. During meditation, we may be able to achieve a healing of the heart from the possible emotional hurts and a lifting of our feelings to a higher level via the rose quartz. Through the rose quartz, we are likely to experience the real love and be protected from false love and untrue friends.

Rose quartz also for the 4th chakra


The highest being lives in our heart

As mentioned above, the heart is the first organ to form after fertilization. It beats about 100,000 times a day and about three billion times in the course of a lifetime. It pumps about 8,000 liters of blood through the body every day. The adult heart of a human being is the size of a fist and normally beats 60-80 times per minute. It beats from our very first minute here on earth until our last. The heart is much more than just an organ. It is the mirror of our reality. Since ancient times it has been a symbol of love, affection, compassion, and it is considered the center of our emotions

"Where does the truth lie?" "In the heart," he replied. "For it is in the heart that truth is revealed to man."  (Brihadaranyaka - Upanishad).




Illustration of the torus-shaped electromagnetic energy field of the heart. © Institute of HeartMath Research



In our language this becomes clear through expressions like: "My heart is warm", "my heart is light", "my heart is broken", "my heart is hard", "my heart is bleeding", etc. The Heart Math Institute has been conducting basic heart research since 1991. Studies there have shown that the heart generates an electromagnetic field about 5,000 times stronger than that of the brain and that it communicates with all organs from the first moment. When the heart is open, it has an energy field that goes far beyond visible space and can encompass everything. The space of the heart is endless. Where does this power in our hearts come from? What keeps a heart beating after it has been transplanted?


the dodecahedron with the fifth ventricle 

In 2003, a crop circle appeared in England depicting "the dodecahedron with the fifth chamber of the heart." Avebury, Wiltshire, England, July 06, 2003. photo by Steve Alexander.


It could be the light being in the innermost part of the fifth ventricle. Research into this miracle organ of creation is only just beginning. Let's keep in mind that blood is moved through the heart in the body in large quantities every day. The main component of blood is water. Water, in turn, is a wonderful carrier of information and converts everything we take in, think and hear into vibrational crystals that flow throughout our bodies. Masaru Emoto has made this visible using pictures of frozen water crystals. With this knowledge, we can perhaps roughly imagine how we create much of our reality in an unconscious way. It is important that we allow ourselves time out every day and dedicate it to the true being within ourselves, giving it space so that we can feed the regenerative power with love, peace and harmony through breathing and light charging, thus supporting and strengthening it.


In 2002 there was a crop circle in England that represented "the Primordial Sun (Primordial Creator's Home)": a sun with 72 rays for the 72 names of God. Cherhill/Knoll Down, Wiltshire, England, July 28, 2002. photo by Steve Alexander


We all carry the power of the Creator - Creator Power - within us. It consists of light and love energy, the union of the masculine and feminine, the fusion of the poles within us. This is the secret of the Five Star, which protects us and helps us to fulfil our mission here on earth and to unfold the life plan that is already laid out in us. Tune in to God within you, to the Divine Atom, to the protection that is already given to you." (The text "The supreme being lives in our heart" is a quote taken from Jeanne Ruland's book "The Dodecahedron and the Fifth Chamber of the Heart", Schirner Verlag, ISBN 978-3-8434-5032-4. We recommend Jeanne Ruland's little booklets as further reading).



Illustration ©Caroline Esser 

"The Primordial Central Sun (the Absolute) - Primordial Creator's Home". The Primordial Central Sun sends its vibrations via the Milky Way, the Sun, the planets (our solar system) and the Moon down to the Earth to us humans, and thus our 7 main chakras, the so-called "Book with 7 Seals", which man himself is (as it is written in the Holy Scriptures, the Bible), are opened. In particular, the "heart chakra" or also "Christ consciousness chakra" is opened. Probably we are exactly now in this time; this is also the message of the crop circles (see also the book "The Crop Circle Code" by Eckhard Weber). That is probably why many people worldwide have had problems in this area in the last 20 years (so-called "phantom pains"). Also Jesus Christ already spoke in the New Testament about the above mentioned events: "The kingdom of God does not come in ways foreseen by men. The kingdom of heaven (the higher dimensional worlds) behold, all of a sudden it is upon you (Luke, 17, 20 - 21). The good news I bring is this: Your captivity is over. The captivity in sin. God is fulfilling the promise he made to us and is reconciling himself to mankind. God comes to you, to all of you. Even to the most miserable. Do not close your door (the heart chakra, or Christ consciousness chakra) to the Lord.


The metals used

Like most Weber Isis products, the Heart Chakra Beaver is made of gold-plated brass. Brass is primarily an alloy of copper and zinc. Since ancient times, copper has been associated with the planet Venus, and zinc with the planet Jupiter. The metal brass arises from the connection of a planetary aspect assigned to the masculine and the feminine. Brass represents the child, the new, that which arises from the connection between masculine and feminine. The metal gold has been assigned to the sun since ancient times. Gold represents the life force, the light force and also the Christ force in the evolution of the earth. For the reasons just mentioned, we only use these selected metals for our energetic products.

We wish you continued joy and success in the use of our devices. If you have any questions, please call us. We will be glad to help you with further information and tips. We would be very pleased to receive your experience reports!







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23 Jun 2016

Es hat mein leben verändert

Die Verarbeitung ist vermutlich außergewöhnlich gut! Seit ich im Besitz des Weber isis herz chakra beleber bin, ist das ganze Büro, in dem ich arbeite, von harmonie erfüllt. Ich hätte das nicht erwartet!