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Weber-Isis® Vitalon (gold-plated)

For the intonation of information (e.g. globules or handwritten affirmations) into the aura.

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  Eckhard Weber Surely people will read this information who have not heard of Sacred... more
Product information "Weber-Isis® Vitalon (gold-plated)"


Eckhard Weber

Surely people will read this information who have not heard of Sacred Geometry or the shape of the fish bubble. Please do not let this put you off! These at first a little bit strange sounding topics will open up much easier for you for example by reading the book "The Flower of Life" by Drunvalo Melchizedek. I am always amazed how many business managers read this book, thereby gain new insights into the interrelationships of the world and then become my customers. But now to my Vitalon: A natural healer asked me to develop a device for him with which an information field can be maintained. This was because the homeopathic remedies he gave his patients often no longer worked at home. There were simply too many sources of interference there. He therefore wanted to have something to give so that the information to be administered could work from within and from without.


Weber-Isis® Vitalon

For swinging information into the aura


Sacred Geometry

The form of the Isis Vitalon is based on the knowledge of sacred geometry about the fish bladder (Vesica Piscis). Geometry is the cornerstone  of creation. There is no life form, no existence of any kind whatsoever, that does not have geometry as its model. Sacred Geometry is the symbol and emblem of reality throughout the cosmos and is therefore sometimes called the Language of Light. All life on planet Earth has geometric structures. All orifices of the human body are fish bladders (eyes, mouth, nostrils, sex organ orifices). The structure of all organic life is based on Phi (see treatises by Leonardo da Vinci and Leonardo Fibonacci).


Sacred geometry


Application for animals

For animals, the Isis Vitalon is filled, for example, with isopathic counter-vibrations against parasites. These can possibly be produced with the Isis-Orgone Radiation Complete Set. The Vitalon is attached to the collar. It can possibly calm hyperactive dogs if it has been filled with harmonizing information. 


Sacred geometry



  • The Isis-Vitalon can be screwed on
  • In the inner part there is a small rock crystal ball
  • In addition to the rock crystal ball, everything can be put into it that seems important to the wearer of the Isis Vitalon   (e.g. globules or handwritten affirmations)
  • The desired vibration can be transferred into the subtle energy field. It does not replace the Isis-Beamer!


 Practical application:

Weber-Isis® Vitalon on the body

Thus, the Weber- Isis-Vitalon should be worn on the body on thymus gland or solar plexus.


Wearing duration

The duration of wearing depends on the need and the personal condition, but should not exceed 3 - 4 hours in the beginning. After getting used to it, the Vitalon can be worn for whole days. When wearing the Isis-Vitalon on the solar plexus, the  vibrations and frequencies, which are supposed to strengthen the body, can be continuously released and distributed in the body's own energy field. This can be used as a support for homeopathic or energetic therapies. However, it cannot completely replace the intake of medication. Isis-Vitalon is also recommended for children from the age of 3, below this age the danger of swallowing is too great.


Kirlian Photography

Kirlian photography (high-frequency image) with the radiation field of Isis-Vitalon.





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6 Feb 2017

Für Hund gekauft

Hallo meine Frau und ich tragen das Vitalon regelmäßig. Wir füllen das Vitalon mit Globuli. Sind sehr zufrieden. Unser Labrador-Mischling Leo hat auch ein Vitalon bekommen.