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Weber-Isis® Fruit of Life (gold plated)

13 sacred information systems to create a reality.

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  Eckhard Weber The correct name for this Sacred Geometry pattern is actually the... more
Product information "Weber-Isis® Fruit of Life (gold plated)"


Eckhard Weber

The correct name for this Sacred Geometry pattern is actually the "Fruit of Life". The pattern the "Flower of Life", which is also considered the "Matrix of Creation", has been found in many ancient cultures around the world. However, the pattern of the "fruit of life" has never been found. This is because wise people in ancient times (such as Plato, Pythagoras, and Da Vinci) when they realized what the other component was and how important it was, they decided to keep it a secret! They did not want people to see this relationship that I am about to point out. This pattern was so sacred and so important that they simply could not allow this knowledge to become common knowledge.


Sacred Geometry teaches us that straight lines are masculine and round lines are feminine. The 13 circles of the "Fruit of Life" are formed by exclusively female shapes. If these female forms are connected with the male forms - the straight lines - the 13 information systems of the "Fruit of Life" are obtained. The easiest way of this connection is to connect the centers of the circles with each other. This creates a shape called "Metatron's Cube". In "Metatron's In "Metatron's Cube" hides an important informational system, one of the basic creation patterns of existence - the "Platonic Bodies", the "Code of Creation" and the "Building Blocks of the Universe". According to these five geometrical forms, the crystals grow and also our thought-forms, which are sent out into the universe. So the pattern of the "fruit of life" is a geometric shape from which a creation code can emerge. "Fruit" because this is the result, the fruit, from which the web of details of our reality (reality) emerged.


I have wrestled with myself for a long time whether I can already release this "fruit of life pendant" onto humanity in three-dimensional form. It is now four years since the first prototypes were produced. The first experiences with this pendant were really very impressive. This device dematerialized in the workshop and reappeared after an hour, as if from "nowhere" in the office. My co-worker (a mechanical engineer) and I were standing in the office discussing this incident, when after about 1 hour, the device appeared above our heads and fell to the floor in front of us.


This sounds rather like "sailor's yarn", but I can assure you that it really happened. My co-worker still believes today that I fooled him with a sleight of hand. Because of this incident I have let the device disappear in the drawer for the time being. But I think now is the time that we should use such gifts of the "New Age". Also, this pendant may be suitable for people where "ordering from the Universe" hasn't really worked out yet. Please write me about your experiences you have had with the Fruit of Life Pendant. 


Weber-Isis® Life Fruit

Weber-Isis® Fruit of Life


Sacred Geometry

The shape of the Fruit of Life Pendant is based on the findings of Sacred Geometry and a unique symbol called the "Flower of Life". Within the "Flower of Life" is hidden the secret of the "Fruit of Life". The Fruit of Life pendant was constructed according to this sacred pattern. Sacred Geometry is the morphogenetic structure of reality, it is the symbol and allegory of reality in the entire cosmos and is therefore also called the "Language of Light".


Structure and Principle

The Fruit of Life pendant also unfolds its power through the geometric form radiation. The diameter is 3.61 cm. This corresponds to half the value of the Cosmic Key, the wavelength of 7.23 cm. The form radiation is created by the arrangement of the 13 holes according to the pattern of the "Fruit of Life".


Practical use and advantages

The Fruit of Life Pendant is worn at the level of the breastbone. Direct contact with the skin should be avoided, as skin sweat can attack the gold coating. In the beginning, the Fruit of Life Pendant should not be worn permanently, but only for hours at a time or as long as you feel comfortable with it. Every organism has its own energy level. Once one has become accustomed to the Fruit of Life pendant, it can later be worn all day. Another practical application is to place the Fruit of Life pendant on the sixth chakra (the body is now in a lying position and the eyes are closed). The sixth chakra is located one finger width above the root of the nose in the center of the forehead. It opens forward. Other names for this chakra are: Third Eye, Brow Chakra, Eye of Wisdom or Inner Eye. Its colors are indigo blue, also yellow and violet. Its associated gland is the pituitary gland. The learning functions of this chakra are: Cognition functions, intuition, development of inner senses, power of mind, projection of will, manifestation, imagination.


In the theme of the learning tasks of this chakra, the fruit of life pendant comes into play. If the body is in a lying position of rest and the Fruit of Life Pendant lies on the sixth chakra (3rd eye), you can see a violet sphere (for some people it can also be a different colour) rising before the inner eye, which is then projected outwards into the universe by the geometry of the Fruit of Life Pendant. The geometry of the "Fruit of Life" is a precursor to the manifestation of the "Platonic Bodies" the so-called "Code of Creation". Now you are able to send your own "code of creation" into the universe, to create your own willfully brought about reality. As the violet orb rises outward, you experience: mind powers, will projections, manifestations and imaginings! If you see the violet orb coming inward through the life fruit pendant, that is, coming towards you, you will experience: cognitive functions, intuitions, and the development of the inner senses.



Sanskrit symbol for the sixth chakra (3rd eye)



Further practical applications

-Creation of a reality-

To survive the coming time, it is essential to get acquainted with the idea of thought manifestation or superconsciousness. First comes thought. Experience is always secondary. Energy follows attention. It is never the other way around - that one has the experience first and then builds the thought upon it. We always experience a direct correspondence of our thoughts. Clarity and recognizing our own power is the fundamental thing.  Our thoughts form our world at all times. Not just when we feel like it - at any time.  Say to yourself in your mind when the Fruit of Life pendant is on your 3rd eye, or when you wear it on your heart chakra (breastbone). "I want to accelerate my personal development. I want the spirit world to support me to a greater degree. I want my body to regenerate itself. I want to radiate health. I am willing to give up difficulties so that I can live as an example of what humanity can be."  This kind of thinking - this manifesting from our innermost being and this clear expression of our desires - sets everything in motion.  The gratitude for this - that we will also receive all this, we should not forget in any case.   We should pay attention to our patterns, programming and beliefs. If we notice that we deny having created a certain experience and we don't acknowledge it as our creation, we just look at it. And say, "Well, that's interesting - I keep doing that. I don't want to stand by what I create. If I don't like it, I blame somebody else. Let's see how long I keep doing that and how I find a solution to develop a different pattern of behavior."  Let's not judge ourselves for it. Let's start saying to ourselves: "I will take responsibility for whatever happens to me. If I don't like what is happening to me, then I will begin to ask myself why I am creating things that I don't like. Maybe I'm supposed to pay attention to something so I can change what's not good for me and what I can't see."


We should always act as if it is of the highest value and highest benefit to us. We should not be afraid of what we have created. We should trust what we create. We should resolve the conflicts and make peace. We should accept our part in it and let it pass through our consciousness to realize what it had to teach us. Those who are caught up in dramas where it looks like someone is a victim are usually so cut off from their feelings that they don't connect what they feel with what they think. Victims find victims. Victims find victors. We need to understand that others have to go through negative areas of density to get to the light.  Sometimes the greatest enlightenment results from the greatest disasters and difficulties.   When you go to a restaurant and order something, the cook prepares it and the waiter brings it to us.   We order it, but we don't cook it ourselves. Somehow the cooks or the spiritual energy prepare it, but we choose what is put in front of us. It won't be served to us unless we go to a restaurant and order it first. So we are responsible for it, and we pay for it.


Life is the same way, life is like a restaurant. We should learn what we want from life, to order it like in a restaurant, and then trust that it will be served to us because we ordered it.
How we act in restaurants is a wonderful indicator of how we act in life. It's an incredible lesson to understand. When we go to a restaurant, do we just order and say, "I want that!" and trust that it will be brought to us. Or do we worry about whether they'll mess it up? No. We trust that it will be served to us exactly the way we want it, and we make it happen. If it's put in front of us, we say, "Thank you." If it's not quite right, we ask for what's needed and move on. It is exactly the same with our spiritual orders; if the delivery has not turned out as we expected, we can place a new order. In this case we proceed as follows: (the fruit of life pendant is located on the sixth chakra, the 3rd eye)


1. I make myself aware of my current reality by feeling into it and thinking about it.
2. Then I find a name (or paraphrase) for the current situation.
3. Then I ask for the current thought-creation to be deleted.
4. Now I can formulate how I imagine the new order.


We should be clear about what we want, we ask and order it and leave it at that (let go). We should not keep calling the spirit world to see if our order has arrived, we do not give advice on how it should be done. We have ordered, have no fears or doubts, and trust that it will come.


Weber-Isis® Life Fruit

Weber-Isis® Fruit of Life


We are the result of our thoughts. If we learn nothing else on this planet, we will learn that this is the rule in this reality, and for that matter in others. Thought creates experience. Our words give us power, or they make us small. We need to eliminate the word "try" from our vocabulary. If someone tries to change their behavior patterns, they can try to do that for the rest of their lives. Trying is not doing. Whenever we use the word try, we will accomplish nothing, because try is an excuse: "I tried to do it, yes." Let us use the words, "I create," "I do," "I manifest," "I intend," and "I cause." Forget "I try."  Money seems to be on everyone's mind. We all have very specific ideas about how money comes to us.


Flower of life

Figure 1: The "Flower of Life" as found in many countries.


The more we believe that we have to work hard for our money, the harder we will have to work for it.  We say, " I intend this to be effortless ." To be effortless is to command reality to come to us in a way that leaves plenty of energy for other experiments.  If we allow things more freedom, the spirit world will reward us in many unexpected ways. The only reason this hasn't already happened is because we simply didn't believe it was possible.  When we believe things are possible, reality changes.   So, that was a little digression on creating a reality. I assume that through my instructions and through the Fruit of Life pendant, all your orders will manifest in your life.


Introduction to Sacred Geometry

The Matrix of Creation

One of the topics I would like to introduce to you is the knowledge of Sacred Geometry, which is still present in many ancient cultures and has long been forgotten here. Sacred Geometry is the morphogenetic structure of reality, it is the symbol and allegory of reality in the entire cosmos and is also called the "Language of Silence" or the "Language of Light" (see Fig.1). The inherent key of Sacred Geometry is preserved in a unique symbol called the "Flower of Life". Everything that has ever been created is based on this basic pattern. At Abydos, located about 140 km from Luxor and the Valley of the Kings, there is a unique temple on the west bank of the Nile. The mysterious structure is called the "Temple of Resurrection" or "Osiron" and is dedicated to the god Osiris. Archaeologists estimate the age of the temple to be at least 6000 years. In this temple, in the first place, a very special highly developed and comprehensive knowledge was stored and transmitted.    On the walls of the temple complex there is an image of the "Flower of Life". However, the "Flower of Life" was not only found in Egypt. It is also found in Ireland, Turkey, England, Israel, China, Tibet, India, Greece, Japan, Yucatan, Lapland, Greenland and several other countries. 


Almost everywhere in the world it has the same name - the "Flower of Life". A complete "Flower of Life" consists of 19 intertwined circles surrounded by two larger concentric rings. All circles have the same diameter. The arc of each circle passes through the center of the next circle, dividing it into two sections. The "Flower of Life" is a very significant sign of Sacred Geometry. Within its proportions it contains every single aspect of earthly life. It contains every mathematical formula, every physical law, every harmony in music, every biological life form, every atom, every dimensional plane.


Flower of life 

It is a metaphor for simply everything that exists in the universe. A simplified way of representing the "Flower of Life" is to show the seven circles in the center that are connected to each other (see Figure 2).


The name "Flower of Life" is given to this pattern not only because it looks like a flower. In its deeper meaning, it is a symbol of the cycle that a fruit tree goes through. The tree produces flowers that go through a metamorphosis and turn into fruit. The fruits contain the seed and since each seed carries the image of the whole tree, new fruit trees grow from the seeds that have fallen to the ground. But the structure of the "flower of life" also contains numerous geometric forms, such as those of the Platonic solids, the spatial codes of creation and mathematical sequences. Via the human genes, this "geometry of light" is also at work in every cell. The arrangement of the molecule of the "DNA" = deoxyribonucleic acid, as material carrier of the hereditary information, is determined by the "flower of life". The proportions within this structure, the number and the angles of the branches, the length in the amino acids of the DNA have their exact correspondence within the "flower of life". The "Flower of Life" contains the codes for the arrangement of the essential amino acids in the DNA molecule, for the geometric structures of the five Platonic bodies, for the biological programs of growth and its direction, for the branching patterns of plants and their roots. Furthermore, it contains the codes for the proportions of the human body, for the quantitative ratio of women and men in the population, for the energies of human perception of the three-dimensional world, for the form of electrical discharges in the atmosphere, and for the proportions of geometric fields and their energy radiation. However, since it actually contains everything that exists in our universe on the individual dimensional levels, this enumeration can only be a brief excerpt of the codes of the three-dimensional reality and even that by no means complete.


All the teachings of the great world religions such as Christianity, Buddhism, Judaism, Hinduism and Taoism and also the teachings of the mystical associations of the Rosicrucians, the Golden Dawn, the Freemasons and the Kabbalah are based on the ancient knowledge of Sacred Geometry. The connections between man, the world and the Creator, which Sacred Geometry clearly reveals to us, are the true roots of all religious and mystical teachings. Sacred Geometry is not just about numbers and lines drawn on paper. The study of it represents an offer to strike a balance between the logical male and the intuitive female knowledge. Only when the analytical male half of the brain understands that there is only one consciousness, that there is only one God, that there is only the One, all-pervading Spirit and that we are all part of this unity, can the halves of the brain balance each other. Only when the left hemisphere of the brain has grasped the unity of creation can we transcend our polarity consciousness to wholeness consciousness. Matter is subject to certain energetic laws according to its structure and only because of this fact can creation and man exist as a part of this creation. The form of matter is determined by various energy networks and matrices. In order to first make the basic principle clear, these matrices have so far been represented in simplified form as an interweaving of cubes and rectangles. The matrix of creation, however, is a far more complex system and consists of nested energy networks. These energy networks are neither cube-shaped nor rectangular, but are based on the spherical shape. They are based on the interwoven spheres of the "flower of life". Energy, light and information can be transmitted and transformed at the intersections of the different spheres. The "Flower of Life" proves to be a tangible model of the inherently unlimited matrix of creation. The Emerald Tablets of Thoth also describe this "flower-shaped grid" emanating from a point deep within the earth. According to the Emerald Tablets, this geometric radiation of information creates forms and life and is instrumental in the structures of creation. Deep in the halls of life, a flower grew, flaming, ever expanding, displacing the night. At its center was a ray of great power, life-giving, light-giving, and energizing everything that came near it . The Emerald Tablets of Thoth, Plate 23


"Seed of life" in the Rama temple near Hampi/India. Photo: Reiner Rosenfeld.


The seed of life

In the middle of the "Flower of Life" there are seven interconnected circles. If these are taken out and a circle is drawn around the pattern, an image is created which in Sacred Geometry is called the "Seed of Life". (Fig. 3) Analogous to the seed of the fruit tree, which carries within it the image of the whole tree, the "seed of life" also carries within it an image - the "tree of life".

(See fig. 4 and 5) The symbol of the "Tree of Life" is probably known to many as the Tree of Life of the Kabbalah. However, it would be wrong to assume its origin in the mystical schools of Judaism. Its origin is also not the mystical schools of Egypt, although the symbol of the "Tree of Life" has been found in Luxor as well as in Karnak. The "tree of life belongs to the essence of nature, is a part of the pattern of creation itself.
The mystical schools of Judaism have used this symbol to explain their view of reality. The seven circles, the "seed of life," also called the "seed of life," represent the seven days of creation.

The story of creation begins as follows:


In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth. And the earth was without form, and void; and darkness was upon the face of the deep: and the Spirit of God was upon the face of the waters. And God said, Let there be light And there was light.


Many religions assume that all that is needed to begin a process of creation is spirit and nothingness. When these two concepts meet, it becomes possible to create anything. Furthermore, religions believe that creation begins with the movement of the spirit. The Christian religion, which is widespread in our culture, is also based on these basic assumptions.



Fig. 3: The "seed of life"




Fig. 4: The "tree of life"




Fig. 5: The "seed of life" and the "tree of life" superimposed on each other


The fruit of life

Another third rotation brings us to a form called the "Fruit of Life". The "Flower of Life" in its ordinary representation consists of 18 intertwined circles enclosed by two larger concentric rings. This representation of the "Flower of Life" has been found in many cultures around the world. The grid of the "Flower of Life" could be continued indefinitely and the question arises why all the representations found end with 19 circles. If the circles of the "Flower of Life" are completed, the result is a pattern which bears the name the "Fruit of Life". This pattern was so sacred and so important that it was not allowed to become common knowledge at that time. In the form in which the "Flower of Life" was transmitted to us, the secret knowledge of the "Fruit of Life" was kept. But if the incomplete circles of the "Flower of Life" are completed to complete ones and if the whole matrix is turned, a pattern of 13 circles is obtained, which represents the "Fruit of Life" (see Fig. 6).


The 13 Circles of the

Fig. 6: The 13 circles of the  "Fruit of Life" in the "Flower of Life"


The 13 Circles of the "Fruit of Life

In the "Flower of Life" there are seven circles in a larger circle - another way of representing the "Flower of Life". In order to reach the "Fruit of Life", it is also possible to draw a new circle in the central circle with half the radius of the central circle and then draw new circles with half the radius on the three axes of the circle (see Fig. 8). Thus it can be seen that the "fruit of life" is proportionally contained in the "flower of life" (see Fig. 7). If the 13 circles are in turn connected with 13 circles, one obtains the "Fruit of Life" connected with itself (see Fig. 9). The "Fruit of Life" contains 13 information systems which, together with the "Egg of Life" and the Torus, create everything that has ever existed and will exist without exception. The Flower of Life is therefore a very special, truly sacred form, for it deciphers the meaning and purpose of creation.


The 13 Circles of the Fruit of Life

Fig. 7: The 13 circles of the "Fruit of Life".


The 7 circles of the

 Fig. 8: The 7 circles of the "Flower of Life" and the 13 circles of the "Fruit of Life" 


13 circles connected to another 13 circles or the

Fig. 9:  13 circles connected to another 13 circles or the "Fruit of Life" connected to itself.


The morphogenetic structure of the eye 

Drunvalo has drawn the morphogenetic structure of the eye, whether human or animal. He regards this picture as his most important. The structure of the eye and light are absolutely identical, the entire electromagnetic structure, which also carries the geometry of the "fish bubble", is contained in it (see Fig. 10). Sacred Geometry teaches us that straight lines are masculine and round 'lines' are feminine. Thus, with respect to geometry, the square and the cuboid are the most masculine forms and the circle or sphere is the most feminine.


The morphogenetic structure of the eye 

Fig. 10: The Morphogenetic Structure of the Eye


The 13 circles of the "Fruit of Life" are formed by exclusively female forms. If these female forms are connected with the male forms - the straight lines - the 13 information systems of the "Fruit of Life" are obtained. The simplest way of this connection is to connect the centers of the circles. In this way a form is created which is called "Metatron's Cube" (see Fig. 11).

Metatron's Cube

Figure 11: Metatron's Cube


Metatron's Cube" hides an important informational system, one of the basic creation patterns of existence - the Platonic Bodies.


The Platonic Bodies

Connecting the circle centers of the "Fruit of Life" brings us to "Metatron's Cube". For the study, not only of Sacred Geometry, but Geometry in general, it is essential to deal with the five unique forms called the Platonic Bodies. The five Platonic Solids form the basic shapes from which all structures of three-dimensional creation result. All the forms of our visible world are made up of one of these forms or the combination of several of these forms together. They are called Platonic solids because they go back to the Greek philosopher Plato. In his work Timaeus, the latter describes a universal cosmology based on interconnected geometric structures. In fact, the knowledge that Platonic solids are the building blocks of the universe was known long before Plato. At the Ashmolean Museum in Oxford, there are models of these shapes estimated to be 3400 years old. So they predate Plato by about 1000 years. And also in the museum of Cairo there are carefully worked models, which are about 3000 years old. A Platonic body, by definition, has the following characteristics 


  •  it is bounded by faces of equal size

  •  it has equal edge lengths

  •  it has the same internal angle size between the surfaces

  •  If a Platonic solid is placed in a sphere of the same size, all vertices touch the surface of the sphere

The best known of the Platonic solids is the cube. The faces of the cube - in Greek hexahedron - are squares of equal size, the edge lengths are equal, the inner angle of the faces to each other is always 90°. If you put a cube into a sphere, all vertices touch the surface of the sphere. Based on this definition, there are only five geometric solids that have these characteristics. Apart from the hexahedron, these are the tetrahedron, the octahedron, the icosahedron and the dodecahedron, where the numbers Tetra=4, Hexa=6, Okta=8, Dodeka=12 and Ikosa=20 stand for the number of faces. (The corresponding German designations must therefore be Vierfach, Sechsfach, Achtfach, Zwölffach and Zwanzigfach) The faces of the Platonic solids consist either of triangles or squares or pentagons. These five solids are the only shapes that can be composed of some kind of regular faces. No more solids can be formed from other surfaces, such as hexagons or heptagons, for example.  But where do these Platonic solids come from, what is their source? The five Platonic solids are contained within the first informational system of the "Fruit of Life." All five forms are hidden within the lines of "Metatron's Cube" and if you look at "Metraton's Cube" you are looking at all five at the same time.  To get the Platonic bodies from "Metatron's Cube", you need to remove some lines at a time.


If certain lines are removed, you get a cube, or more precisely, a cube within a cube. If other lines are removed, you get two overlapping tetrahedra, a shape called star tetrahedron. Again, two star tetrahedra are created, one inside the other. In the same way, by removing other lines, an octahedron, an icosahedron and a dodecahedron appear, each within an octahedron, an icosahedron and a dodecahedron (see Fig.11- Fig. 26).



Fig. 12: Hexahedron



Fig. 13: star tetrahedron



Fig. 14: Octahedron



Fig. 15: icosahedron



Fig. 16: Dodecahedron


In the ancient mystery schools of Egypt and in Pythagoras, who knew the so-called Platonic solids two hundred years before Plato and called them regular solids, these five solids are the representatives of the elements. The tetrahedron represents fire, the hexahedron represents earth, the octahedron represents air, the icosahedron represents water, and the dodecahedron represents ether or prana. However, "Metatron's Cube" contains a sixth form, the central sphere of the sphere, which is the starting point. This sphere, represents the Great Nothingness from which all phenomena arose.








The mineral kingdom offers conspicuous examples of the existence of the basic forms of the Platonic bodies as codes of creation. Of course, the same basic forms can be found in other areas of nature, such as in viruses or diatomaceous earth, but the mineral kingdom offers the most obvious illustrative material. The basic form of crystalline atomic structures is always one of the Platonic solids or the combination of several Platonic solids with each other.


The Platonic solids as building blocks of the universe

These 6 geometric shapes were each attributed a particular elemental aspect by the alchemists of antiquity and by great souls such as Pythagoras, the father of Greece. The tetrahedron was associated with fire, the cube with earth, the octahedron with air, the icosahedron with water and the dodecahedron with ether. The ether, prana and tachyon energies are one and the same; they are found everywhere and are accessible at every point in the space-time dimension. Therein lies the great secret of Zero-Point Technology. And the sphere is the void. These 6 elements are the building blocks of the universe. They create the properties of the universe. The graphic below shows the relationship of the 6 elements to the primordial forms, shown in three columns representing the trinity of polarity. The left (male) column represents the left hemisphere of the brain and the proton, and includes 3- and 4-sided faces; the middle (child) column represents the corpus callosum and the neutron. The right (female) column represents the right hemisphere of the brain and the electron and has 3- and 5-sided faces. The ether is the initial form of the Christ Consciousness Grid (see Fig 26).


Husband, child, wife 


If you would like to learn more about Sacred Geometry, we recommend the books by Drunvalo Melchizedek "The Flower of Life", Volumes I and II, published by KOHA.





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