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Weber-Isis® Light Body Transformer (gold-plated)

Supports meditation, maintains energy fields.

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  Eckhard Weber "A friend asked me for help. He had observed an enormous drop in... more
Product information "Weber-Isis® Light Body Transformer (gold-plated)"


Eckhard Weber

"A friend asked me for help. He had observed an enormous drop in energy in some of his patients. To help them he wanted to strengthen them and support them energetically. For a long time I did not find a solution. Until I suddenly realized that the Light Body Transformer was the way to go. He should receive approximately the form of a human being. Its inner life determines among other things a twisted double helix from gold threads. After the device was finished, I met the founder of the "Mer-Ka-Ba" meditation. The word stands for the "body of light" that surrounds us. The Mer-Ka-Ba is one of the most powerful tools to accelerate our spiritual growth . You can read more about this in the two volumes "The Flower of Life" by Drunvalo Melchizedek. When he saw my light body transformer, he said that in ancient Egypt such forms were used for vibrational enhancements . Most customers who buy this product are already engaged in Mer-Ka-Ba meditation. They report, that they can hold the so created energy field with the light body transformer longer. One who works with it should have gained some awareness of himself or herself . Otherwise she or he may be irritated by sudden sensations. Because the light body transformer establishes a connection to the 4th dimension (time), fears can materialize very quickly! This acceleration can work in the good as well as the challenging. So please be careful with it! Because one gets everything pointed out, which is in imbalance. Those who are balanced, on the other hand, can experience rapid progress!"


Weber-Isis® Light Body Transformer        


The Weber-lsis® Light Body Transformer has the geometric shape radiation of the lying eight, the vibration of the 13 grooves and the length of 7.23 cm (wavelength 7.23 cm = cosmic key). In the hollow space of the device are 13 round crystals, which are mounted on a 26-fold twisted gold thread helix . The six rock crystals at the top and bottom have the vibrational formation of Herkimer diamonds, in the middle sits a high-carat emerald. Using a large orgone emitter, thousands of positive subtle information are loaded into the device. These can be used by the body possibly according to the bioresonance principle .


male, female, star tetrahedron two-dimensional


Possible effects are:

  • Stabilization of the rotational speed of the star-tetrahedron fields

  • Building up the Mer-Ka-Ba (a counter-rotating light force field)

  • Key to the 4th dimension

  • By the probable developing cosmic connection of the carrier, a clear improvement of the supersensible perception can develop with sensitive and mediumistic humans

  • Energetic programming of the 12 main chakras and 48 secondary chakras is possible

  • Energetic programming of the entire blueprint for the subtle energy field is possible

Practical application

The Light Body Transformer is worn around the neck on the enclosed leather strap and should hang above the solar plexus. In the beginning it should only be worn for 5 - 25 minutes twice a day depending on physical condition. Those who are well accustomed to the light body transformer and who tolerate the energy well can also wear it for several hours. Since the Light Body Transformer adjusts to the natural vibration of its wearer, it should only be used by one person. This person should be familiar with the light body process.


Weber-Isis® Light Body Transformer

This is how the Weber-Isis® Light Body Transformer should be worn.



The Weber-lsis® Lightbody-Transformer

The form of the Weber-lsis® Lightbody-Transformer is based on the knowledge of sacred geometry about the fish bladder (Vesica piscis). Geometry is the cornerstone of creation. There is no life form, no existence of any kind, that does not have geometry as its model. Sacred geometry is the symbol and emblem of reality throughout the cosmos, and is therefore sometimes called the language of light. All life on planet earth has geometric structures. All human body orifices are fish bladders (eyes, mouth, nostrils, sex organ orifices). The structure of all organic life is based on the number Phi (see treatises by Leonardo da Vinci and Leonardo Fibonacci) . The Weber-lsis® light body transformer works through the geometric form radiation of the lying eight (crop circle sign from 1994 in England, Overton). By the vibration of the 13 grooves and the length of 7,23cm (wavelength 7,23cm = cosmic key, corresponds to the OM tone) a strong energy field is generated. The geometry of the two caps was borrowed from Schauberger's research. The inside of the Weber-lsis® Lightbody-Transformer is hollow and is filled with 13 round crystals, which are mounted on a 26-fold twisted gold thread helix. At the top and bottom are 6 rock crystals each with the vibration of Herkimer diamonds, and in the center sits a high karat emerald. Emerald was in the old cultures of Europe and India Mercury, the messenger of the gods and god of the ways, the sleep and the dream assigned, and was considered therefore as stone for divine inspirations. ln the antiquity it was as eye means, in the Middle Ages after Hildegard von Bingen against all infirmities of humans in use. The emerald promotes spiritual growth, clairvoyance and the sense of beauty, harmony and justice. It makes sincere, purposeful and joyful in life and promotes friendship, love and unity between partners. The emerald keeps spiritually young. On the soul level the emerald helps to overcome strokes of fate and brings balance, openness, recovery and regeneration. It encourages to live intensively and to enjoy. Mentally, emerald brings clarity, alertness and vision.


It improves cooperation in groups, as it facilitates mutual understanding. Herkimer diamonds are on a level between rock crystal and diamond. They are very powerful stones that hold almost all the healing powers of both stones. They also give us the ability to see into the future, to make decisions clearly and truly, and to self-actualize. Herkimer diamonds also let us recognize, cope with and learn from blockages from the past . However, it does not close us off with our past, but builds a bridge into our present. Herkimer diamonds, like rock crystal and diamond, serve as light bringers and thus open the chakras particularly deeply and widely. The crystals in the Weber-lsis light body transformer are charged with thousands of positive information, vibrations and frequencies, which the body makes use of according to the bio-resonance principle. It thus represents a microcosm and the carrier is the associated macrocosm. The Weber-lsis® Light Body Transformer resonates with the energy field of the individual person and should therefore not be worn by several people at the same time. The 13 grooves of the Weber-lsis® Lightbody-Transformer stand for the holy number 13. For example, Jesus could only work in connection with his 12 disciples (12+ 1 = 13). It is gold-plated and the golden double helix with the 13 crystals inside is based on a crop circle from 1996 in England, Altan Bornes.


Star tetrahedron and mer-ka-ba

When the Weber- lsis® Lightbody-Transformer is worn on the solar plexus, the Mer-Ka-Ba energy field expands. The word "Mer" describes counter-rotating light fields, - "Ka" the mind and - "Ba" the body or the way, one perceives reality. So the Mer-Ka-Ba is a counter-rotating light force field encompassing mind and body. It is also a kind of vehicle, a space-time vehicle. The Mer-Ka-Ba is the image through which everything was created, a field of Sacred Geometry that surrounds our body. These first four cells always arrange themselves in a definite structure. They form the simplest platonic body, the tetrahedron. At the next cell division, eight cells are formed and the "egg of life" becomes recognizable. These eight cells are completely identical and form two interpenetrating tetrahedra, a shape called the "star tetrahedron" in sacred geometry. They are located later, in the adult human in the geographic center (below the coccyx, near the perineum). They are not renewed in the course of life like all other cells of the body , but always remain the same until the end of our lives.


Tetrahedron, star tetrahedron


All the energy fields and grids of our body have their origin in these eight cells, from which we grow in a circular fashion. According to chakre'n teachings, the geographic body center corresponds to the base chakra, the seat of kundalini energy. Both the star tetrahedron, and the Star of David as its two-dimensional representation, are resonant symbols for key information deeply imprinted in the subconscious of every person. The Mer-Ka-Ba is firmly connected to the 8 primordial cells that sit in our root chokra. These cells are formed during 3 . Cell division and form a star tetrahedron. The mer-ka-ba has a saucer-shaped ufo appearance and has a diameter 10 times its body size. Each star tetrahedron consists of two interlocking tetrahedra, thus forming a three-dimensional Star of David. These two interlocking tetrahedra symbolize the male and female energy in perfect balance. Not only our human body is surrounded by such a star tetrahedron i everything that exists is enclosed by this form . We have a physical body, a mental body and an emotional body, each of which has the shape of the star tetrahedron. These are therefore three identical superimposed fields, the only difference between them being that the physical body is immobile, i.e. it does not rotate. The Mer-Ka-Ba is created by energy fields, which rotate in opposite directions. The mental star tetrahedron, whose nature is electric and masculine, rotates to the left. The emotional star tetrahedron, on the other hand, is magnetic, feminine, and rotates to the right. The connection of the mind with the heart and the physical body in a very specific geometric pattern creates the Mer-Ka-Ba at a certain speed. In order to understand what is happening today and what the future will bring us, it is essential to know the past. For example, plants use what is called the Fibonacci sequence to determine their growth. Plants look at what they have done, they review their present state, and then they know what will happen next. They add the number of new leaves they just grew to the number they last grew before that, and then sprout the appropriate number of new leaves . She says to herself for example: i just grew one leaf and one i already had, that's two now , so now i have to add two more. Then she says: I first had one and just let two grow in addition, so now comes three, afterwards it says: two and three equal five, three and five equal eight, and so on. So it must always look back at what it has just done, add it to what is present, in order to know what step will follow next. Such is the organic structure.


external chakra points 

Vitruvian Man Drawing by Leonardo da Vinci.
Our external chakra points, we are of a star tetrahedron
with eight external chakra points. The colors in this
Graphic have been chosen only symbolically for better representation. ©Argo Publishing


As humans, therefore, we need to know our history in order to understand how we got into our predicament and how to escape it. We believe that our history began in 3800 BC in the empire of Sumer. Before that there were, we suspect, only hairy savages and barbarians. We think we are the greatest that ever lived on this planet. ln reality, says Drunvalo Melchizedek, there were civilizations so far advanced that we cannot even imagine them . There have been civilizations on this earth for millions of years.


The 7 Chakra System 

The 7 chakras open forward and backward and up and down the human body.

Adapted from a graphic in "The Chakra Handbook", published by Windpferd-Verlag, ISBN: 3-89385-038-4 


The 7 Chakra System

In the chakra system we find the same "half tones", which are also found in music. Chakras are like lenses, through which we interpret our reality. For example, when a new soul sees the light of day, all its senses and aspirations will be directed towards the upper life in the third dimension . Next, the soul and spirit seek contact with other living beings. Once one has established oneself and had sexual contact, one inevitably wants to take a controlling role as the next step. These aspects are symbolized by the first three lower chakras . Then one hits a big wall and a "half-toned" change of direction takes place. This blockage is only overcome by mastering the first three chakras, and having done so, one reaches the fourth chakra of the system - the heart chakra. The fifth energy center is the throat chakra, which is closely associated with music . The sixth chakra sits in the middle of the forehead between the eyebrows and represents geometry. Finally, we reach the seventh energy center at the pineal gland.


The 12 Chakra System

Here we encounter another blockage and another "semitone" change of direction. This brings us to the eighth chakra, located above the head, which indicates the next phase of our evolution of consciousness. This eight-point system reflects only the "white keys" of the scale, and thus, as mentioned earlier, it is a very simplified scheme. However, because there are also five black keys - that is, notes raised or lowered by half a tone - there must also be twelve points in the chakra system, whereby the subtle energy centre above the head represents the thirteenth chakra. These 12 points represent five subsidiary chakras at each location, so that in reality there are 60 centers. Each of the twelve groups of five chakras is separated from the next by 90°. Along the human spine, the main energy channel (prana tube), which begins at the perineum and extends to the fontanel of the skullcap, extends exactly straight, like a fluorescent tube. The 12 chakra points are lined up, so to speak, along this channel, with the distance between the individual energy centers being 7.23 cm on the surface of the body .


the 13-chakra system
Energy flow in the 13 chakra system



This is the measurement of an average hand width or the span between the chin and the tip of the nose. The energy swirls upward in a spiral in the chakra system, each rotating 90° as it passes through one chakra point after another . At the root chakra, five channels point forward in a series. The opening of the vagina and the small opening of the penis are both shaped like the fish bladder (vesica piscis). All energy flows within these five points from front to back, and as it ascends the 7.23 cm to the second chakra, i.e. the ovaries, it changes direction with a 90° turn.


Musical harmonies and the chakra system of our body are connected by the geometric pattern "Egg of Life".



After another 7.23 cm and another 90° turn the energy reaches the navel, where the umbilical cord once connected us to the mother. Here, in contrast to the root chakra, the energy runs from back to front. In the solar plexus, which also has the shape of the fish bladder, the energy radiates laterally as in the ovaries. Next it passes through the sternum, a special point associated with the circular shape. In the fifth chakra the circle is completed, for it contains all the previous movements. The energy has now completed a whole 360° rotation and thus experienced all the changes of direction . This is why the human chest is also curved forward and at the same time divided to the side. Here lies the point of the Christ Consciousness, at 19.5° width of the human body, and describes the form of a cross. Sixth comes the heart, seventh the Adam's apple or larynx, and eighth the chin. Then another octave is struck and the energy flows through the head. The physiognomy of the face corresponds with the chakra points in the head. From the chin the energy rotates with a 90° turn to the mouth (the energy runs back and forth), then to the nose (energy movement from back to front), to the eyes (again a lateral movement of energy), and finally to the Third Eye where the energy has again completed a full 360° turn.


The connection between the sound and the egg of life


We also have external chakra points which, as the name suggests, are outside our physical body. We are surrounded by a star tetrahedron with eight external chakra points . Here the external chakra points not only coincide in location with the internal ones, they also pulsate in harmony. So our chakra system has an internal and an external aspect. (See Fig. Vitruvian Man) The star tetrahedron surrounding us is composed of two individual pyramids, whereby the tetrahedron with the tip pointing upwards embodies the male aspect, whereas the one with the tip pointing towards the earth corresponds to the female symbolism.



In music, the balance point is exactly in the middle of the spine, where the Weber-Isis® Light Body Transformer is also carried.



This classification is always applicable to men and women in the same way. Logically, there can only be two ways to fit the male or female body symmetrically into the respective star tetrahedron: If the tip of the base of the male tetrahedron faces forward, the male fits. Because the star tetrahedron is connected to the central point of the body at the end of the spine, it moves up with it when jumping, for example. When sitting, it lowers following the movement of the body.


The Mer-Ka-Ba

The first figure demonstrates to us in a two-dimensional way how a man fits into a star tetrahedron. If a woman were depicted here , she would have to stand with her back to the viewer . The figures illustrate the placement of man and woman within the shape. If the Mer-Ka-Ba energy field is activated, it starts to rotate and reaches e.g. for persons with a body height of 1.80m my extension of 9m on the right and 9m on the left. This resembles a "UFO" shape and corresponds to the heat shield of a galaxy. Through the energetic programming of the 12 DNA strands in the Weber-lsis® Light Body Transformer, all degenerative conditions in the body (e.g. scars, healed bone fractures), which have already healed on the gross material level, are regenerated on the fine material level, and can thus still make themselves felt once. The strong energy field of the Weber-lsis® Light Body Transformer and the resulting cosmic connection can bring about a clear improvement in the supersensory perception of sensitive and mediumistic people .


The star tetrahedron with direction for man and woman

The star tetrahedron with direction for man and woman 



Jesus said, "If you make the two one and if you make the inside like the outside and the outside like the inside, and the top like the bottom, and if you make the male and the female one and the same ... then you will enter the kingdom of God." (Gospel of Thomas, chapter 22, Proverbs 21) 

With this statement he accurately described the star tetrahedra of the Mer-Ka-Ba that surround the human body, the ascension vehicle into the New Jerusalem and higher dimensional worlds.




Every body has an energetic "copy". This perfect copy contains all information about the body as it originally existed, i.e. perfect and healthy , . The Weber Isis Light Body Transformer activates this total blueprint. The energy field that the Weber-Isis® Light Body Transformer activates corresponds to that of the fourth dimension. The means, among other things, that our thoughts become reality more quickly . This makes it important for everyone to control and master their thoughts . We therefore recommend the Weber-Isis® Light Body Transformer mainly for people who consciously enter into the light body process . It can harmonize this process. Probably it can bring help, support and stability with physical as well as psychological symptoms, which can occur through the light body process .


At the Sombrero Galaxy (©NASA), 14 million light years away in the constellation Virgo, we look closely at the heat shield of this galaxy as seen from the side. The central part is unusually extended at her. We can see that the upper part is larger than the lower, due to the different rotational velocities of the stellar tetrahedra.




In Hebrew as well as in Egyptian the same name is used for it. Mer = light, Ka = spirit, Ba = body. This means a light-spirit-body. The Mer-Ka-Ba can be imagined as a vehicle of light (also called God's chariot) with whose control one can transcend time, space and dimensions. This vehicle of light (light body) is not separate from the organism, but represents an important component of the body, which is contained in every cell as a holographic resonance . The rotation of the star tetrahedra builds up the Mer-Ka-Ba field. It is only with the wearing of the light body transformer that the star tetrahedra begin to rotate and build the living Mer-Ka-Ba field. The geometric shape of the energy field takes on a saucer-like UFO appearance due to rotation. This state is best described by the term "oneness" . The dynamic form of the Mer-Ka-Ba is a strong resonance symbol. As a spiral nebula with rotational arms and as a UFO they are deeply engraved in the consciousness matrix of humanity.




Pentagonal energy structure of the earth


Alignment of the Mer-Ka-Ba with the Christ Consciousness Grid

Usually in alchemy there is only talk of fire, earth, air and water; ether or prana is rarely mentioned in it. The reason for this is that it is so sacred. The word "dodecahedron" was so sacred in the school of Pythagoras, that one would have been immediately killed had one uttered it outside the school. Religious debates about it were impossible. During Plato's lifetime, two hundred years later, he did speak about it, though very guardedly. The reason for this is because the dodecahedron is near the outer boundary of our energy field and is the highest form of consciousness. It forms a sphere when you come outside the 16.5 - meter boundary of our energy field . The very closest form within the sphere is the dodecahedron (better expressed, the relationship between the icosahedron and dodecahedron). Furthermore, we live in a giant dodecahedron, which contains our universe. Should our minds stretch to reach the end of the universe - and it does have an end - they will find a dodecahedron enclosed by a sphere . The human body contains the same principles of the universe and may be called a hologram of it. The twelve signs of the zodiac fit into it and so do the constellations that belong to them. Since the dodecahedron is the terminus of the geometric forms, it is very important. Dodecahedron and icosahedron are on the microscopic level the relational parameters of DNA, the blueprint of all life. When you connect certain energy points of the Earth, you get the dodecahedron the basic shape of the Christ Consciousness Grid that spans the entire Earth. The intersections of this grid were occupied by the two great powers for tactical reasons during the Cold War.


The overcoming of matter

The overcoming of matter (resurrection) takes place via a geometric vehicle called the Mer-Ka-Ba. The dodecahedron represents a stage of the Mer-Ka-Ba. 



The perfect cosmic man


Fig left: In the crop circle of Avebury on 07/06/2003, one sees the pentagonal alignment of the Mer-Ka-Ba with the Christ Consciousness Grid.

Fig. right: The perfect cosmic man with new DNA code and the pentagonal Mer- Ka-Ba vehicle. This illustration was adapted from the book by Prof. Dr. J.J.Hurtak: "The Book of Knowledge: The Keys of Enoch®", page 341, plate 16: The Merkabah, coordinating the astrophysicaI life codes. Academy for the Science of the Future.



Confirmation of the Pentagonal Mer-Ka-Ba from higher dimensional planes through the crop circle message:

"The Mer-Ka-Ba field and the Christ Consciousness Grid is completed" - this crop circle could mean. A similar crop circle already appeared on 24.07.2000 near Silbury Hili, there one saw still a tine out of the frame. At that time the pentagonal structure of the Mer-Ka-Ba (light-body) was still not completely stable. Here you see a perfect pentagram, with 6 small pentagrams. These signs are enclosed by a pentagon, which in turn is enclosed by a twisted pentagon. This is exactly how the alignment of the Mer-Ka-Ba with the Christ Consciousness Grid is depicted in the Mer-Ka-Ba teachings.


The Light Body Process

The personality consists of three energy fields and their content. The combination of a field and its content is called a "body." The spirit self projects or manifests three bodies out of its own energy:


  • physical body

  • emotional body

  • mental body

Energy is arranged in standing waves in an envelope, so that they form the three energy bodies. A fourth body, the spiritual body, forms a bridge between these three lower bodies and the mind. The fact that all four bodies are formed of the same material is, as we shall see later, of paramount importance. First comes the physical body. in what form it manifests is influenced by many factors. At the moment of conception two complete strands of DNA merged, creating a third. As the egg divided and cells formed, conscious energy units helped form first subatomic particles and then atoms and molecules. This process was overseen by patterns stored in DNA - namely the "overall blueprint" for the physical body. Scientists have so far only been able to decipher a fraction of the millions of pieces of information stored in DNA. DNA can be thought of as a series of proteins, but like a hologram, it should be read in its entirety to get the maximum benefit from it. During the first weeks of pregnancy, the conscious energy that forms the cells reads the DNA. It decodes it to find out what kind of cell is to be built. The growing cells, also conscious in their own way, tune into the blueprint for the physical body and the simultaneous future to receive guidance for their  achstum. They organize themselves and attract other energy units to form the necessary atoms and multiply within the parent shell to perform the function set forth in the DNA.


For example, the consciousness of a cell that wants to develop into a liver cell attracts energies and divides to form more Liver Cells. In the course of physical development it multiplies in the ever growing standing wave set up for the liver. At the beginning of pregnancy, growth is very rapid and then slows down towards the end of pregnancy. The growth continues for a few more years and eventually stops. Only dead and damaged cells are replaced from then on. The physical body is built of standing waves within standing waves. The body consciousness emerges and forms atoms, molecules, cells, and organs under the guidance of the spirit self as well as some sort of future version of the body (which acts as a blueprint ).


After the body is created and reaches its full size, it does not remain on its own until its time will be up. The energy that forms the particles of the body is renewed millions of times every second. In fact, the body is constantly being recreated in accordance with the blueprints in the DNA and the mental blueprints -the thought images-, one has about one's body. The body is a wonderful entity. It possesses its own consciousness and is excellent at regulating itself.


However, it looks to the greater "you" for "inputs." Through resonance, the thoughts and feelings, each has about himself, have enormous influence on the consciousness of the body. Fear of illness and death will literally program it for illness. Similarly thoughts of good health and enjoyment of life will program the body to activate its self-healing powers. These powers fix distortions in cell DNA (often the cause of disease and suffering, which usually comes with aging Self the shortest response about how to grow your body would put you in awe of yourself. This very reductive description is intended only to show that the body you think is solid is actually energy arranged in a series of standing waves, which to the physical senses are subatomic particles, atoms, molecules, cells and organs, and finally the whole body. Each unit of energy is fully aware of its role and participates joyfully and in harmony with the picture of reality in the structure known as one's body.


It may be surprising to hear that the body is conscious , but it is not conscious in the sense that you understand this term. For example, the body knows how to make its heart beat , digest food, and heal itself. It is aware of the cycles of the moon, the planets and the stars. He uses these cycles and adapts to them . Finally, he is composed of conscious energy, which comes from the immensely vast planetary field . What is thought to be consciousness is actually a mixture of different kinds of consciousness (although they are ultimately one):


  • subatomic consciousness, which is aware of the vast cosmic fields and interacts within them with all other subatomic consciousness.

  • Cellular consciousness, which is based on the blueprints and impregnated with life experiences, thoughts and feelings .

  • Body consciousness, which is the total form of cellular consciousness, to which are added a few ideas of its own (the self-image of the physical body, however, depends largely on the beliefs of the mental body).

  • Feelings that are flowing through one in the moment overlaid with past emotions that one holds onto instead of letting them flow.

  • Thoughts and beliefs one uses to structure reality (be aware that each belief is just an opinion about reality).

  • Spiritual awareness, intuition, or direct cognition.    This aspect is roughly equivalent to what is often called universal consciousness. It is actually part of a hidden blueprint from which reality flows and which contains -among other things- the archetypes of the species, that is, the heroic aspects of humanity. Through this "connective tissue" for physical reality, one has access to other cells, other places and other dimensions.


How many bodies does our body consist of and what is aura?

Our body is made up of a physical body and a spiritual body. The physical body we can feel and touch. It includes all the matter of our organism. The spiritual body is also called our soul. These two bodies end with the surface of the skin. The skin is the organ of connection and communication with the outer bodies. From the surface of the skin to a few centimetres above lies the etheric body, which envelops the visible physical body as a counterpart. Through the etheric body we transmit and receive vital energy, life force, scent and physical sensations. 


The etheric body is surrounded by the astral body. Through these, feelings, mental and physical needs, emotions and character traits are sent out or received. Above this, in a very vibrational energy field, lies the mental body. This is now already a large part of our personal aura and sends out or receives personality, ideas and individual thoughts. This mental body is exploited, for example, by people who have practiced mind reading. 


Last but not least, the spiritual body, which is also called the causal body, surrounds us comprehensively. It connects us directly with the life of the environment, nature and the divine creation and also acts, like the ozone layer around our earth, as a protective shield against rays, diseases and black magic. 


The radiation and existence of all bodies together we call the aura. That these bodies exist we feel when, for example, we are in a strange room and sense the presence of another person because of the radiation of his aura, without knowing or seeing this beforehand. The Indians and the Chinese described thousands of years ago the various body layers around the actual physical and spiritual body.


The charisma and existence

The different Aura energy fields of the human body, ©Caro Esser, adapted after a diagram from the book "The large encyclopedia of the welfare stones, smells and herbs" published with the "Methusalem publishing house GmbH", ISBN: 3-9804431-0-8




Most energy for the formation of the physical body draws one from the food, which one ingests. However, energy is projected more and more into the body and the works that way: As a substitute for the energy that comes from the protein and starch of digested food, the spirit levels of a being project conscious quanta of energy into the physical field and direct it to form cell structures. The spirit self systematically transforms the cells of the body so that they can be fed directly from projected energy . This projected energy is derived from the energy which is also behind the radiation called light. As a result, the so-called "light body" begins to form. The physical body is becoming more and more attuned to being nourished by energy and not by physical nutrients that are in a cellular shell. One effect of this is that the frequency of the cells and the body increases. 


Eventually the body will begin to radiate gently. Then one will live in a light body. This change has been initiated in various ways, but usually needs the conscious consent of the individual. The light-body-transformer is meant to support these processes as an energetic tool and to provide relief in case of arising complaints.


The different fields (emotional, mental and spiritual) rotate at a frequency characteristic of each. For some people they rotate quickly, for others slowly. But each field spins in a particular relationship to another field. When the rotation of one of the fields changes, and with it the relationship to all the other fields, one may feel "slightly off" or dizzy. The rotation of a field and the relationship of the speeds of the fields are very important, the organized principle of the universe and the energy that makes up the physical and non-physical universe are the same thing. A continuum of conscious energy that encompasses all perceptible and imperceptible frequencies and is organized with breathtaking beauty and is dedicated to creating with delight.


Likely uses for the Weber-lsis® Light Body Transformer:

  • Energetic Programming of the 12 DNA Strands

  • Energetic programming of the 12 main chakras and 48 secondary chakras

  • Energetic programming of the overall blueprint for the physical body

  • Creation of mental holograms, mental alteration of reality {exchange of explicit thought-image patterns for implicit thought-image patterns)

  • Creation of the Mer- Ka-Ba, a counter-rotating light force field, key to the 4th dimension


Weber-lsis® Light Body Transformer



The human being in the perfect energy field of the "Merkaba", with aura energy fields, star tetrahedron, UFO shape and 12 chakra system. © Caroline Esser.



Practical application

  • The Weber-lsis® Lightbody-Transformer is worn around the neck on the enclosed leather strap and should hang above the solar plexus.

  • In the beginning the Weber-lsis® Lightbody-Transformer should not be worn permanently. Every organism has its own level of vibration, which first has to adapt. ln the acclimatization phase, we therefore recommend application times between 5-25 minutes twice a day. If head pressure or dizziness occurs, the application time should be temporarily reduced.

  • Since the Light Body Transformer adjusts to the natural vibration of its wearer, it should not be used by two different persons.

  • In the car the Weber-lsis® light body transformer should not be carried , because here no energy expansion is possible (Faraday cage) and thus easily an upper energy develops.

  • If one takes the light body transformer some minutes horizontally between both hands, (hand chakra, middle palm) then the energy can be felt best

Possible effects of the light body transformer:

  • Through the light body transformer, degenerative conditions in the body that are already taken care of on the gross material level can possibly be regenerated on the subtle level.

  • The vermutlichich strong energy field of the light body transformer and the cosmic connection developing thereby can with sensitive and mediumistic humans probably a clear improvement of their supersensible perception bring about.

  • Possible stabilization of the speeds for the star tetrahedron fields by means of characteristic frequency for emotional, mental and spiritual level can arise.


Kirlian Photography
Kirlian photography (high frequency recording) shows the energy radiation of the Weber- lsis® light body transformer 







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