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Weber-Isis® Cross (gold plated)

Protective amulet against mental attacks and for the removal of entities. Comparable to the Tibetan double vajra, which is considered one of the strongest protective symbols.

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  Eckhard Weber "We live in a time of upheaval, change and permanent challenges on... more
Product information "Weber-Isis® Cross (gold plated)"


Eckhard Weber

"We live in a time of upheaval, change and permanent challenges on all levels of life. Every human being today feels very clearly the field of tension between the polar forces of life. Light forces as well as their counterparts from the grey and dark levels have never faced each other so clearly as in our present time. Even if we do not notice it every moment in our daily consciousness, presumably each of us can be subject to permanent subtle attacks, which can show themselves very differently individually. As numerous as the different subtle levels around us are, as different are the possible attacks against us on these levels. Without consciously noticing it at first, we may possibly be vulnerable in our life force or vital area (in the etheric), we may possibly also be vulnerable in our soul or emotional body (in the astral), and we may possibly be vulnerable in the mental area (mind, day consciousness). Likewise, we may also possibly be subject to attack at any time in our higher, spiritual realm, and furthermore, our entire so-called aura (the totality of all our possible subtle realms of power) may also be subject to attack at any time. Schools of initiation and mystery of past centuries and millennia taught how to protect oneself against these attacks. The human being of today, however, is confronted with completely different requirements due to the complex integration into family and professional life, and he is also integrated into a completely different, much faster time frame than the people of past epochs. Today we simply do not have enough free time to form a mental subtle protection as comprehensive as possible in the form of meditations and other corresponding exercises. Nevertheless, such subtle protection can probably be very important - as important as our daily bread.


Weber-Isis® Cross


Actually, I developed the Isis Cross already in 1996 and at that time I already built some prototypes for testing. Already at that time I had achieved very good successes with it. In spite of the good successes I had not taken up the Isis Cross at that time yet into my assortment, which turned out in the retrospect as commercial misjudgement. I did not want to be associated with magic or voodoo. I thought at that time that this could mean a negative image for me and my then still young and upcoming company in the field of bioenergy & environmental technology, and that doctors, alternative practitioners, farmers or other business partners would find me untrustworthy if I offered such products in my catalogue. For this reason, I did not include the Isis Cross in my Weber-Isis® general catalogue until many years later. It has now been available to everyone since 2007. If I had recognized early on how many people actually suffer daily from subtle attacks, I would have included the Isis Cross in my product range earlier. After the Isis Beamer, the Isis Cross has been the product we sell the most since 2008. The demand is so high that we sometimes cannot keep up with the production of new Isis Crosses and have longer delivery times.


I am aware that the new brochure on the Weber Isis® cross may seem completely oversized to you. On only two pages the advantages and functions of the Isis cross are presented. All the other pages, however, deal with important background information that needs to be stated so clearly at this point. I hope that you do not misunderstand me there. It may be that the brochure you have before you appears to be completely exaggerated and also unprofitable from an advertising point of view, but the messages it contains to people outweigh everything else in my opinion. It has been important to me to present to you, in the best possible way, some of the complexities of this difficult subject in short form. I hope that the new brochure about the Weber-Isis®-Cross as well as of course the Isis-Cross itself will become an enrichment for your life and that it can contribute to the positive evolution of human consciousness.


Possible subtle attacks can show themselves, for example, in the form of: 

  • "energy robbery", which can show itself in possible physical weaknesses (i.e. "robbery" of "subtle life energy"),

  • Emotional attacks by third parties (e.g., possibly life partners, possibly family members, friends, neighbors, colleagues, and/or supervisors at work, or even complete strangers),

  • Possible verbal attacks in discussions and debates in family, friends and at work (manipulation and possibly exerting pressure)

  • Possible black magic attacks, through corresponding rituals (described in relevant literature, also to be found on the Internet (enter search terms on Google and/or Youtube)),

  • Possible voodoo-magical attacks (e.g. by means of self-made voodoo-dolls, hair, photos or other personal objects of the person to be manipulated (is strongly established in many African and Latin American cultures (also here simply enter search terms on Google and/or Youtube). In the meantime, there is also an abundance of films and series from Hollywood, where these things are thematized)).


subtle life energy

Overlapping energy fields with energy exchange between two people. © Graphic from the film (DVD): "Solar Revolution", by Dr. Dieter Broers. New Trinity Media, ISBN: 978-3-.9555000-1-6. www.Solar-Revolution-Movie.com


Possible energy robbery" or "possible robbery of subtle life energy (i.e. our life or vital force)" is probably a central issue in today's world and has been widely underestimated. Who does not know this and has possibly not experienced it himself? You meet a person who is in a bad mood, or who is simply down for some particular personal reason. After an hour of being together at the latest, these people blossom again, but you yourself probably feel suddenly weakened and tired after this time. What happened? Without any malicious intent, the person opposite has interfered with our own presumed vital forces and made use of the vital forces (i.e. the life or etheric forces) of us. One may then become tired and weakened, while the person opposite may become much more vital and much more alive in the same period of time than he or she was an hour before. This kind of possible "subtle life energy robbery" can probably happen millions of times every day all over the world.

When people get together, there is probably inevitably always a subtle "exchange of energy" in the life force or vital area, whether in the family, on public transportation, shopping at the supermarket, at work, or even in the waiting room at the doctor's office. This "energy exchange" in the subtle realm always takes place unconsciously for the most part. But where it presumably takes place consciously, i.e. where subtle life energy is consciously robbed, there we already enter the area of magic (this is only mentioned in passing). As long as the majority of mankind has not yet recognized where nature itself can permanently gift him with new life energy (e.g. through meditations, the inner connection with the creator, powerful prayers or conscious breathing techniques, connection with the sun, the stars, nature (plants and animals, the forest), the water (the waters) and how one may retrieve new energies from there, it is first advisable to protect oneself from the probable, energetic assaults of other people. The diagram above shows the moment when two people meet for the first time. One senses very quickly whether one is a good match and can work together with this person opposite - or not (one senses whether the "chemistry" is right). In the same way, this chart also explains the situation of the so-called "love at first sight", or a certain "familiarity between two souls", which can come from previous incarnations of the two souls. Another example: there are people who move closer and closer to you in conversations. In this case it is not always only physical closeness that is sought. These people are unconsciously looking for the closeness of our "energy field". They enter directly into our "energy field" and in this way overcome a natural barrier. Whether this process happens consciously or unconsciously is irrelevant for the time being. In this way, our counterpart probably opens up an access to our light and life energy field for himself, and in this way he makes use of our subtle vital energy. In this context, one can certainly use the term "energetic vampirism". The two examples just described are not exceptional phenomena, but probably take place in this form millions of times a day. By wearing the Weber Isis Cross, a sphere of light is probably built up around the wearer, which can probably prevent "energy theft".


The Weber Isis Cross can be suitable for all those who work a lot and extensively with people every day, and who are constantly in exchange with other people. Particularly noteworthy here are professional groups such as doctors, therapists, alternative practitioners, healers, teachers, counselors, social workers and salespeople. It should be mentioned in passing that it is not always necessary for the "robber" of the "subtle life energy" to stand or sit directly opposite you. "Energy robbery" is also possible over the telephone. This has been reported by my clients in this area over the past few years.


Possible subtle attacks may well also show up in the form of possible "emotional attacks by third parties". How can one imagine this? There are many different variations. However, this should be shown clearly by means of an example. If one is involved in a lively discussion with a counterpart, such a discussion can very quickly slide from pure objectivity into emotionality. Each of us knows such a situation. The subject of such discussions is often the neighbours or, for example, people in public life such as politicians, musicians or similar. If you verbally express your displeasure or even disrespect towards a certain person out of emotion, the following will probably happen on the subtle levels: at exactly the same moment when this displeasure or disrespect is expressed, this is probably like an actual, subtle attack for the person concerned on the heart level. Apart from the claim to want to be spiritual people and to refrain from this as much as possible, we have to be aware that probably every emotionally negative word and every negative feeling, e.g. in the form of possible disrespect (e.g. bullying) or even hatred, which is directed against a certain person, can probably be like a subtle, energetic attack for this person in question.


I AM Presence 

The human being and his I AM presence, the so-called Divine part of our being (the graphic was adapted from the graphic of AMTF Mt. Shasta, 2001).


The example just described is probably not an exceptional phenomenon, but takes place in this form probably millions of times a day. The Weber Isis Cross was developed precisely for these situations. By wearing the Weber Isis Cross, a probably subtle sphere of light can build up around the wearer, which makes possible energetic attacks on the presumed mental, emotional level (the heart level) almost impossible.


Possible manipulative discussions and debates, e.g. in families, among friends and in the workplace can probably be considered as a kind of subtle attacks as well. Discussions and endless debates can probably show up on the subtle level as a real tug-of-war between different energies. Hours of confrontation of ideas, conceptions, arguments and counter-arguments, theses and antitheses contain only degrading forces in the long run. Targeted intimidation, exertion of pressure and manipulation of various kinds in conversations can sometimes even show up on the suspected mental level as a probable  energetic theatre of war (see the vivid examples in the book by Charles W. Leadbeater and Annie Besant: "Gedankenformen", Aquamarin-Verlag). Clairvoyant and mediumistic people can confirm this (but this is not scientifically accepted). Skilled rhetorically trained speakers can captivate an unprepared person with their words, or probably even nail them down, and it can then be made almost impossible to continue to make constructive contributions in a conversation or discussion. This is probably how insurance contracts come about, for example. Who doesn't know the feeling of being forced to sign a contract by verbal pressure? Shortly after signing, one often has the feeling of having done something wrong or of having literally been "pulled over the table". The Weber Isis Cross was developed precisely for these situations. By wearing the Weber Isis Cross, a subtle sphere of light can build up around the wearer, making energetic attacks on the mental level probably impossible. With wearing the Weber Isis Cross, the wearer can remain in their I AM presence (the connection with the higher self), and they can no longer be mentally manipulated and probably attacked, (see image above).


Besides the possible attacks from the interpersonal areas of daily life, however, there probably exist a large number of other possibilities to be attacked subtly. Besides the possibilities of being attacked from the magical side, there are probably some other higher levels in the ethereal realm where dark entities have their existence, which constantly seek to possibly attack us. These entities (for example so called luciferic entities, ahrimanic entities, asuric entities, archons, negative extraterrestrial entities from other dimensions or parallel realities. Again, just search for these terms on the internet on search engines and on Youtube) probably draw their life energy directly from the bioenergetic field of the human being itself. The negative examples explained above are energetically considered like a "feast" for those just named entities of these subtle levels.


As long as we have not yet learned from within ourselves to completely transform "energy robbery", "robbery" of "subtle life energy", emotional attacks, possible verbal attacks, manipulation, possible black magic attacks, etc., and in order to offer no surface for attack to negative entities in the first place, we should and would have to protect ourselves subtly on all levels every day. The Weber Isis Cross, when worn, can probably surround us with a subtle sphere of light that will probably protect us from these attacks in the best possible way. The Isis Cross can be a good tool for many people until we can do it all ourselves mentally. However, the Isis Cross can maintain this sphere of light all day long without any great expenditure of time on our part. "Protection against all kinds of subtle attacks", that was my intention with this Isis Cross. Four somewhat smaller Isis pendulums joined together create an isosceles cross. A form, by the way, that we find in many ancient cultures. Indians use it to describe the origin of the world, for Tibetans it is a sign of enlightenment. The vajra, called dorje in Tibetan, is considered a universal symbol of divine and spiritual power. It is said to symbolize the wisdom of the enlightened and their indestructibility. The double vajra is considered one of the strongest protective symbols. It is worn as a protective amulet against negative entities (beings) that are said to get caught in it.


The cross is one of the most important symbols of creation. It can be found as the tree of life, the axis of the world or the ladder to heaven. For Christianity, the isosceles cross is a symbol of the life- and light-bringing reign of Christ over the world. It served as a pre-Christian symbol of light and the sun as well as a sign for the year or the course of life. Likewise, the horizontal line of the cross represents the feminine, earth, matter, while the vertical line symbolizes the creative power of the masculine, heaven, and spirit.


Union of time and eternity

The cross can also be seen as the union of time (the horizontal line of the cross) and eternity (the vertical line), which can intersect at any point. In this case, the point of intersection then forms the point of power from which the whole world and the four cardinal points unfold.  ©Caroline Esser


This is also expressed in the crop circle shown below. From the intersection of the cross with the 19 small whirls in the middle of the crop circle, new lines and circles emerge in all four directions.


The cross of the world

The Cross of the World" from July 27, 2005 in Avebury, Wiltshire, England. Photo by Steve Alexander.


Representations of inhabited crosses, such as a cross surrounded by stars with twelve praying on it, or the globe with a cross, also show the importance of the cross as paradise for the elect. The Isis cross connects above (the heavenly worlds of light) with below (Mother Earth, the grounding) and radiates to both sides. This potentially creates an energy field that keeps any subtle attacks away from the wearer. Some users have even told me of a reflective effect, like pointing a laser pointer at a mirror, for example, and where it is then simply reflected back. When someone had spoken negatively about them, that person suddenly became uncomfortable and suffered a severe loss of power for a period of time. You can imagine that such a thing cannot be proven in a scientific laboratory. However, those who trust the Isis Cross can probably definitely benefit from it!"


Structure and Principle

The Isis Cross probably gets its power from its special geometric shape radiation. The length as well as the width are 5.42 cm, which corresponds to the 3/4 value of the wavelength of 7.23 cm. The vibration of the 8 vertical and 8 horizontal rings can energetically probably create a self-cleaning effect, which can prevent the absorption of possible foreign energies. The four small Isis pendulums of the cross are filled with quartz sand, natural cotton and beeswax, which can create 4 powerful mini-Isis radiants.


The Isis Cross can presumably concentrate its energy from the sphere in the center, which can be emitted in all directions via the 4 Isis pendulum points. This can result in a harmonious energy flow in the energy body of the person as well as a strengthening of the energy field. Above all, however, negative vibrations / energies can probably be reflected by the special form of radiation. The Isis Cross is gold-plated. Gold as a substance can be seen as sunlight condensed over millions of years. With the gold plating, the Isis Cross can probably also resonate with the sun, symbolized by the sphere in the center of the Isis Cross. The sun is also esoterically considered to be "Connected to the Christ Principle". So by wearing the Isis Cross you are likely to have good energetic protection on all presumed subtle levels, as well as a possible connection to the Christ Light.


Graphic of the crop circle of 27. July 2005 from Avebury   

B/W graphic of the crop circle of 27th July 2005 from Avebury, Wiltshire, England.


The Weber-Isis® Cross cannot replace the Weber-Isis® Beamer. The Weber-Isis® Beamer has completely different properties (protection against electromagnetic and geopathic stress. This is a completely different frequency level).


Advantages of the Weber Isis Cross:

  • Protection from encroachments in the life force or vital area can become possible

  • Protection against possible negative emotional energies can be offered

  • Protection against mental attacks can be offered

  • Protection against magical attacks can become possible

  • Protection from negative entities can become possible


Field of sacred energy

The Isis Cross can connect us to the field of sacred energy. © Alex Grey, Publisher Inner Traditions International.


Wearing time:

The duration of wearing depends on need and personal condition, but should not exceed 3 to 4 hours initially. After a period of acclimatisation (one week to 10 days) the Isis Cross can be worn for whole days. The Isis Cross should be worn on the sternum. The cross should not be worn on bare skin for too long, because skin sweat has the property of attacking the gold alloy. The cross can be worn between garments, or on the undershirt or T-shirt. The Isis cross is gold-plated and filled with beeswax, cotton and quartz sand. Its dimensions: 5.42 cm x 5.42 cm, it weighs 38 grams. If someone should also have problems with subtle attacks at night (which can manifest itself through recurring nightmares or anxiety dreams), then the Isis Cross should be worn during the night. Alternatively, you can hang the Isis Cross on your bedside lamp, or on a bedpost if you don't like to wear it directly on your body at night. Some customers have told us that the Weber-Isis Christ-Card under the pillow has proven to be very helpful in such cases. The Christus-Card can probably support the effectiveness of the Isis Cross through its special programming.


ethereal light sphere

Fig. above.: By wearing the Weber Isis Cross, a subtle sphere of light can build up around the aura, which can prevent probable subtle attacks from outside into our system. ©Caroline Esser


Fig. above: The different aura energy fields of the human body (©Caroline Esser), adapted from a graphic in the book "Das große Lexikon der Heilsteine, Düfte und Kräuter" published by "Methusalem-Verlag-GmbH", ISBN: 3-9804431-0-8 The Weber Isis Cross can build up a possible subtle sphere of light around the aura, which can probably prevent subtle attacks from outside into our system.


The following are the 3, 4, 5, & 6, Prophecy of Celestine, © James Redfield, Heyne Publishing.

A Question of Energy
Today we realize that we do not live in a material universe, but in a universe of dynamic energy. Everything around us is a field of sacred energy that we can sense and intuit. Also, we humans can project our energy outward by directing our attention in the desired direction - energy follows attention. In doing so, we influence other energy systems and increase the number of significant fates in our lives.


The Struggle for Power
Far too often, we cut ourselves off from the greater source of this energy and feel weak and insecure as a result. In order to get energy, we often manipulate other people into giving us attention and therefore energy. When we dominate others in this way, we feel stronger and more powerful, while the others are weakened by it and therefore often resist this energy robbery. Competition for scarce human energy is the cause of all interpersonal conflicts.


The message of the mystics
Insecurity and violence end as soon as we feel an inner connection with divine energy, a connection as described by the mystics of all traditions. Lightness, joy of life and a constant feeling of love are signs of this connection. By them you can tell that it is a real spiritual connection and not merely an imagined one.


Clarification of the past
The longer we succeed in maintaining the connection, the more clearly we feel when we lose this contact again, which usually happens in stressful situations. In such moments we recognize the ways in which we steal energy from other people. Once we become aware of our manipulations, our spiritual connection becomes more consistent. Then we can discover our growth path, the spiritual purpose of our lives, that personal path where we make our contribution to the world.


This is how the Isis Cross should be worn

This is how the Isis Cross should be worn.


The following are the 4 control dramas from the insights of Celestine, © James Redfield, Heyne Publishing.

The Intimidator

These individuals bind attention and thus energy to themselves through the aid of loudness, physical force, threats, as well as unpredictable outbursts of temper. Intimidators dominate by keeping their counterparts at bay with the constant threat of a hurtful comment, their anger, and, in extreme cases, outbursts of rage. The intimidator is always the center of attention. You feel scared or anxious in his presence. The range of behavior of these egocentrics extends from mere bossing around, incessant talking, authoritarian behavior, inflexibility, and perpetual sarcasm to the use of physical violence. The intimidator type is probably most clearly cut off from the supply of universal energy. Initially, he draws people into his sphere of influence through an aura of power. Each of the four control dramas creates a specific dynamic, also known as "supplementary drama." The complementary drama of the Intimidator consists primarily of the drama of the "Poor Me" - an energetically extremely passive dynamic. The poor me believes that it is being robbed of its energy to a fearsome degree by the intimidator, and therefore strives to stop this threatening-seeming flow of energy by adopting a writhing, helpless posture: "Look what you did to me. Don't hurt me, I'm too weak." The Poor Me tries to instill guilt in the intimidator so that he will cease his attacks and the flow state will reestablish itself for the Poor Me. The other possibility for a complementary drama would be a counter-intimidator. This drama is often seen when the Poor Me behavior has no effect or, even more likely, when the other person also qualifies as aggressive and stands up to the intimidator. If one of your parents was an intimidator, there is a good chance that one of his or her parents was also either an intimidator or Poor Me.


The Interrogator
Although less physically threatening, these individuals are capable of breaking wills and minds through constant questioning of all activities and motivations. As a hostile critic, the interrogator is constantly looking for an opportunity to prove others wrong. The more these people nag at our faults and shortcomings, the more attention they receive, until eventually their counterpart reacts to their every move. While you are busy proving yourself to the interrogator or answering to him, he is receiving your energy. Presumably, everything you say will eventually be turned against you, and you can't shake the impression that you're under constant surveillance. Overwatchful, their behavioral spectrum ranges from cynical, skeptical, sarcastic, taunting, perfectionistic, self-righteous to maliciously manipulative. Initially, they seem to captivate with their wit, unbeatable logic, factual knowledge, and intellect. Interrogators as parents make for aloof children, sometimes poor egos. Both seek to escape the interrogator's drilling. Unapproachable ones want to escape the compulsion to answer and the constant teasing criticism (and thus the loss of their energy).


The field of sacred energy

The universe is presumably made up of a field of sacred energy that we can meditatively absorb at any time. © Alex Grey, published by Inner Traditions International


The Unapproachable
These individuals are trapped in their own inner world of unresolved conflicts, fears and self-doubt. Subconsciously, they believe that if they appear mysterious or above things, others will deliver them from this position. Often lonely, they are intent on keeping their distance, fearing having someone else's will imposed on them or being second-guessed in their decisions (as parental interrogators did). They feel they have to do everything themselves and do not ask for help. They claim a lot of "free space" and often avoid making binding concessions. As children, they were often denied the desire for independence and the appreciation of their own identity. They tend to side with the poor self and often do not realize that their own aloofness is the reason for the unfulfillment of their desires (i.e., money, love, self-esteem) and for their feelings of stagnation and confusion. They often see their main problems as the absence of things (money, friends, social contacts, education). Their behavior ranges from disinterested, unapproachable to unhelpful, condescending, dismissive, unruly, and insidious. Experienced in using distance as a defensive weapon, they tend to cut off their own energy with justifications such as "I'm different from others," "No one understands what I really want," "I'm confused," "I don't play along with these games," "If only I had...." While they analyze everything and everyone to death, the best opportunities slip through their fingers. If conflict or even confrontation appears on the horizon, the aloof person becomes non-committal and literally disappears (hides behind the answering machine or doesn't keep appointments). In the beginning, these people seem attractive and interesting because of their mysterious and secretive nature. Aloofs usually create interrogators, but can also engage in drama with intimidators and poor me.



The Poor Me or Victim
These individuals think they suffer from a lack of power that makes it impossible for them to actively tackle the challenges of the world. Therefore, by eliciting pity, they try to channel energy in their direction. Often silent, you resemble the aloof, but the Poor Me usually makes sure his silence doesn't go down without a sound. A sworn pessimist, the Poor Me attracts the attention of others with anxious facial expressions, loud sighing, trembling, crying, staring into the distance, hesitant responses, and the retelling of wistfully remembered dreams and life crises. Poor me's love to put others first and defer to the wishes of others. Their favorite words are, "Yeah, but..."


Weber Isis Cross On Body


Wearing a Weaver Isis Cross on your body is likely to give you a special aura and a protective field which bystanders are likely to notice, as shown in the picture by Alex Grey © Alex Grey, publisher Inner Traditions International.


Initially, the Poor Ego's are captivating in their vulnerability and need for help. However, they are not interested in real solutions to their problems, because this would cause them to lose the source of their energy. They also tend to be overly accommodating, which eventually leads to them feeling taken advantage of, and they may again use their "poor me" method of generating energy. If they do help, they rarely have the ability to set boundaries, they are defensive, apologetic, gossipy and try to solve other people's problems. They allow themselves to be objectified, for example, by their attractiveness or the granting of sexual favors, but complain afterwards that they have been taken advantage of. The poor ego reinforces its victim role by looking for partners who threaten it. In extreme cases of domestic violence, an intimidator involves the Poor Me in increasingly violent episodes of physical and mental abuse until conditions eventually become intolerable. After reaching this climax, the intimidator withdraws and apologizes, directing energy to the Poor Me and luring it into the circle anew.







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