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Tesla Purple Energy Medallion

The original from USA, sold millions of times worldwide, proven for 50 years, Ø 4 cm, incl. leather strap

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Eckhard Weber: "The Tesla Purple Energy Plates are so-called "free energy plates". They are... more
Product information "Tesla Purple Energy Medallion"

Eckhard Weber:

"The Tesla Purple Energy Plates are so-called "free energy plates". They are made of aluminum, whose atoms and electrons have been changed (anodized) and colored purple (anodized). Under the electron microscope, one can see a crystalline structure that is probably capable of being in resonance with the basic energy of the universe. Thus, they can presumably act as receivers to transmit information from the so-called "Schumann resonance field", the magnetic field between the ionosphere and the earth's surface, into the presumed energy field of humans, animals and plants. The manufacturer (EIP (Energy International Products)) reports the following about the Tesla Purple Energy Plate: "The atoms and electrons of the aluminum that make up this Tesla Purple Energy Plate have been modified so that the plates vibrate in resonance or harmony with the primordial force (the life energy, chi, prana, orgone, huna, or reiki) of the universe. They can serve as transmitters of this force, presumably by creating an energy field around them that can permeate any material substance according to the principle of "osmosis." This energy can have a very positive influence on all life, plants, animals and humans. It can also be paraphrased as "positive energy" or "creation energy".

 Tesla Purple Energy Plate

The rectangular Tesla Purple Energy Plate
measuring 7.0 x 11.4 cm. (not included)


Some of my customers put the plate in their pillowcase (on the bottom of the pillow, not directly under the head) and sleep on it at night. The life energy can permeate everything. You can wake up in the morning with more energy. However, there are people who cannot increase their vibrational frequency in this way because they are probably so sensitive to the life energy that they lie awake all night! In any case, the plate should be used in this way no more than once or twice a week - or if, for example, one has to get up very early the following morning and needs special energy for an important meeting or for some other very important appointment.


If a person injures himself, the normal vibrational information of the tissue immediately changes, and he feels a negative sensation. The plate can quickly restore the affected area to its normal vibrational frequency. All forms of energetic treatment use this presumed energy. The Tesla Purple Energy Plate can potentially raise the vibrational frequency of any individual who uses it. It seems that it can neutralize all kinds of pollutant information in water and in food. Therefore, many people place their glass of water on a small rectangular plate for about 5 minutes. The Tesla Purple Energy Plate measures 7.0 x 11.4 cm".

Application example: The Tesla Purple Energy Plate (7.0 x 11.4 cm) lying on the wrist.

Example of use: The Tesla-Purple-Energy-Plate
(7,0 x 11,4 cm) lying on the wrist.(not included)


There are people who may feel more energetic and less tired if they put a Tesla Purple Energy Plate in the breast pocket of their blouse or shirt twice a day for 30 to 60 minutes. Every person reacts differently. However, if you experiment a little, you will quickly find out how to best apply the plate individually. If you have a Tesla Purple Energy Medallion with a leather strap, you can wear it all day long with the leather strap around your neck for possible energy increase (but please only as long as you feel comfortable (the Energy Medallion should hang on the solar plexus (below the sternum). The diameter of the EIP ™ Tesla Purple Energy Medallion is 4 cm).

Apart from the fact that the purple plates eliminate some kinds of negative sensations probably in a very short time and show various other possible ways of working, there is one more application that I find really amazing, almost unbelievable. But it can be observed, and it probably occurs unfailingly. Simply place a Polaroid photo of yourself, or of another person, on the Purple Energy Plate. At night, however, you should remove the photo from the Purple Energy Plate again. However, I'm afraid there is no other way to really convince you of this. You will just have to try it yourself once and then just observe what happens. we have already learned that each person vibrates at an individual frequency of light waves. On this metaphysical truth or presumed fact is based a variety of so-called undreamt-of "miracles".

Application example: Energization of tap water using the Tesla Purple Energy Plate (7.0 x 11.4 cm).

Example of application: Energization of tap water by means of the

Tesla-Purple-Energy-Plate (7,0 x 11,4 cm).(not included in delivery)


Application example: The Tesla Purple Energy Plate (7.0 x 11.4 cm) lying on the forehead of a person.

Application example: The Tesla-Purpur-Energie-Plate (7,0 x 11,4 cm) lying on the forehead
of a person.(not included in the scope of delivery)


Example of use: The Tesla Purple Energy Plate (7.0 x 11.4 cm) in the breast pocket of a shirt or blouse. Example of use: The Tesla-Purple-Energy-Plate (7.0 x 11.4 cm) in the breast pocket of a shirt or blouse

of a shirt or blouse.(not included)


The anodized aluminum plates (Tesla Purple Energy Plates by EIP ™) are produced in two sizes: 7.0 x 11.4 cm, and Ø 4.0 cm. Even a small energy medallion can probably do quite a bit, but I find it useful to have both sizes on hand for different purposes. The purple energy plates are anodized with the color purple, the presumed healing ray in the rainbow spectrum.

The small, round purple energy medallion can also be very well stuck with a plaster on the affected place, with a negative sensation. The energy medallion can remain there for several days. If you cannot sleep, you should remove it at night.

The atomic structure of the energy plates can presumably be changed in such a way that they are in resonance with high frequency vibrations of the life energy, which is probably connected in a very complicated way with the known energy of the negative ions. The Tesla purple energy plates are probably surrounded by a positive energy field, and this energy is probably capable of penetrating all living things - plants, animals, or humans

Example of use: The Tesla Purple Energy Medallion (Ø 4 cm) attached to the wrist with a plaster.

Example of use: The Tesla-Purple-Energy-
medallion (Ø 4 cm) attached to the wrist with a plaster .


Through the special process of the company EIP ™ (formerly: Energy-Innovation-Products, which was later renamed Energy International Products), the molecular structure of the atoms and electrons of the aluminum of the Tesla-Purple-Energy-Plates is probably changed in such a way that the former vibration frequency of the aluminum has been completely changed, and that the energy plates are only in resonance and in harmony with the positive vibration frequency of the universe. The Purple Energy Plates, which have been on the market for over 50 years, have now been sold millions of times worldwide.


Example of use: The Tesla Purple Energy Medallion (Ø 4 cm) worn on the neck with a leather strap.

Example of use: The Tesla purple energy
medallion (Ø 4 cm) with a leather strap on the neck carried.


The inventor of the Purple Energy Plates was Ralph Bergstresser, an associate of the extraordinary physicist Nikola Tesla. Bergstresser called his invention "Positive Energy Plate".

Example of use: The Tesla Purple Energy Medallion (Ø 4 cm) attached to the shoulder joint with a band-aid

Example of use: The Tesla Purple Energy Medallion
(Ø 4 cm) attached to the shoulder joint with a plaster.


The working principle and the production of the Purple Energy Plate can be traced back to the discoveries and findings of Nikola Tesla and Ralph Bergstresser's own experiences and research results. The original "EIP-Purpur-Energie-Plates" can be recognized by the embossed trademark EIP and the dimensions 7.0 x 11.4 cm".

Tesla Purple Energy Medallion

Tesla Purple Energy Medallion (Ø 4 c m)



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