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Weber-lsis® Beamer Car mobile

The new Weber-lsis® Beamer Auto mobil has the dimensions of a standard beverage can and can therefore be placed in any cup holder in the vehicle.

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  Eckhard Weber: "The world is in a constant state of change. We have felt this... more
Product information "Weber-lsis® Beamer Car mobile"


Eckhard Weber:
"The world is in a constant state of change. We have felt this particularly clearly in the automotive industry worldwide in recent years. The trend is clearly towards more and more electrics and electronics in our cars and commercial vehicles. More and more the internal combustion engine itself is now being discussed as being completely replaced by electric, hydrogen and fuel cell engines in the next few years. Whatever form this discussion takes in the coming period, we will not be able to stop this development altogether. The combustion engine will one day be history.


Due to its special design, the passenger compartment of a vehicle has always been comparable to a Faraday's cage, in which the abundance of electrics and electronics in the entire vehicle is concentrated by the electromagnetic fields and there can then presumably have a strong effect on the occupants (at the same time, in a Faraday's cage one is also protected from lightning strikes, so the way it works of a Faraday's cage). This effect will probably increase even more in the future, when vehicles will be driven only by electric motors .


The electromagnetic fields in the vehicle generated by the powerful batteries of the electric motors will probably reach a very high level which will probably not have a beneficial effect on its occupants in the long term. Exactly for this case we have developed a new device: the Weber-lsis- Beamer Auto mobil. This device is probably able to harmonize to a high degree the electromagnetic fields produced by the electronics, by the modern electric motors and the large batteries in the driver's cabin.


Only after some long-time lsis-beamer customers had asked me (who had now bought an electric vehicle ) to think about the possible harmonization of electric vehicles, as they had now already got some problems with these vehicles , I had decided to develop the Weber-lsis- Beamer Auto mobile, which of course resulted in some research trials.


The new Weber-lsis- Beamer Auto mobil has the dimensions of a commercial beverage can and can therefore be placed in any beverage holder in the vehicle. Its weight is 700 grams. The already for 25 years well-known characteristics of the lsis-Beamer can be supported and strengthened in this new equipment probably, by the rose quartz, which possesses anyway by nature (from realizations
from the gemstone lore} possibly the characteristic to be able to harmonize the presumed electromagnetic fields . The new Weber-lsis- Beamer Auto mobil can be suitable for passenger cars and commercial vehicles with combustion engines of all kinds with a lot of electrics and electronics, it can be suitable for modern hybrid vehicles, and it can of course also be particularly suitable for the modern electric vehicles and vehicles with fuel cell drive of all conceivable manufacturers.


Weber-lsis® Beamer Car mobile

The new Weber-lsis- Beamer Auto mobil is a newly designed lsls-beamer 1 :1,25 (gold plated) in a tightly closed cylindrical POM-container, combined with handpicked, tumbled rose quartz, additionally filled with quartz sand as well as biological cotton in the dimensions 6,5 cm (width) and 11,8 cm (height). This POM cylinder is very stable, scratch-resistant and insensitive to temperature fluctuations and humidity variations.


Cross-section Weber-lsis® Beamer Auto mobile

 Harmonization range: Radius: 2.75 m - Diameter: 5.50 m



  • Easiest placement: in the beverage holder of a vehicle.
  • Hamonization of electromagnetic fields in the interior of the vehicles is possible.
  • Sensitive people can probably better tolerate the electrics and electronics in the vehicle.
  • People probably can't get tired as quickly on long trips in the vehicle.
  • Organic foods and beverages will probably not be energetically discharged in the vehicle.
  • All fluid circuits of the vehicle can possibly be positively affected by the Weber-lsis- Beamer Auto mobil .
  • Electric vehicle battery life can probably be positively affected.
  • The range of the battery of the electric vehicles can possibly be prolonged by the presumed harmonizing of the complete electric vehicle.
  • The Weber-lsis- Beamer Auto mobil may also be suitable for presumed harmonization of electromagnetic fields in mobile homes and caravans.
  • The device can also be taken out of the vehicle when travelling and used for the possible harmonization of hotel rooms.
  • The Weber-lsis- Beamer Auto mobil is not only suitable for hybrid and electric vehicles. It can also be installed in all vehicles with combustion engines, for possible harmonization of electromagnetic fields.


Weber-lsis® Beamer Car mobile

Fig. above: Installation of the Weber-lsls- Beamer Auto mobil in the beverage holder of a vehicle.


Weber-lsis® Beamer Car mobile

Graphic example before: Electromagnetic radiation with left-turning (negative), monopolar polarity meets the lsis Beamer Auto mobii energy field.


Weber-lsis® Beamer Car mobile

Graphic example after: After some time the electromagnetic radiation with left-turning (negative) polarity can be transformed in the energy field of the lsis-Beamer Auto mobii into a right- and left-turning polarity and a biocompatible, biopolar energy field can be created.


Finally a reference to the book "Funklos happy"

Funklos Happy

Author: Silvo Hellemann, Synergia Verlag, 172 pages. paperback, ISDN 978-3-939272-04-5  

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