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Weber-Isis® light rhombus cone (gold-plated)

The Weber-Isis® Light Rod Cone can probably offer valuable support in the spiritual transformation work of many people today.

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  Eckhard Weber I am pleased to present you my newest pendant: The "Weber-Isis®... more
Product information "Weber-Isis® light rhombus cone (gold-plated)"


Eckhard Weber

I am pleased to present you my newest pendant: The "Weber-Isis® Lichtrauten-Kegel". The light-rod-cone is made of gold-plated brass and is 5.41 cm long, which corresponds to the 3/4-value of 7.23 cm, the cosmic wavelength of the OM-tone, which all Weber-Isis® products are based on. The Weber-Isis® Light-Rhombus-Cone has a total of 13 ribs, it is partly hollow on the inside and there are 4 spheres made of high-quality amethyst. Its diamond shape and the geometric structure with the 13 ribs as well as the 4 amethyst spheres inside probably combine very important energetic vibration information in just one single device.


Weber-Isis® Light rod cone

The Weber-Isis® Light-Rhombus-Cone. Brass polished and gold plated. Length: 5.41 cm, with 4 amethyst spheres inside. The light rhombus cone cannot be opened. After filling with the amethyst balls, the light rhombus cone is firmly glued.  


Meaning of the rhombus shape

The rhombus contains the geometry of light. When two circles overlap, an intersection is created, which is also called "Vesica Piscis" or "Fish Bubble" in Sacred Geometry. In this fish bubble you can draw a cross. If you connect the four outer points of the cross, you get two equilateral triangles, which together form a rhombus. This cross is the basis of the geometry of light. One finds this form among other things in sacred geometry in the description of the morphogenetic structure of the eye. This geometry also describes many things occurring in living nature, such as the development of the growth of a certain number of leaves of a tree. 


Vesica piscis


The diamond shape has already appeared in meaningful crop circles, such as the crop circle of 08/13/2005 at Woolstone Hill in England.



The six lozenges in this crop circle formation at Woolstone Hill from 2005 mean: "Let there be light!". The six diamond Star of David symbolizes the preparation of the throne for the Second Coming of Christ. The individual 16 squares forming the corner spirals can also be seen as the quadrangular throne seat of God. The cross sum of the number 16 = 1 + 6 is the number 7, the sacred number 7, which unites 3 + 4, that is, God (the 3) and the world (the 4). This is also embodied by an ancient Hebrew symbol, the 7-branched candelabrum. Other correspondences of the number 7 are: the 7 gifts of the Holy Spirit, the 7 petitions, the Lord's Prayer, the 7 sacraments, and many more. In addition, the light rhombuses and the corner spirals are surrounded by a ring of 72 rays, which converge to a point in the center. These 72 elements of the outer ring of rays stand for the 72 names of the living God, as described by Prof. Dr. J. J. Hurtak in his work: "The Seventy-Two Living Divine Names of the Most High" (Academy for the Science of the Future).

Drunvalo Melchizedek (author of the books "The Flower of Life") has drawn the morphogenetic structure of the eye, whether human or animal. He considers this picture to be his most important in the study of Sacred Geometry. The structure of the eye and light are absolutely identical. The entire electromagnetic structure, which also carries the geometry of the "fish bubble", is contained in it. Also, there have often been crop circles with the pattern of Sacred Geometry, the so-called "Fruit of Life, connected to itself". This very highest geometry of creation occurred more often in some crop circles, such as the June 25, 2010 crop circle at White Sheet Hill, Wiltshire, England.





Furthermore, there were crop circles with light grooves, such as in the crop circle of August 20, 2005 near Marden, Wiltshire, England, and in the crop circle of July 20, 2005 near Avebury (megalithic site) in England.




This crop circle at the Avebury megalithic site shows us a circumcircle forming a chain of twelve alternating diamond and honeycomb shaped elements. The centre of the formation consists of a Star of David, six equilateral triangles forming the points of the star, and six equilateral triangles with a point in the centre, which together form a honeycomb (hexagon), or each together with a triangle of the points form a rhombus. Remarkable at the formation near Avebury from 24.7.2005 are also the constant recurring patterns. One sees repeating diamonds in the inner and outer crop circle elements, as well as larger and smaller hexagons (honeycombs). They probably represent hermetic formula of ?as above, so below, as inside, so outside, as at large, so at small? One can look at the crop circle from any side and find it always mirrored. 


Metatron's Cube

Sacred Geometry teaches us that straight lines are masculine and round lines are feminine. Thus, with respect to geometry, the square and the cuboid are the most masculine, and the circle or sphere the most feminine shapes. The 13 circles of the "Fruit of Life" are formed by exclusively female shapes. If these female forms are connected with the male forms - the straight lines - the 13 information systems of the "Fruit of Life" are obtained. The simplest way of this connection is to connect the centers of the circles. In this way a form is created which is called "Metatron's Cube". In "Metatron's Cube" is hidden an important informational system, one of the basic creation patterns of existence - the Platonic Bodies, the building blocks of the universe.


Flower of Life, Fruit of Life, 7 Circles of the Flower of Life, Metatron's Cube



The Weber-Isis® Light Rod Cube can probably offer valuable support in the spiritual transformation work of many people today.  What is meant by this, what exactly is it all about? Our present epoch is an important time where "old issues" long repressed within us should now possibly be addressed, worked on and resolved.

Unresolved Conflicts and Reincarnation
Every human being probably carries a plethora of such old and still unresolved issues with them through life. These possible unresolved issues may be from childhood, adolescence, family life (possibly unresolved conflicts with father, mother, or siblings), work life, or possibly past partnerships. Sometimes these unresolved issues can even reach so far back into our past that one can speak of issues from presumed past incarnations, if one accepts the theory about reincarnation.  Reincarnation is probably a law of nature, just as, for example, gravity or other laws we know well from biology, chemistry or mathematics.  Possibly the Creator has provided us with an infinite number of rebirths (reincarnations of the soul, evolution of perfection) so that our soul can gradually develop and evolve according to our nature, and so that it can learn and grow from all these laws of nature . Already the Indian poet Rabindranath Tagore formulated this in the following very apt words: "God rests in the stones, sleeps in the plants, dreams in the animals - and awakens in man". Jesus Christ also said, "My Father's house has many mansions." So the soul probably evolves ascending from the mineral kingdom to the plant kingdom, from there to the animal kingdom, up to the human kingdom. After that, probably the evolution begins, i.e. the growth of the soul, up into superhuman realms, i.e. into probably ethereal realms of light (higher dimensions), up to the reached "enlightenment" - which probably can mean the being-one, a harmony with God and the whole creation (this is how the Bhagavad Gita, the Indian word of God, describes it). How else can it be explained, for example, that a seven-year-old child can play the piano masterfully, if one does not assume that the child's soul acquired this ability in a previous embodiment, and that it can now recall this ability perfectly from an early age? How else can it be explained that a 10- or 11-year-old child can acquire a doctorate, if one does not assume that the soul of the child has acquired this knowledge about it in a previous embodiment and can now call this up again? Once acquired knowledge and skills are probably not lost to the soul with the physical death of the body, but are probably "stored" in the soul. Even in physics, we know the "law of conservation of energy" which states: no energy, in any form, is ever lost in the universe. This is true not only for energy in general, but especially for knowledge and skills that a soul has acquired over a long period of time. These are also forms of energy.


In the face of death

Prabhupada, Bhaktivedanta Swami: In the Face of Death, © Bhaktivedanta Book Trust.


Forits part, the living nature around us knows reincarnation from its seasonal cycles of spring (birth, growing and flowering), summer (growing and maturing), autumn (full maturity and harvest) and winter (dying process and resting). What the outer nature around us goes through in a year and presents as visible cycles, the soul of man probably goes through analogously in turn in inner processes of maturity in a self-contained incarnation.Also in the cosmos we can read the just mentioned regularities: Planets, stars (suns) and whole galaxies are born, go through an evolution, and at the end of their existence they enter a dying process. On the one hand, suns could burn up at the end of their life (as supernovas), or on the other hand they could be sucked into so-called "black holes". If whole galaxies are sucked into a black hole, they will probably be reborn in another, parallel universe at the same time - since, as already described above, no energy can ever be lost in the multiverse (Albert Einstein coined this term). Everything in the multiverse is therefore subject to the harmonious order of becoming, being and passing away - and its cyclical return. So why should the human soul be an exception to this? The German naturalist, poet and philosopher Johann Wolfgang von Goethe also knew about these things and formulated this in his turn in the words: "And as long as you do not have this, this "die and become", you are only a dull guest on this dark earth". (Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, "West-östlicher Divan", "Buch des Sängers", From: "Selige Sehnsucht").


Becoming, being and passing away:  man in all stages of life.

No one perceives the miracle of life anymore, how a child or a full-grown person is constantly changing. All of life is growth, transformation, change, all the way to divine enlightenment. Just as every flower, bush or tree blossoms once, it is the birthright of every human being to also blossom and "become enlightened" once. Just as the embodied soul passes through different bodily forms in the present life - from childhood to youth and then to old age - the soul also enters into another body after death (see illustration at left). (Bhagavad Gita 2.13, the Indian Word of God).


The subtle pain body
Today's alternative and rather spiritually oriented medicine uses the term "pain body" for the collection of probable old and still unresolved issues described further above, since these are as a rule probably always issues from the suspected soul-emotional area, which unfortunately could possibly not yet be solved until today for the most diverse reasons. According to the latest spiritual theories which seem to be probably confirmed, we can probably carry in addition to our own issues possibly also old and unresolved issues of our ancestors in us. And these can possibly reach back up to 7 generations into the past (the "systemic family constellation" according to Bernd Hellinger, which is often used very successfully in alternative psychological areas, also works with these topics). Consider here that in the last two to three generations before us alone we had to survive two terrible world wars in our country, where in retrospect many things were simply repressed - but probably never really solved.


All these possible unresolved and unresolved issues from our own past, as well as those of our ancestors, can possibly show up in us as blockages not only in the soul area, but probably also on the physical level, on the etheric level (in our vital forces area), as well as also in the so-called mental area, where probably our thinking ability and our daily consciousness are located. The four amethyst spheres inside the Weber-Isis® Light Rod Cone can probably address these four levels in the human being: the physical body, the presumed etheric body, presumed the astral body (psychic area) as well as also our presumed mental body (our ego area, the level of our day consciousness), are shown in the graphic "The human being and the subtle sheaths of the aura".




Structure of the Weber-Isis® Cone of Light

The four amethyst spheres can probably, due to their transformational properties, help to gently release all possible blockages on these levels, i.e. probably transform them. Through the presumed energetic radiation of the light-rod-cone we can probably be gently led into these transformation processes in normal life.



The Weber-Isis® Light-Routes-Cone can possibly be transforming through its special so-called "form language" as "geometry of light", through its 13 geometrical ribs, through its selected metals brass and gold and certain vibration information, as well as through the 4 amethyst spheres in its interior, probably through our entire ethereal being. He can possibly help us to dissolve within ourselves old and probably stuck thinking patterns, feeling patterns, indoctrinations, habits, and for example maybe also own or taken over from third parties so-called "beliefs", which are deeply anchored in our subconscious - which we no longer need for the coming time, and which would probably only hinder us from further developing as spiritual human beings. "We are not human beings having a spiritual experience. We are spiritual beings having a human experience" (quote from Teilhard de Chardin, physicist and theologian).



We recommend wearing the Weber-Isis® Luminous Rod Cone initially only hourly during the day (or during meditation), later it is possible to wear it all day long - depending on personal feeling, because each person probably has his or her individual level of vibration.


The 13 chakra system
The old and possibly still unresolved patterns mentioned above can probably express themselves in the form of energetic blockages on many levels of our subtle being, for example also in our suspected subtle chakra system. The 13 grooves of the Weber-Isis® Light Cone can symbolize the 13 chakra system of the human being, which can also be addressed and energetically stimulated during this possible transformation process.


Double Helix 

The crop circle represents a double helix with 12 middle circles, which stand for the 12 dimensions or 12 chakras. The 13th chakra always stands for the 13th dimension.



The energy spirals up the chakra system, turning 90° at a time as it passes through one chakra point after another. At the root chakra, all five channels point forward in a row. The opening of the vagina and the small opening of the penis are both shaped like the fish bladder (vesica piscis). 

All the energy flows within these five points from front to back, and as it rises the 7.23 cm up to the second chakra, i.e. the ovaries, it changes direction with a 90° turn and then continues to rise in the same way to the navel, solar plexus, sternum, second heart, Adam's apple, chin, tip of the nose, third eye, hairline, crown, up to above the head. The 13th chakra is located above the head and represents the connection to the 13th, the divine dimension.

The metal gold, which we have applied in the form of the gold plating layer on the pendant, possibly has the property of adding even more light power to this possible transformation process on the presumed level of the 13 chakras. Thus, with the new Weber-Isis® Light-Routes-Cone you can probably get a very valuable tool at hand, which can probably positively support your possible personal transformation process towards the new human being for the "new time" on many levels.


The presumed life force "Kundalini"
The more of the above mentioned possible old soul issues could already be transformed, and the further the probably related energetic blockages could probably also be solved, the easier it can be made possible for our presumed life force "Kundalini" to possibly flow through our entire organism more harmoniously and to probably supply all areas of our subtle being even better with the presumed vital force. In this sense, the new Weber-Isis® Light Rod Cone can possibly also gently stimulate the presumed "Kundalini power" within us. But probably only the level of the presumed vital Kundalini in us is addressed, which probably has to do with the basic functions of our body.  This may mean all our metabolic processes, as well as probably our heartbeat and its rhythms, our breathing process, as well as possibly the rhythms of waking and sleeping. All of these rhythms can probably be gently activated and harmonized by regularly wearing the Weber-Isis® Light Cone, which can potentially be very positive for your overall physical and mental well-being.



In the above crop circle of August 15, 2008 near Etchilhampton, Wiltshire, England, the rising Kundalini force was probably indicated.



What is an Asclepius staff? What is its significance?

The Aesculapian staff is a graphic symbolic representation of the Kundalini force, that primordial force which is hidden deep within man and which, strictly speaking, must be regarded as a portion of the divine feminine force within man. This divine-feminine elemental force does not only exist outside of man in the nature surrounding us and in the cosmos, in all its infinite gradations - but actually also in man, as the so-called Kundalini force. We know this primordial force from all religions and from all cultures of the earth. Everywhere this power was known at all times, but always with different names or terms. We also know this elemental force as "Pentecostal Fire" among the Christians, as "Kundry" among the ancient Germanic tribes or "Vuivre" among the ancient Celts, we also know it as "Manna". All these terms just mentioned, in spite of their different names, always describe one and the same form of energy. In this case, however, we are not dealing with a form of energy which we have to imagine as our conventional electricity from the socket - but rather as an essential, an intelligent, purposeful and omniscient power which actually pulsates through the whole universe and has created all its beings and keeps them alive. Nothing in the whole universe is conceivable without this form of energy, and nothing of what has been created has been created without it.


Everything would crumble to dust if this primordial force suddenly ceased to operate. And as already indicated above, this elemental force also has its hidden place deep within the human being, where it is only waiting for the human being to finally begin to work consciously with it. Strictly speaking, the Kundalini force is active in the human being at all times. It controls e.g. the heartbeat, the breathing rhythm and all other metabolic processes. All these vital processes just mentioned run every second in the human being, but without our being able to exert a greater influence on them in our daily consciousness with our will. The next step in the evolution of humanity, however, is a step-by-step approach to initiatic work with this elemental force. When this will once happen, then this primal force, which we must imagine like a snake coiled (and feathered) three and a half times around an etheric egg in the pelvic region of man, will slowly rise through the spine and all the chakras of man up to the head region and then descend again. From this, if this process becomes a permanent one, a constant flow of forces in a cycle can result, which can be expressed graphically in something like the Asclepius rod symbolically shown in the above picture. The picture of the Aesculapian staff thus indicates, strictly speaking, the next evolutionary stage of man: true and genuine creative manhood, which is in harmony with the laws of Father-Mother-God and lives and works accordingly.


Fig. top center: Man can probably be completely seized and transformed by the fire-light energy of the cosmic Holy Spirit. This process is probably accompanied by the ignition of the presumed Kundalini energy in man and the opening of the presumed heart chakra. © by Alex Grey and Inner Traditions International and Koha Publishing.


Fig above right: Man may be renewed by the Kundalini power (firepower, energy, the power of the Holy Spirit). The possibly renewed human being now carries the whole world in his heart. The new human now speaks and acts in new alignment and balance between heaven and earth, presumably to heal the people and the planet, see image at left. © by Alex Grey and Inner Traditions International and Koha Publishing.


From these 3 paintings by Alex Grey, one can see that the human being is much more than just the gross physical body we know. In these paintings the spiritual and subtle energy body of the human being is depicted very beautifully. Man is a multidimensional being and is connected with all living beings, the entire cosmos and all higher dimensions. (Jesus said, My Father's house has many mansions). We are not human beings having a spiritual experience, we are spiritual beings having a human experience. (Quote from physicist and theologian Teilhard de Chardin).



The subtle energy body of humans is probably connected to all other humans, to all animals, to all plants, to planet Earth and to the entire cosmos, see image above
© by Alex Grey and Inner Traditions International and Koha Publishing. 








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