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Weber-Isis® Tensor I (gold-plated)

One-handed rod and energetic tester

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  Eckhard Weber One of my intentions was to save energy while dowsing. Such a run is... more
Product information "Weber-Isis® Tensor I (gold-plated)"


Eckhard Weber

One of my intentions was to save energy while dowsing. Such a run is very exhausting, many dowsers often have sleeping disorders. I wanted to develop a device that does more than its actual task, that can even prevent the user from losing energy while working!

Weber-Isis® Isis Tensor I

Weber-Isis® Isis Tensor I


The interaction of geometric form radiation and the inner construction of rock crystal spheres, quartz sand and a gold spiral prevents the device from being charged with external energy. This construction also achieves my goal that the dowser can work without energy loss.


The handle is comparable to the Weber-Horus rod. It can be used as a transmitter. Blockages or excess energy in the body can be diverted or chakras can be harmonised via the cable and probe. When enough energy has been discharged, the oscillation of the device stops. You can see and feel all this! Nevertheless, I must again point out that there is no medical or scientific evidence for the effectiveness of the Isis Tensor. However, I personally consider it to be very effective. It can be used to test - and achieve - many things. For example, the Isis Tensor can be very practical for food allergy sufferers. I recommend the device to beginners as well as professionals.


With the Weber Isis Tensor you have an instrument that will give you a lot of information about your environment, food, substances, etc. after a short practice phase. The Weber-Isis-Tensor works similar to a dowsing rod or a pendulum, but reacts much finer. The correct handling requires some practice. Therefore, read these application instructions at your leisure.For your first attempt with the Isis Tensor, you should be in a good energetic condition to achieve meaningful results.


We therefore recommend

  • Wearing light cotton clothing

  • Take off all closed metal circles such as chains, bracelets, watches and belts

  • Finding a place free of disturbances.

  • to strengthen the body's own energy field, wearing a Weber-Isis Vitalon or the Weber-Isis Cross

  • Putting away purses

As soon as you have mastered the use of the Isis Tensor, you will achieve optimal results in any situation, in any clothing, in any place.

Due to the geometric shape of the tensor tip of both the Isis Tensor I and the Isis Tensor II and the special filling in the handle of both tensors, it is prevented from absorbing foreign energies. Therefore, no energetic cleaning is necessary and the Weber Isis Tensor can be used by other people if necessary. The special geometric shape, a twisted gold spiral on which 7 rock crystal balls are mounted, as well as the programmed quartz sand and the natural cotton inside also ensure that the tester does not suffer any loss of energy when working with the Weber-Isis-Tensor.


Weber-Isis Tensor I - Tensor ring

Weber-Isis Tensor I - Tensor ring


Weber Isis Tensor I - Handle

Weber-Isis Tensor I - Handle


Preparation of the 1st measurement

Avoid all interfering factors, otherwise no interference fields can be displayed. Stand relaxed and upright. Hold the Isis Tensor firmly in your hand (right-handed person on the right, left-handed person on the left). Hold the Isis-Tensor horizontally and completely still. Always keep visual contact with the tensor ring. The Isis tensor ring is polarized, i.e. the corrugated side is minus pole, the smooth side plus pole. Men should observe the minus pole (fluted) side, women the plus pole (smooth) side.


Concentrate on your desire to become sensitive to the vibrations to be made visible by the reaction of the Isis Tensor, and mentally ask yourself the question, "Are there interference fields present?" While doing this, observe the tensor ring. Wait until the tensor ring moves on its own, i.e. without being influenced by you at will. With beginners it often takes 30 to 60 seconds until a reaction appears. If there is no reaction the first time, don't be discouraged!


Localization of the 7 chakra system


Examples of questions:

  • Is there harmful geopathic  radiation exposure?

  • Is the electrical wiring in the house radiating?

  • Is this harmful to me?

There are no limits to your research. You will receive a clear answer to every question.


The interpretation of the first measurement in the investigation of geopathic interference fields

The tip moves vertically bobbing from top to bottom (like a head nod) see fig. 1

  • Answer: Yes, one or more interference fields are present! 

The tip moves horizontally swinging from left to right (like a head shake) see fig. 2

  • Answer: No, there are no interference fields! 

The tip rotates around to the left  (counterclockwise) 

  • Answer: Two questions are answered at the same time.
  1. Yes, interference fields are present
  2. They are predominantly of a left-turning nature, i.e. they belong to the yin pole or the (-) pole.

The tip rotates right  around (clockwise)

  • Answer: Two questions are answered at the same time.
  1. Yes, interference fields are present.
  2. They are predominantly of a clockwise nature, i.e. to be assigned to the yang pole, or the (+) pole.



If none of the two rotations show up in your first attempt, your question was not clear enough into the subconscious. Please keep trying until a clear "yes" or "no" comes out. Only then ask the question about the direction of rotation of the interference.


Investigating interference fields in household appliances

Now that you basically know how to proceed, you can use the same questioning technique to find out what kind of interference it actually is.


In the same way as interference fields can be detected from the earth, you can examine electrical appliances such as television sets, PCs, electric typewriters, digital clocks, power sockets, etc.


Stand as close as possible in front of the object to be examined and  hold the tensor ring in front of it at a distance of centimetres. Now ask the question, "Is there an interference field?"


The interference factor can be found out exactly in the manner described above.


Test objects at a distance of a few meters, e.g. with TV sets this should work without any problems.


Checking foodstuffs/substances for compatibility

As described above, foodstuffs can also be tested for their compatibility. Question: "Is this food good for me?"


One method of finding out whether a particular food or stimulant is tolerable for a person is to place that substance on a table and hold one hand open vertically about 30 cm in front of the substance. Stand so that the tensor ring is between the hand and the substance, and ask the question, "Is this substance good for me?"


The answer in this test looks a little different: 

The Isis tensor moves vertically up and down.. 

  • Answer: in this case the movement represents "separation". The substance is not compatible.

The Isis tensor moves horizontally back and forth

  • Answer: this movement <------> represents "connection", so the substance is compatible. This query can also be made for third parties.


Isis-Tensor I with packing

Isis Tensor I in transport packaging


Data Isis Tensor I: Dimensions handle: 14.46 x 1.5 cm, polished and gold-plated Tensor ring: 2.2 cm x 2 mm brass, total length 57.84 cm and spring steel wire without cable and probe


The task and function of the chakras

The seven main chakras, located along a vertical axis at the front center of the body, are so crucial to the function of the most basic and essential areas of the human body, mind and spirit that I have dedicated a separate chapter to each of them on the back cover. There you can read about the specific soul-spiritual characteristics associated with each chakra and which areas of the body are subject to their influence.


Here I would first like to describe those characteristics which are common to the seven main chakras. Their actual seat is in the etheric body of the human being. They resemble funnel-shaped calyxes with a different number of petals. In the Asian region they are therefore often called lotuses. The subdivisions of the flowers into individual petals represent the energy channels through which energies flow into the chakras and are transmitted from there to the subtle bodies. Their number ranges from four such channels in the root chakra to nearly a thousand energy channels in the crown chakra.


From the depression in the center of each calyx, a fine channel, which acts like the stem of the chakra flower, extends toward the spine and runs directly into it. It connects the chakras to the main energy channel called the sushumna, which rises through the interior of the spine and continues from the lowest vertebra of the spine to the crown. The chakras are in a constant circular motion. They owe the name   "chakra" to this characteristic, which means "wheel" in Sanskrit. The rotating movement of these wheels causes life energy to be drawn into the interior of the chakras. If the direction of rotation changes outward, energy is radiated from the chakras and expelled.


The chakras have either a right-hand or a left-hand rotation. An opposite principle can be seen in man and woman, or a complement in the expression of the different energies, because the same chakras that turn right in a man turn left in a woman - and vice versa.


The direction of rotation changes from chakra to chakra. Thus, the base chakra of the man rotates to the right, he more actively expresses the qualities of this center. The first chakra of the woman, on the other hand, shows a left-hand rotation, which makes her more receptive to the invigorating and procreative power of the earth. In the second chakra the signs change: The right-hand rotation in the woman shows a greater active power in the expression of feelings, the left-hand rotation in the man makes him take a more receiving or often passive attitude here.


And so it goes on: right-handed rotation and left-handed rotation alternate in each case and shape man and woman in different ways, which leads to a complementing of energies in every area of life.



The 7 chakras open forward and backward and upward and downward on the human body.

Adapted from a graphic in "The Chakra Handbook", published by Windpferd-Verlag, ISBN: 3-89385-038-4 



The chakras can be activated and stimulated by means of the Isis-Tensor by irradiating them selectively and thereby stimulating their activity in the areas assigned to them. This is possible through the additional irradiation of gemstones, colors, aura-soma, etc. as described on pages 4-6.


7 chakras


1. The Root Chakra:

  • Color: An active first chakra glows a fiery red

  • Physical Associations: All solid things, such as the spine, bones, teeth and nails; anus, rectum, large intestine, rectum, prostate, blood and cell structure.

  • Associated glands: Adrenal glands

The adrenal glands produce adrenaline and noradrenaline, which have the task of adjusting the blood circulation to the respective need by controlling the blood distribution. In this way, the body becomes ready for action and can react immediately to demands. In addition, the adrenal glands have a dominant influence on the temperature balance in the body.


2. Sacral Chakra:

  • Color: Orange.

  • Physical assignments: Pelvic cavity, reproductive organs, kidneys, bladder; all fluid such as blood, lymph, digestive juices, semen.

  • Assigned glands: ovaries, prostate, testes. The function of the gonads is the formation of male and female sexual characteristics and the regulation of the female cycle.


3. The solar plexus chakra:

  • Color: Yellow to golden yellow.

  • Physical assignment: Lower back, abdominal cavity, digestive system, stomach, liver, spleen, gall bladder; autonomic nervous system.

  • Assigned gland: Pancreas (liver). The pancreas plays a crucial role in the processing and digestion of food. It secretes the hormone insulin, which is crucial for blood sugar balance and carbohydrate metabolism. The enzymes secreted by the pancreas are important for fat and protein metabolism.


4. Heart Chakra:

  • Color: Green, also pink and gold.

  • Physical assignment: Heart, upper back with rib cage and thoracic cavity, lower lung area, blood and circulatory system, skin.

  • Assigned gland: thymus gland. The thymus gland regulates growth and controls the lymphatic system. It is also responsible for stimulating and strengthening the immune system.


5. Throat Chakra:

  • Color: Light blue, also silvery and greenish-blue.

  • Physical assignment: throat, neck, jaw area, ears, speech apparatus (voice), trachea, bronchi, upper lung area, esophagus, arms.

  • Assigned gland: thyroid gland. The thyroid gland plays an important role in the growth of the skeleton and internal organs. It balances physical and mental growth and regulates metabolism and thus the manner and rate at which we convert our food into energy and consume that energy. It also regulates iodine metabolism and the balance of calcium in the blood and tissues.


6. Brow Chakra:

  • Color: Indigo blue, also yellow and violet

  • Physical assignment: face, eyes, ears, nose, sinuses, cerebellum, central nervous system.

  • Assigned gland: Pituitary gland (hypophysis). The pituitary gland is sometimes called the "master gland" because it controls the function of all other glands through its internal secretory activity. Like a conductor, it establishes a harmonious interplay between the other glands.


7. The crown chakra:

  • Color: Violet, also white and gold.

  • Physical assignment: Cerebrum

  • Assigned gland: Pineal gland (pineal gland). The influences of the pineal gland are not clearly explained scientifically. Most likely it has an effect on the whole organism. If this gland fails, premature sexual maturity sets in.

The texts on the chakras are excerpts from "The Chakra Handbook" published by Windpferd-Verlag: ISBN 3-89385-038-4






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