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Weber-Isis® Metatron Card

Weber-Isis® Metatron Card

Five times "Metatron's Cube" together with one of each of the five Platonic Bodies, which are assigned to the five classical elements fire, earth, air, water and ether.

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  Eckhard Weber "The Weber-Isis® Metatron-Card borrows its name from Archangel... more
Product information "Weber-Isis® Metatron Card"


Eckhard Weber

"The Weber-Isis® Metatron-Card borrows its name from Archangel Metatron. The Metatron-Card shows five times "Metatron's Cube" together with one of the five Platonic Bodies, which are assigned to the five classical elements fire, earth, air, water and ether. Furthermore, the Metatron-Card shows five times the Weber-Isis® Fruit of Life Pendant. The Metatron-Card is backed with the color indigo blue, the color for the forehead chakra. Both sides of the card are mirror-image identical. This means that we have depicted the same symbols on the back of the Card in exactly the same place as on the front of the Card."


Weber-Isis® Metatron Card

Weber-Isis® Metatron Card in the dimensions: 8.5 cm x 5.4 cm in credit card format.



Practical application:

The Weber-Isis® Metatron-Card can, like the Weber-Isis® Energy-Card, be carried in a shirt pocket

The Weber-Isis® Metatron-Card can be carried like the Weber-Isis® Energy-Card in the trouser pocket, the shirt pocket or also in the wallet.


The Weber-Isis® Metatron-Card landscape or upright

It can be placed upright or crosswise. If the Metatron-Card is carried in the body's own energy field, a certain aura protection is also possible.


For example, the Metatron Card can be placed under a glass or beverage bottle for 15 minutes. It can generally be used to harmonize probably all foods and drinks. You can also place the Metatron Card on problem areas on the body to possibly release blockages. Furthermore, one can also place it on any wooden stand of a Weber-Isis® beamer, for possible beamer amplification, or under the cup of the Weber-Isis® orgone beamer, for information transmission.


The Weber-Isis® Metatron-Card under the water glass


Energetic enhancement:

The five Platonic Bodies are the "building blocks of the universe" and the "code of creation". Everything in the universe most likely grows and thrives according to these primal patterns of life, such as crystals, pyrite grows in cube form and fluorite in octahedron form. Due to the numerous symbols from Sacred Geometry on the Metatron Card, the code of creation, the Weber-Isis® Metatron Card probably works a bit stronger than the Weber-Isis® Energy Card. In addition, the Weber-Isis® Metatron-Card is charged with thousands of positive information. The Weber-Isis® Metatron-Card can possibly support the harmonization and reconnection to the five classical elements, among others. known from Chinese medicine: the reconnection to the element fire through the tetrahedron (four-flat), to the element earth through the cube (the hexahedron or six-flat), to the element air through the octahedron (the eight-flat), to the element water with the icosahedron (the twenty-flat), and to the element ether with the dodecahedron (the twelve-flat). The Weber-Isis® Metatron Card can possibly harmonize the whole being of a person in the process."


Weber-Isis® Metatron Card

Since each person has their own individual energy level, each owner of the Isis® Metatron Card must also perceive and sense for themselves how long the card can be worn.


Weber-Isis® Metatron Card


Wearing time:

In the beginning, the Metatron-Card should not be worn for more than 2 - 3 hours a day. Later, when you have become accustomed to the energy level of the Isis-Metatron-Card, you can wear it the whole day. For a presumed energetic enhancement the Isis-Metatron-Card can be put under food and drinks for about 10 - 15 minutes.


5 elements


  • The Isis-Metatron-Card can also be placed on the wooden stand of any Isis-Beamer or under the cup of the Isis-Orgon-Beamer for an information transfer.
  • The Isis Metatron Card can also be placed under the transmitter cup of the orgone emitter as an information card.
  • The Isis Metatron Card can also be placed on problem areas, and it may also be able to clear blockages.


The Isis-Metatron-Card does not replace all other Weber devices such as Isis-Beamer or the Isis-Merkaba-Ball. It is intended as an inexpensive aid for on the go.  







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