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Weber-lsis® Beamer Mini mobile

Energetic universal protection around the clock, e.g. for the trouser pocket or on the satchel.

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  The Weber-lsis® Beamer Mini mobil is also suitable for the new mobile phone standard... more
Product information "Weber-lsis® Beamer Mini mobile"


The Weber-lsis® Beamer Mini mobil is also suitable for the new mobile phone standard 5G when carried in the trouser pocket or as a pendant. 


The Weber-lsis® Beamer Mini mobil is a small gold-plated lsis beamer in the length of 5.41 cm, which is in a sleeve made of weather-resistant and food-safe POM. The lsis-Beamer Mini mobile is additionally stored in quartz sand, EM-powder (effective microorganisms, rose quartz) and biological cotton in the POM-shell. The length 5.41 cm of the lsis-Beamer Mini mobil corresponds to the 3/4 value of 7.23 cm, the cosmic wavelength corresponding to the OM tone.


Weber-lsis® Beamer Mini mobile

Weber-lsis® Beamer Mini mobil (5.41 cm), gold-plated brass, with weatherproof white POM cover. The lsis beamer is not visible and the cover cannot be screwed on.


Due to its reduced length, the lsis-Beamer Mini mobil is also particularly suitable for children, as the children no longer have to hang the lsis-Beamer Mini mobil around their necks, but can simply and comfortably put it in their trouser pockets. By wearing the lsis-Beamer Mini mobil, the entire energetic field of the human body can possibly be protected from electromagnetic and geopathic stress. It is suitable for carrying in the trouser pocket, the jacket pocket or on the key ring for all those who did not like to carry the lsis-Beamer 1:1 with leather strap as a pendant so far. Due to the white POM cover, the lsis-Beamer Mini is mobile and independent of weather conditions. If you like, you can of course wear it as a pendant, because in the POM cover the lsis-Beamer Mini mobil is also protected from skin sweat, for example.The POM cover is 7.23 cm long and corresponds exactly to the wavelength to which all other products from our house are aligned, such as the lsis-Beamer 1 :1. The additional ingredients quartz sand, rose quartz, EM powder and organic cotton inside the POM cover can probably give the lsis-Beamer Mini mobil an additional boost within its radiation range. The radiation range of the lsis-Beamer Mini mobil is in radius = 1m (diameter = 2m). The POM cover of the lsis-Beamer Mini mobil is firmly sealed by us during production and cannot be opened afterwards. The lsis-Beamer Mini mobil is not suitable for harmonizing rooms, because its radiation area of 2m diameter is usually too small for rooms. But you can hang it on the bedside lamp on the night spint as a bedside harmonization.


Weber-lsis® Beamer Mini mobile

Weber-lsis® Beamer Mini mobile (5,41 cm), brass gold plated, 

in weatherproofweatherproofwhite POM case, plus metal ring for key ring.





Weber-lsis® Beamer Mini mobile cross section



  • Due to the combination with quartz sand, rose quartz, EM powder and organic cotton, the lsis-Beamer Mini mobil can also work in the horizontal position. 

  • When carrying the lsis-Beamer Mini mobil, the EM-powder in the POM-shell can transfer positive vibration information to our entire water balance (the human being consists of approx. 70% water), which can presumably be stabilized and vitalized by this.



Weber-Isis® Beamer Mini mobile in your pocket

Weber-Isis® Beamer Mini mobile in the trouser pocket carried.




Energy field of the human being with north and south pole as well as the chakras.

Energy field of the human being with north and south pole as well as the chakras.

Through the Weber-Isis Beamer Mini mobile, the electromagnetic energy field can become a protective field. 

Carry the Weber-Isis® Beamer Mini mobile on the sternum

Wear the Weber-Isis® Beamer Mini mobile on the breastbone, so that the lower end touches the solar plexus.



Electromagnetic radiation before

Graphic example before

Electromagnetic radiation with left-turning (negative), monopolar polarity hits the lsis-Beamer Mini mobil energy field.


Electromagnetic radiation after

Graphic example after

After some time the electromagnetic radiation with left-turning (negative) polarity in the energy field of the lsis-Beamer Mini mobil into a right- and left-turning larity and a biocomplative, biopolar energy field is created energy field is created.


Finally a Reference to the book "Funklos glücklich"

Funklos Happy

Author: Silvo Hellemann, Synergia Verlag, 172 pages. paperback, ISDN 978-3-939272-04-5  


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