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Weber-Isis® orgone emitter 1:1 (gold-plated)

Energy and information transmission device based on the bioresonance principle

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  Weber-Isis® Orgone Radiation 1:1 basic set in beech wood box, suitable for natural... more
Product information "Weber-Isis® orgone emitter 1:1 (gold-plated)"


Weber-Isis® Orgone Radiation 1:1 basic set in beech wood box, suitable for natural doctors, alternative practitioners and self-users. Consisting of: Weber-Isis® Orgon Radiation 1:1, 1 pc. Isis transmitter cup 1:1, 1 pc. Isis-cable 0,5m, 1 pc. Isis agate disc, 1 pc. Isis astro picture, 1 pc. Isis-transmitter ampoule 1:1 H, 1 pc. Isis mountain crystal 1:1, incl. an instruction booklet. All brass parts are :gold-plated.  


For mental and physical support


Eckhard Weber:

My idea was to: Develop a device that supports people comprehensively - on a mental and physical level. There were models for this. However, I wanted an even better device. I experimented and my suspicions were confirmed: Apart from the geometric form radiance, the material used is very crucial. A balanced mix of brass, rock crystal, quartz sand, cotton and gold leads to particularly good results. Then my Isis orgone radiator also differs in its groove shape. The groove and ring shape stood for the technology of the gods in ancient Egypt. So the experience of a millennia old high culture resonates in it! In addition to the intensity of the geometric grooves and exquisite materials, there is also the wavelength, which is created by the size of the radiator (length 21.69 cm). As with each of my devices, my spiritually influenced worldview guided me in this development. While my conviction was strengthened that this interaction of harmonic geometry and finest material, which absorbed a lot of light, produces a radiation, which can be extraordinarily valuable for every living organism. Something else is very important: In my construction, no negative space radiation or external energy is absorbed and transmitted by people, for example by those who built the device. My device can only radiate the energy that is to be transmitted: subtle bio-energy. The prevailing natural science is still not able to prove such an energy and denies its existence. In any case, I am convinced that I am offering a really helpful device. My customers obviously see it that way, too. Because the growth of my business since 1994 has been based on the success of the Isis orgone emitter."


Bioresonance In the 1970s, the physician Franz Morell and the electronics engineer Erich Rasche developed bioresonance therapy (BRT).


Their thesis: Body cells emit detectable electromagnetic signals that cause vibrations in the tissue. Every human being has his or her own vibration spectrum, which consists of healthy (harmonic) and pathological (disharmonic) vibration components.


Her approach: These electromagnetic oscillations are to be recorded and separated into harmonic and disharmonic oscillations in a therapy device. In the device, the pathological oscillations are deleted or converted into harmonic ones and then sent back to the body. The body can now reactivate its regulatory and self-healing powers.


Isis orgone emitter

  • For energy and information transfer according to the bioresonance principle

  • For orgonomic procedures

  • For radionic procedures


Maintenance-free device 

The Isis orgone emitter is used for subtle energy work. It is therefore suitable for the holistic therapeutic practice of alternative practitioners, doctors of naturopathy and dentists, as well as for responsible self-users.
The Isis orgone emitter works with form radiation, which can be created by the geometric shape of the tip. This effect can be supported by high-quality organic and inorganic materials and certain wavelengths. The device works without electricity, is maintenance- and wear-free.


Verifiable energy

The Isis orgone emitter is based on the assumption that a universal electromagnetic vibrational energy can be detected and amplified on the subtle level. This can be verified by kinesiology, Kirlian and aura photography, pendulum, dowsing rod, bio-field test or bio-resonance measurement. These methods are not scientifically recognized.


The Isis orgone radiator is not a classical device of BRT. Because it works without current and electrodes! However, the principle of operation is comparable.

In the following areas it is possible that the Isis orgone emitter can be used supportively

  • In naturopathy

  • For the irradiation of the subtle energy body

  • In the procedure according to Dr. Bach

  • For Hahnemannian procedures

  • In the work with minerals

  • For the production of individual vibrations

  • For copying original substances

  • For the inversion of vibrations

  • For the production of nosodes

  • For energetic acupuncture

  • For energetic desensitization

  • For the preparation of potencies

  • For the discharge of negative oscillations

  • For procedures according to the bioresonance principle

  • For the charging of food and beverages 


Information for therapists


Examples of use 1:1 transfer

The use of the Isis orgone emitter in combination with the Isis turbocharger and Isis reducer can lead to an exact 1:1 copy of an original substance (e.g. homeopathic remedies, flower essences). It is possible that within 30 - 60 seconds the information of the original substance is transferred to a neutral medium (e.g. water, alcohol) (see fig. 7).

Weber-Isis® orgone emitter 1:1

Fig. 7: Isis orgone emitter  (brass gold-plated) with reducer and turbocharger for 1:1 transmission.



The tip of the Isis orgone emitter is unscrewed and the rock crystal is exchanged for the Isis turbocharger. The Isis-reducer is screwed in front of the middle part. Then the Isis orgone emitter tip with the turbocharger is screwed in front of the reducer.

External inversion, production of endogenous nosodes
Following the bioresonance principle, it may be possible with this system to turn the negative vibration of endogenous substances (e.g. urine, stool, hair, sputum, etc.) in the cup on the agate disc by 180° and thus produce an individual counter-vibration (isopathy); the result may thus be a positive, strengthening vibration which is conducted into the saline ampoule of the other cup. The process takes about 60 seconds and can also be used for animals, (see Fig. 2).

Energetic desensitization
Assembly: Isis orgone emitter without tip with Isis reducer. One Isis hand probe is connected to the end of the Isis reducer. The other hand probe is connected to the transmitter cup, which contains e.g. the allergen vial. This is then connected to the Isis orgone emitter with the cable (see Fig. 1).

Weber Isis orgone emitter

Fig. 1 left: Isis orgone emitter (brass gold-plated) with reducer, cup for allergen and two hand probes
Fig. 2 right: Isis orgone emitter (brass gold-plated) with reducer and 2nd cup for external inversion

Energetic Acupuncture
Figure 4 (with combination sleeve) shows which system components can be used to transfer information, such as from gemstones, Bach flowers, inverted vibrations, colours, etc., to acupuncture points. This may also be suitable for radionic acupuncture, where presumably the body's own vibrations are transmitted directly to acupuncture points with the device. The duration of an acupuncture is about 30 seconds (see Fig. 4).

Potentiation of vibrations

  1. Potency (Isis orgone radiator + rock crystal) results in 50,000 energy value units

  2. Potency (Isis orgone source + turbocharger) results in 100,000 energy units

  3. Power (Isis orgone emitter + turbocharger + combination sleeve) results in 400,000 energy units

  4. Potency (Isis orgone emitter + turbocharger + combination sleeve + acupuncture tip with gold-plated double banana plug) results in 1,200,000 energy units (see Fig.3)

Potentiation of vibrations by means of Isis orgone emitter (brass gold-plated) with turbo charger, combi sleeve and acupuncture tip

Fig. 3 left: Potentiation of vibrations by means of Isis orgone emitter (brass gold-plated) with turbocharger, combi sleeve and acupuncture tip
Fig. 4 right: Isis orgone emitter (brass gold-plated) with combi sleeve for the energetic harmonization of meridians


Bioresonance principle 

It is possible that this arrangement can be used to treat particularly efficiently according to the bioresonance principle. For this purpose, the  Isis orgone emitter is supplemented by two foot plates, two hand probes and two transmitter cups. With this, presumably blockages and energy flow disturbances can be solved or meridians, acupuncture points and chakras can be harmonized. (see fig. 5)


Weber Isis orgone emitter

Fig. 5: Set-up for the bioresonance principle
Fig. 6: The Isis orgone source and the Isis supplementary set together make up the Isis complete set.





Why we can say so little about the effects of our products 

Also and especially in the health sector, the legislator protects the consumer with a strict set of rules. Those who act contrary to these regulations are first warned and then punished in the event of a continued offence. This consumer protection is important! However, it becomes problematic when there is a difference of opinion between us as manufacturers and the legislator as to what exists between heaven and earth. All our products are based - in our opinion - on the very well existing orgone energy, as well as geometrical form radiation. According to orthodox medicine, however, this energy does not exist; it cannot be proven with the measuring instruments of the recognized natural sciences. However, because the legislator is only guided by such measuring results, we are obliged to a curiosity: in our advertising we have to question effects that are known to us! We are obliged to qualify all descriptions of effects that we know from experience with our devices in the same breath in the subjunctive. For this reason, you will find many sometimes strange-sounding formulations in this brochure with terms such as "probably", "possibly", "presumably", "perhaps" and "possibly". But please do not let this put you off. During more than 25 years in the market, we have gone through a painful learning process. Once we had to black out catalogue pages for months after receiving a warning. That is why our advertising material is preceded by a legal notice which, strictly speaking, states that our products are ineffective (according to orthodox medicine!). As I said, we actually think consumer protection is good and important. In our case, however, a difficult situation arises for all parties involved. Therefore, we would like to thank our approximately 15,000 customers in particular for having placed their trust in us and our products in spite of this. For example, we have sold about 55,000 Weber Isis® beamers so far. And your feedback confirms us! We therefore wish you continued pleasure and success in using our devices. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call us. We will be happy to help you with further information and tips. We would be very pleased to receive your testimonials!


Important notice 

We are obliged to inform you that the effects of our products have not yet been proven according to the criteria of recognised natural sciences. This applies to many alternative medical methods, and thus also to Weber Bio-Energy products. We therefore emphasize that we cannot promise any healing effect. According to orthodox medicine, orgone energy does not exist. Consequently, according to their opinion, our devices cannot achieve healing effects on the basis of this energy. If you do experience a positive effect and your well-being improves, you are experiencing a placebo effect according to conventional medicine. However, the above-mentioned properties of our products are based on experience gained in practical use. These experiences cannot be confirmed with the currently accepted measuring methods. The measuring methods that prove an effect are not recognized by the prevailing science. Consequently, buyers purchase devices from us that are based purely on research beyond the realm of conventional medicine. The properties of the product listed in this brochure have recently gained increasing recognition in alternative medical circles. Nevertheless, please remember that treatment with it is intended as a complementary measure. It is not a substitute for medical care! Medical clarification and treatment of symptoms by a doctor or alternative practitioner is always advisable. Our bioenergetic products should not be used instead of conventional medical treatment. They are also not able to cover all areas of conventional medicine. According to prevailing scientific knowledge, our products cannot work. Thus, according to orthodox science, any effects that occur are so-called placebo effects. We have to point this out due to consumer protection regulations. However, we would like to emphasize that we see the problem rather in the fact that conventional medical methods are simply not yet able to describe why our devices work. Therefore, we refer once again to our approximately 15,000 satisfied customers. The more than 55,000 Isis beamers sold worldwide alone speak for themselves, and their feedback and testimonials confirm us. If you would like to tell us about your experiences with our products, we would be very pleased.



Please also note our comments

Why we say so little about the effect of our products

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