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Weber-Isis® Life Fruit Transformer (gold-plated)

A transformational light force tool for creating possible realities.

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  Eckhard Weber We are expanding our product range with the new Weber-Isis®... more
Product information "Weber-Isis® Life Fruit Transformer (gold-plated)"


Eckhard Weber

We are expanding our product range with the new Weber-Isis® Life-Fruit-Transformer. The design of the new Weber-Isis® Life-Fruit-Transformer is identical to that of the previous Weber-Isis® Life-Fruit Pendant (size 3.61 cm x 4 mm), but our new product is now available in the size 14.46 cm x 1.3 cm. The size 14.46 cm is the double measurement of the cosmic wavelength 7.23 cm (OM tone, primordial sound of creation), which is also the basic measurement of all devices from our company. The new Weber-Isis® Life-Fruit-Transformer is offered as standard only in gold-plated brass and is delivered in a matching wooden stand made of beech wood. The working range of the new device has a radius of 10 m (20 m diameter of the light force field). While the Weber-Isis® Life-Fruit Pendant can only be used in the direct energy field of the human being, the working field of the Weber-Isis® Life-Fruit Transformer can now probably be extended to the whole apartment and to the whole house.

The Weber-Isis® Life Fruit Transformer

The Weber-Isis® Life-Fruit-Transformer. Brass (gold-plated), 14.46 cm x 1.3 cm, in a wooden stand made of beech wood, approx. 20 cm x 20 cm x 5 cm. Total weight of the gold-plated Weber-Isis® life fruit transformer incl. wooden stand: approx. 2 kg.


The correct name for this Sacred Geometry pattern is actually the "Fruit of Life". The pattern of the "Flower of Life", also known as the "Matrix of Creation", has been found in many ancient cultures around the world. However, the pattern of the "Fruit ofLife" has never been found. This is because wise people in ancient times (such as Plato, Pythagoras, and Da Vinci) when they realized what the other component was and how important it was, decided to keep it a secret. They did not want people to see this relationship that I am about to show you. This pattern was so sacred and so important that they simply could not allow this knowledge to become common knowledge.  When you have read and understood this prospectus in its entirety, you will know why the wise people of old could not allow this knowledge to become available to everyone. Weber-Isis® Fruit of Life - Pendant and Weber-Isis® Fruit of Life - Transformer in size comparison:


Weber-Isis® Life Fruit - Pendant and Weber-Isis® Life Fruit Transformer in size comparison

The Weber-Isis® Life Fruit Transformer


 The Weber-Isis® Lebensfrucht pendant is not included in the delivery!


The shape of the Weber-Isis® Fruit of Life Pendant and the Weber-Isis® Fruit of Life Transformer are based on the insights of Sacred Geometry, and a unique symbol called the "Flower of Life" . Hidden in the "Flower of Life" is the secret of the "Fruit of Life". The Weber-Isis® Fruit of Life Pendant and the Weber-Isis® Fruit of Life Transformer were constructed according to this sacred pattern. Sacred Geometry is the morphogenetic structure of reality, it is the symbol and emblem of reality in the entire cosmos and is therefore also referred to as the "Language of Light" or the "Matrix of Creation" . The Weber-Isis® Life-Fruit-Transformer can probably also unfold its power through the presumed geometrical form radiation. Its diameter is 14.46 cm. This corresponds to twice the value of the Cosmic Key, the wavelength of 7.23 cm. The presumed shape radiation probably arises from the arrangement of the 13 holes according to the pattern of the "Fruit of Life".



Sacred Geometry teaches us that straight lines are masculine and round lines are feminine. The 13 circles of the "Fruit of Life" are formed by exclusively female shapes. If these feminine forms are connected to the masculine forms - the straight lines - we get the 13 information systems of the "Fruit of Life". The simplest way of this connection is to connect the centers of the circles. This creates a shape called "Metatron's Cube" .



Metatron's cube hides an important informational system, one of the basic creation patterns of existence - the "Platonic Bodies", the "Code of Creation" and the "Building Blocks of the Universe". Looking at Metatron's cube, all five Platonic Bodies, shown individually below, are revealed.


The Five Platonic Solids - The Five Building Blocks of Life and Their Assignment to the Elements


The Five Platonic Bodies



According to these five geometric forms grow the crystals, the planets, the galaxies and the universes of the multiverse, as well as all life forms and also our thought forms that are sent out into the universe. Thoughts are a kind of higher vibrational matter form that have not yet condensed like other things in the material universe. So the pattern of "fruit of life" is a geometric form from which a creation code can emerge.   "Fruit" because this is the result (fruit) from which the web of details of our reality (reality) has emerged.


Moreover, this device may also be suitable for people where the "orders with the universe" have not yet worked out properly. One must not disregard in this context the presumed "karma" of each individual. Maybe also there were the backgrounds, why such "orderswith the universe" did not work out until now. I don't know your "karma" (cause and effect, action = reaction), and I don't know if the Weber-Isis® Life-Fruit-Transformer may intervene here. However, I am aware that if you ask for "divine grace" and it is granted to you, then anything is possible.


You can place the Weber-Isis® Life-Fruit-Transformer vertically or you can lay it horizontally - different effects will result. If you place the Weber-Isis® Life-Fruit-Transformer horizontally on the table, this can probably produce a subtle light-energy column, which connects heaven (the universe) and earth (matter in its condensed form). This presumed light energy column can possibly generate a very high energy density in the area of the device, after which the presumed light force field can additionally spread out about 10 m in radius (this force field is probably somewhat weaker) and afterwards probably lets a spherical, pearly light force field with a diameter of about 20 m arise. The Weber- Isis® Life-Fruit-Transformer should be kept in this lying position at night. For the night time it may be better to be in a weaker energy field. It should also be ensured that there are no sleeping rooms above or below this light energy column, therefore it is best to always place the Weber-Isis® Lebensfrucht-Transformer in the hallway or corridor. This horizontal position can possibly be very suitable for manifestations of previously formulated affirmations. The affirmations should be handwritten and placed on the Life-Fruit-Transformer (this contains a special energy signature of the person, a kind of graphological code, and can therefore possibly be "read" by the Life-Fruit-Transformer). The geometry of the life-fruit transformer can possibly assist this process.


On the other hand, if the Weber-Isis Life-Fruit-Transformer is placed vertically on a table, the entire living area can probably be "flooded" by the Weber-Isis® Life-Fruit-Transformer with high vibrational, constant light energies. In the vertical position a possible force field of constant strength can be generated, also with a radius of approx. 10 m, thus a possible light force field sphere with approx. 20 m in diameter (this is how the Weber-Isis® Life-Fruit-Transformer should stand during the day). It should be noted that the Lebensfrucht transformer is always positioned in such a way that the classical geometry is maintained and the axis is vertical, see the pictures shown in this brochure.


The way the device works can probably have more of an effect on the body's own energy field if it is set up vertically. This can potentially have many positive effects on all people who are in the energy field of the Weber-Isis® Life Fruition Transformer. If one positions the Weber-Isis® Life-Fruit-Transformer at about head height (possibly on a table, with books underneath and sits in front of it), one can, for example, "speak" directly into the geometry of the device and thus probably achieve a kind of communication with the cosmos. This process can be done for manifesting or for wishes and requests (one should hold the piece of paper with the wishes, requests or affirmations written down behind the Life Fruit Transformer and read through the 13 holes). The device can possibly act as a kind of "cosmic telephone" in this process. The contact with the presumed "spiritual world (the Absolute of the universe, or the cosmic hierarchies)" can probably be established through the spoken word. Man should, however, bear in mind that this is a very sensitive process, which demands a great sense of responsibility. No word should be spoken that is not in harmony with Creation. It should only be for the good and positive benefit of the user, another person or for world peace. For example, if one wishes something bad for another person, it may possibly rebound on oneself in an increased way according to the law of cause and effect (action = reaction). Jesus Christ Said, "Whatsoever therefore ye would that men should do to you, that do ye even so to them. This is the law." (Matthew 7:12)


One can also place the Weber-Isis® Life-Fruit-Transformer horizontally under a chair and sit on the chair in such a way that the probable "strong light force column" can go directly through the suspected "Kundalini channel". Thus, the presumed "Kundalini power" (also called "Holy Fire" or "Serpent Power") can rise upwards and it can possibly open and cleanse all the chakras.


Also possible negative beliefs, programming and indoctrinations can be deleted (for this purpose, for example, the textual instructions for the deletion processes from the book "The Mahatma Process - the Path to Mastery" by P. Arnold-Dinkel, Ch. Falk-Verlag, ISBN 3-8956-104-0, Detachment from all kinds of old promises, vows, oaths, subtle implants, should be read aloud and spoken into the light-power-pillar of the Weber-Isis® Life-Fruit-Transformer).



The Weber-Isis® Life-Fruit-Transformer can also be placed horizontally under the bed or under the sofa. If it is placed horizontally, a subtle light column can possibly arise. Now lie down on the bed or the sofa in such a way that the suspected heart chakra can be directly pulsed by the possible subtle light column  . In addition, the suspected "Christ Consciousness Chakra" can now be activated (this is probably the area between the neck and solar plexus chakra, as well as between the nipples.


Now one can formulate one's heart's desire, verbally or mentally, and at the same moment one asks that the desire soon become a new possible reality At the moment of formulation, one should have no doubt that the desire will not become a possible reality.


Jesus Christ also never had the slightest doubt that the "Father in heaven" would not help him. Jesus Christ said, "Father I thank thee that thou hast heard me" (John 11:41). Furthermore, Jesus Christ said, "And whatever you ask in prayer - if you believe, you will receive it" (Matthew 21:22).


To the apostle Thomas He said, "Can you not believe without seeing? If you doubt so much, you must desire to be sure. Open your heart, not your mind"!


The Weber-Isis® Life Fruit Transformer should not be placed directly on top of the larger Weber-Isis-Beamer® 1:2, 1:3, 1:4 or 1:5, nor should it be placed in the immediate vicinity of these Weber-Isis-Beamers® and the Weber-Isis® Mer-Ka-Ba Sphere. The Weber-Isis-Beamer®, Weber-Isis® Mer-Ka-Ba-Ball and Weber-Isis® Life-Fruit-Transformer probably work on completely different levels. The Weber-Isis-Beamer® and the Weber-Isis® Life-Fruit-Transformer should be at least 6m apart, and the Weber-Isis® Mer-Ka-Ba-Ball at least 10m apart. If one has a Weber-Isis® Life-Fruit-Transformer as a stand-alone device in an apartment or a house, then one can still wear a Weber-Isis® Life-Fruit Pendant. Thus the possible field of manifestation can be strengthened.


Drunvalo Melchizedek, an American spiritual teacher who taught Merkaba meditation, and author of the books "The Flower of Life", Volumes I and II (Koha Publishing) emphasizes the importance of the geometry of the Fruit of Life with the following statement: "If we do not embrace and spread the knowledge of the geometry of the Fruit of Life, we will fall even lower in consciousness than we already are". In this sense, we are anxious to put into your hands a valuable device with which you can possibly help to positively change your reality and probably the reality of the whole humanity, to make a possible contribution to world peace and to the faster emergence of the presumed "New Golden Age".


The flower of life

 Drunvalo Melchizedek, author of the two books "The Flower of Life", Koha Publishing House.


The geometry of the "Fruit of Life" is the precursor to the manifestation of the "Platonic Bodies", the so-called "Code of Creation". Now you may be able to send your own "creation code" into the universe, create your own volitional presumed reality. In this context, please make sure that when you work with the Weber-Isis® Life-Fruit-Transformer, you also let your heart forces such as love, charity, cordiality, joy and also compassion for all beings flow into it. Only when you activate your heart forces and let them flow into the process, you can possibly get a deep and real contact with your presumed higher self. Otherwise, without activated heart forces in this process, you might run the risk that in the work with the Weber-Isis® Life-Fruit-Transformer only manifestations might come about that perhaps originate from the ego. This could possibly lead to things that are not necessarily beneficial!


Practical applications - creation of a reality

To be likely to survive the coming time, it may be essential to familiarize yourself with the idea of thought manifestation or superconsciousness (the presumed Higher Self, the presumed I AM Presence) .  First comes thought. Experience is always secondary. Energy follows attention.   It is never the other way around - that one has the experience first and then builds the thought upon it. We probably always experience a direct correspondence of our thoughts. Clarity and recognizing our own power is the fundamental thing.  Our thoughts are probably building our world at all times. Not just when we feel like it - anytime.


Therefore, position the Weber-Isis® Life-Fruit-Transformer directly in front of you and possibly, after a short phase of concentration and inner gathering, speak into it: "I would like to accelerate my personal development. I want my body to regenerate itself. I want to radiate health. I am willing to give up difficulties so that I can live as an example of what humanity can be." This kind of thinking - this manifesting from our innermost being and clearly stating our desires - can probably set everything in motion.  Gratitude for this - that we will also receive all this, we should in no way forget. Jesus Christ also said: "Father I thank thee that thou hast heard me" (John 11:41).


We should always act as if the "ordered" were of the highest value and use to us. We should not be afraid of what we have created. We should trust what we create. Weshould resolve the conflicts and make our peace. Our part in it we should accept and let it pass through our consciousness,  to realize what it had to teach us. Those who are caught up in dramas where it looks like someone is a victim are usually so cut off from their feelings that they don't connect what they feel with what they think. Victims find victims, victors find victors. We need to understand that others have to go through possible negative areas of density to get to the light. Sometimes the greatest enlightenment results from the greatest disasters and difficulties.


We are the result of our thoughts. If we learn nothing else on this planet, we will learn that this is the rule in this reality, and for that matter in possible other realities we are likely to experience. Thought creates experience. Our words give us power, or they can make us small ("In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and a God was the Word" (John 1:1 Language is Creative).  We need to eliminate the word "try" from our vocabulary. If someone is "trying to change their behavior patterns," then they can try to do that for the rest of their lives. Trying is not doing. Whenever we use the word try, we will accomplish nothing, because try is an excuse: "I tried to do it, after all." Let us use the words, "I create," "I do," "I manifest," "I intend," and "I cause." Forget "I try."


We say: "I intend this to be effortless". To be effortless is to say to presumed reality that it comes to us in a way that leaves plenty of energy for other experiments and experiences.

Weber-Isis® Life Fruit Transformer

 The Weber-Isis® Life Fruit Transformer. Brass (gold-plated), 14.46 cm x 1.3 cm, in a wooden stand made of beech wood, approx. 20 cm x 20 cm x 5 cm. Total weight of the gold-plated Weber-Isis® Life Fruit Transformer incl. wooden stand: approx. 2 kg.


If we give things more freedom (let them go - and don't keep checking with the presumed spirit world to see where our order is), the presumed spirit world will reward us in many unexpected ways.  The only reason this hasn't already happened is because we simply didn't believe it was possible. When we believe things are possible, reality (possible reality) changes.


Jesus Christ said:

 "And whatever you ask in prayer, if you believe, you will receive it" (Matthew 21:22). "Love your neighbor as yourself" (Mark 12:31).  For this I recommend the book by Bärbel and Manfred Mohr: "The miracle of self-love - the secret key to open all doors", Gräfe und Unzer-Verlag, ISBN 978-3-8338-2283-4, as well as the book "Find your higher self" by Dr. Joseph Murphy, Gondrom Verlag, ISBN 3-8112-1277-X.


"Judge not, and ye shall not be judged. Condemn not, and ye shall not be condemned. Forgive, and you will be forgiven."  (Luke 6:37) For this I recommend the book by Colin C. Tipping: "The radical self-forgiveness - love yourself as you are, no matter what", Integral-Verlag, ISBN 978-3-7787-9210-0, as well as the book by Ulrich Dupree' and Andrea Bruchacova: "The miracle of forgiveness - Ho`oponopono. The Hawaiian Ritual for Inner Peace, Kailash-Verlag ISBN 978-3424630749.


The most important books in this context are in my opinion the books by Eckhart Tolle: "Now - the power of the present - A guide to spiritual awakening", as well as "A new earth - leap of consciousness instead of self-destruction", Kamphausen-Verlag ISBN: 978-3-933496-71-3 and Goldmann-Verlag, ISBN 978-3-442-33706-4. Both books are also available as audio books.


Very beautiful and powerful affirmation texts for all situations in life can be found in the book  "Die Wunderwelt der magischen Gedanken" by Erhard F. Freitag, Spirit Rainbow-Verlag, ISBN 3-937568-55-7.


One will possibly consider me a fundamental Christian after reading this brochure, but I must emphasize at this point that I have nothing to do with the classical church doctrines. I draw my knowledge from direct experience. To me, Jesus Christ is one of the greatest wisdom teachers who ever lived on earth. You just have to interpret his parables correctly for the "now time". It is always "Now!", the "present moment", "here and now", we will never experience anything else. The past is gone. We cannot change it any more, we can only suffer from it - but we cannot change it. And the future is also relative and unpredictable, so we should not fear the future.


Despite its considerable size, the prospectus before you makes no claim to completeness or absoluteness. I am aware that the content of this prospectus could even be greatly expanded if the spiritual material of other religions, philosophies and other points of view were still included. Here in Europe we have for the most part the Judeo-Christian path of initiation in which most people have grown up. Therefore, the prospectus also leans on this tradition, because then many people might be able to understand it. 


But I can assure you that I had exactly these inspirations, which I have described on the previous pages, when creating this Lightpower-Tool (these inspirations are described in our detailed brochure on the Weber-isis® Life-Fruit-Transformer). Please use this light-power-tool only in the way I have described, if you are already ready to go this "way". I have thought for a long time whether I should already reveal this possible "sacral initiation-light-power-tool" in this size and intensity to the human consciousness (the small Weber-Isis® Life-Fruit-Pendant already exists for some time). Due to the advancing worldwide warlike, terrorist, political and humanitarian crises, as well as the economic, social, cultural and ethical developments in 2014, there was no reason for me to hold back the device anymore (we will probably get even bigger challenges until the year 2032). It was exactly during this time that I got the appropriate inspiration. This device can probably be very important for us in the coming time. As said before, our only option is: "consciousness leap" instead of "planet and self destruction".   


Please let me know what experiences you have achieved with the device.


Best regards, much success and a comprehensive transformation with the Weber-Isis® Life-Fruit-Transformer wishes you


Eckhard Weber 


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