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Weber-Isis® orgone emitter 1:1.5 (gold-plated)

The super orgone emitter for mental and physical support. Energy and information transmission device according to the bioresonance principle.

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  Weber-Isis® orgone emitter 1:1,5, delivered in 2 aluminium cases, suitable for natural... more
Product information "Weber-Isis® orgone emitter 1:1.5 (gold-plated)"


Weber-Isis® orgone emitter 1:1,5, delivered in 2 aluminium cases, suitable for natural doctors, alternative practitioners and self-users. Consisting of: Weber-Isis® orgone emitter 1:1,5, 1 pc. Isis transmitter ampoule H 1:1,5, 1 pc. Isis-transmitter-disc, 1 pc. Isis agate disc, 1 pc. Isis mountain crystal 1:1,5, 1 pc. Isis reducer 1:1,5, 1 pc. Isis-cable 0,5m, 2 pcs. Isis-cable 1,0m, 2 pcs. Isis-cable 2,0m, 2 pcs. Isis-hand probes, 1 pc. Isis-Turbo 1:1,5, 1 pc. Isis-adapter 1:1,5, 2 pcs. Isis-footplates, 1 pcs. hexagonal wrench with wooden handle. All brass parts are gold-plated. 


The super orgone emitter for mental and physical support


What is orgone? 

It is now widely known that the structure of the atom is vibrational energy. The universe is an ocean of vibrations with an infinite spectrum of frequencies. Electrons, atoms, molecules and bodies combined into formations create patterns of vibration and information of limitless variety. Resonances create interactions between all areas on the entire planet Earth. This exchange of vibrations takes place on levels that are still largely inaccessible to the natural sciences today.


Animals that can perceive and locate the vibration of their home place or of a sexual partner over great distances in a way that cannot be explained demonstrate the superior perceptive capacity of living systems compared to scientific measuring methods. However, the natural, electromagnetic frequency spectrum is not only an information carrier, but can possibly simultaneously convey a universal, subtle life energy, also called orgone energy. The material world is the seat of the electromagnetic vibrational level. It alone is accessible to present-day scientific research.


The electromagnetic vibrations can probably have an effect on the human body similar to an induction or filter effect, graduated and adapted. Sunlight has a similar mediating function, transmitting a universal, subtle life energy to nature. After its discoverer, Dr. Wilhelm Reich (1897 - 1957), we call this bio-energy orgone. Based on the experiences of researchers such as Dr. Wilhelm Reich, G.S. Lakhovsky, Viktor Schauberger and Nikola Tesla, the following statements can be made about orgone: Orgone energy can presumably be transmitted and built up both by visible light and by invisible, electromagnetic waves. It is omnipresent, permeates all matter, and can interact with all physical energies of nature. Its density in the atmosphere changes with weather and cosmic conditions. Orgone is believed to be present in all cells of all living organisms and can probably be absorbed through light, respiration or food. Since all of creation contains nothing truly dead, it therefore probably occurs everywhere. Its specific color is probably blue or blue-gray, and thus exactly matches the blue planet Earth.


Whereby the thought arises whether this planet does not represent a single orgone-energetic, cosmic world-body? Flickering or trembling of air, well observable over street and water surfaces during long warm periods of summer, is not heated air which should move upward, but probably orgone. It probably flows from west to east, in the direction of the earth's rotation but slightly faster than it. The red blood cells are probably orgone-energy-charged vesicles, which presumably can carry this energy continuously to the body tissues. The chlorophyll of plants has a similar function.


This bio-energy can be equally contained in the humus of the earth, as presumably in all sperm cells, fruits, protozoa, etc. It is available in inexhaustible quantities. It is available in inexhaustible quantities and is probably continuously renewed by the dynamic evolutionary processes throughout the universe.


Orgone is probably cosmic life energy and thus probably the fundamental carrier of all vital materiality. Wilhelm Reich found the so-called bions during his detailed investigations. These are produced in scientific experiments by glowing or swelling of organic but also inorganic substances, as well as in free nature by the decay of tissues of all kinds. Bions are probably energy bubbles charged with orgone energy, which represent a transitional stage between inanimate and animate matter and can develop into protozoa or bacteria. This presumably means that new basic vital structures can probably emerge without delay after the process of decay of an organic body.


It is further shown that during the decay of healthy tissue, so-called blue bions are formed, which probably consist exclusively of orgone and can represent absolutely positive energy vortices in their entire nature. Orgone probably has a direct relationship to the germinal force and probably to all life processes of nature. Its harmonious flow can possibly bring about the balancing of tension and relaxation in the organism. Orgone can also be a component of the aura of living beings and matter. People with special talents can perceive a condensed orgone field as misty, multicoloured and luminescent.


Orgone can probably accelerate all psychic regeneration processes. In order to be able to supply the organism with increased vitality and life energy, it is necessary to generate a condensed orgone field. This can probably be achieved, among other things, by exploiting the different behaviour of orgone to mineral and metallic substances and their surfaces. Based on these ideas, the Isis orgone emitter was developed. The device works without battery or supplied electricity and is maintenance- and wear-free. It can possibly generate a standing wave due to its special construction. This wave, which is probably still radiaesthetically detectable at a distance of six metres, is presumably the carrier of the orgone field.


In the meantime, it has probably been possible to develop a highly functional orgone emitter for self-application. It is probably suitable for daily home use as well as for therapeutic practice. Due to its special construction as well as the use of brass, a higher functioning of the Isis orgone emitter has probably been achieved. The geometrical shape radiation, certain wavelengths (3x7,23cm = 21,69 cm = tube length of the orgone-radiator 1:1) and different material arrangements inside the orgone-radiator can probably favour a stronger energy transmission. In the tip of the Isis orgone emitter 1:1.5 there is a geometrical turbocharger. In addition, the turbocharger can presumably strengthen the functioning of the orgone emitter. The rear part of the Isis orgone emitter contains a spiral-shaped brass probe, tumbled rock crystals, as well as informed quartz sand and natural cotton, whereby, as with a catalytic converter, the negative vibrations of radioactivity, radio and radar rays and microwaves are possibly neutralized and presumably only pure orgone energy can be emitted through the tip. The Isis orgone emitter is connected in the rear part by a 72.3 cm copper cable with a transmitter disk, with which probably additional oscillation information can be transmitted. The transmitter disk probably has a similar effect as a satellite antenna, because it probably "sucks in" the electromagnetic oscillation and then transmits it via the cable to the orgone emitter.


Underneath the transmitter disc is a natural programmed agate disc for protection against geopathic stress as well as for possible amplification of the Isis orgone emitter. Together with the Isis orgone source, a special transmitter ampoule programmed with possible healing vibrations is delivered for the bioenergetic transmission of information.


With the Weber-Isis® orgone emitter it is possible to transmit energetic information (vibrational information) of any kind, as well as the presumed etheric forces (orgone, od, subtle life energy, prana, chi, reiki, huna).


The Weber-Isis® orgone radiator is an: 

  • Energy and information transmission device

  • Orgonomic device

  • Radionic device

The Isis orgone emitter 1:1.5 is not a classical device of bioresonance therapy. Because it works without current and electrodes! However, the functional principle is comparable.


The Weber-Isis® orgone emitters 1:1 and 1:1.5 have been designed for possible subtle energy work. They may possibly be suitable for the holistic therapeutic practice of alternative practitioners, doctors of naturopathy, dentists with naturopathic treatments, etc., but perhaps also for responsible self-users. The Weber-Isis® orgone radiator 1:1 is a device that has proven itself in practical work with the so-called subtle energies for over 25 years on the market.


The Weber-Isis® orgone emitters are maintenance- and wear-free and their mode of operation is completely without electric current. The mode of operation of the Weber-Isis® orgone emitter is probably based on the geometrical form radiation and possibly by the organic and inorganic stratification, as well as probably by certain wavelengths.


The tube length of the Weber-Isis® orgone emitter 1:1.5 is: 36.1 cm (5 x 7.23 cm). With an additional reducer the Weber-Isis® Orgone Radiation 1:1.5 is extended to 43.33 cm (6 x 7.23 cm). With an additional adapter piece (for the connection of the 5 cables) the Weber-Isis® Orgone Radiation Device is extended 1:1,5 to 46,13 cm. Its stand height incl. base is 23.5 cm. The diameter of the stand base is 14.80 cm, and the diameter of the transmitter information disc is 14.46 cm. In comparison, the length of the Weber-Isis® orgone emitter 1:1 is 21.69 cm (3 x 7.23 cm). Largest tube diameter orgone emitter 1:1 = 28 mm. Largest tube diameter orgone emitter 1:1,5 = 48 mm. The stand height of the orgone radiator 1:1 incl. stand foot + knurled screw is 14,46cm. Its stand base as well as the transmitter cup have a diameter of 7.23 cm.  


The radiator tip of the Weber-Isis® Orgone Radiation 1:1.5 has an additional rib compared to the Weber-Isis® Orgone Radiation 1:1, i.e. a total of 5 ribs instead of 4 ribs. This means that the orgone emitter 1:1.5 can possibly produce a higher vibration.


As far as we know, the orgone emitter 1:1.5 is probably the only orgone emitter worldwide to which you can connect an adapter for 5 additional cables: for 2 hand probes for the hand reflex zones, for 2 foot plates for the treatment of the foot reflex zones, and for the connection of a transmitter information disc for the possible transmission of individual vibration information (all parts just mentioned are polished brass and gold-plated).


With the Weber-Isis® orgone radiator 1:1.5 one is probably able to very effectively transmit biovital energy (orgone energy, subtle life energy) and possibly various energetic-homeopathic information to the solar plexus of the human being (and thus into the entire organism). The gold-plated hand probes and foot plates can probably activate the reflex zones on hands and feet (hands and feet are most probably a perfect hologram of the complete human body), and they can probably support the holistic energy flow in the human being during the process of irradiation by the Weber-Isis® orgone radiator 1:1.5. Thus, an energetic whole-body treatment of the human being can become possible, and the presumed self-regenerative powers of the human being can probably be activated and supported.


Whole body irradiation with Weber-Isis® orgone radiator

Example for a possible whole-body irradiation with Weber-Isis® Orgone Radiation 1:1,5 with reducer, additional adapter for 5 cables, 2 hand probes, 2 foot plates and a transmitter information disc. Irradiation duration: approx. 25 minutes daily, or according to personal feeling.



Weber-Isis® orgone emitter 1:1.5

Graphical representation of how an orgone radiator works: through the transmitter cup (or through the transmitter information disc) the electro-magnetic space energy is attracted as through a satellite dish. Afterwards this energy is conducted through the cable into the so-called combustion chamber in the rear part of the orgone emitter. There the space energy is purified as if by a catalyst, and then the purified orgone energy and the desired vibrational information is radiated onto the solar plexus. Afterwards the purified orgone energy spreads in the whole energy field of the person. Thus, blockages in the energy body can probably be dissolved, and an optimal energy flow in the body can take place again, and the entire electromagnetic energy field of the person (the aura) can be strengthened. ©Caroline Esser



Weber-Isis® orgone emitter 1:1.5

Comparison of sizes: the Weber-Isis® Orgone Radiation 1:1 (left, with a length of 21.69 cm), which has been tried and tested for many years, and the newly developed Weber-Isis® Orgone Radiation 1:1.5 (right; total length shown here: 36.10 cm), with cable set, 2 foot plates, 2 hand probes and a transmitter information disc (all parts gold-plated).



Weber-Isis® orgone emitter 1:1.5

Detail view of the adapter (gold plated). The adapter makes it possible to connect 5 cables at the same time to the Weber-Isis® orgone emitter 1:1.5.



Reducer for the new Weber-Isis® orgone emitter 1:1.5

Detail view of the reducer for the new Weber-Isis® orgone emitter 1:1,5



Adapter for 5 connection options

Detail of the adapter with the 5 connection possibilities for 5 cables on the new Weber-Isis® Orgone Radiation 1:1,5.



Reducer for the new Weber-Isis® orgone emitter 1:1.5

Comparison of sizes: the Weber-Isis® orgone-radiator 1:1 (left, with 21,69 cm length) with cable and cup (gold plated), and the newly developed Weber-Isis® orgone-radiator in the size 1:1,5 (right; here shown total length 36,1 cm), with cable and transmitter information disc (gold plated).



Reducer for the new Weber-Isis® orgone emitter 1:1.5

Weber-Isis® orgone emitter 1:1,5, with orgone emitter, turbocharger, reducer and adapter for connecting a maximum of 5 cables and the transmitter information disc (all parts polished brass and gold-plated).



Complete set of the new Weber-Isis® orgone emitter 1:1.5

Complete set of the new Weber-Isis® orgone-radiator 1:1,5 (consisting of orgone-radiator-base-set 1:1,5 - left and supplementary-set -right) in two transport cases made of aluminium with storage inlays made of black plastic. 


The Weber-Isis® orgone emitters can be used:

  • For the possible irradiation of the subtle energy body

  • For the possible vitalization and support of the suspected self-regenerative forces

  • Possible with the Chakra-Energy-Work for the absorption of the subtle energy

  • Possible in the subtle Bach flower therapy according to Dr. Edward Bach

  • Possible in the field of homeopathy according to Samuel Hahnemann

  • Possible in crystal and gemstone therapy

  • Possible for procedures according to the bioresonance principle

  • Possible in the alternative-medical fields for natural healing procedures

  • Possible in the support of the presumed self-regenerative forces in already existing therapies

  • For the production of possible individual transmitter vibrations

  • Copying and production of endogenous nosodes can become possible

  • Copying of energetic original substances can become possible

  • For alternative naturopaths and their energetic therapies such a device may be recommendable

  • For naturopathic clinics and their energetic therapies such a device may be recommendable

  • For the possible energetic enhancement of food and beverages of all kinds

  • In organic agriculture, organic horticulture, for alternative small and hobby gardeners such a device can be recommended

  • Possible irradiation of rock flour as a probable fertilizer for agriculture and horticulture


The human being and his 7 main chakras

Man and his 7 main chakras opening to the front and back. Graphic: Caroline Eßer, adapted from graphic by Windpferd Publishing.


The human being and his 7 main chakras

The human being and his 7 main chakras, opening only to the front. © Caroline Eßer.


The terminal acupuncture points on the human hands and feet

The terminal acupuncture points on the hands and feet of the human being


Man and the subtle sheaths of the aura

The human being and the subtle sheaths of the aura. Graphic: C. Eßer, adapted from the © graphic by Methusalem-Verlag.


Physical energy field with the 7-chakra system

Physical energy field with the 7-chakra system,  © by Alex Grey and Inner Traditions International and KOHA-Verlag.


For further application possibilities see the 32-page brochure of the orgone-radiator 1:1. You will find these operating instructions for the Weber-Isis® orgone-radiator 1:1 in the transport case for the orgone-radiator basic set. Almost all practical applications described there can also be carried out with the Weber-Isis® Orgone Radiation 1:1.5 - but probably with a stronger radiation intensity and possibly better possibilities of success.


Why we may say so little about the effect of our products  

Also and especially in the health sector the legislator protects the consumer with a strict set of rules. Those who act contrary to this are first warned, then punished in the case of continued offence. This consumer protection is important! However, it becomes problematic when there is a difference of opinion between us as manufacturers and the legislator as to what exists between heaven and earth. All our products are based - in our opinion - on the very well existing orgone energy, as well as geometrical form radiation. According to orthodox medicine, however, this energy does not exist; it cannot be proven with the measuring instruments of the recognized natural sciences. However, because the legislator is only guided by such measuring results, we are obliged to a curiosity: in our advertising we have to question effects that are known to us! We are obliged to qualify all descriptions of effects that we know from experience with our devices in the same breath in the subjunctive. For this reason, you will find many sometimes strange-sounding formulations in this brochure with terms such as "probably", "possibly", "presumably", "perhaps" and "possibly". However, please do not let this put you off.  During more than 25 years in the market, we have gone through a painful learning process. Once we had to black out catalogue pages for months after receiving a warning. That is why our advertising material is preceded by a legal notice which, strictly speaking, states that our products are ineffective (according to orthodox medicine!). As I said, we actually think consumer protection is good and important. In our case, however, a difficult situation arises for all parties involved. Therefore, we would like to thank our approximately 15,000 customers in particular for having placed their trust in us and our products in spite of this. For example, we have sold about 55,000 Weber Isis® beamers so far. And your feedback confirms us! We therefore wish you continued pleasure and success in using our devices. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call us. We will be happy to help you with further information and tips. We would be very pleased to receive your testimonials!


Important notice 

We are obliged to inform you that the effects of our products have not yet been proven according to the criteria of recognised natural sciences. This applies to many alternative medical methods, and thus also to Weber Bio-Energy products. We therefore emphasize that we cannot promise any healing effect. According to orthodox medicine, orgone energy does not exist. Consequently, according to their opinion, our devices cannot achieve healing effects on the basis of this energy. If you do experience a positive effect and your well-being improves, you are experiencing a placebo effect according to conventional medicine. However, the above-mentioned properties of our products are based on experience gained in practical use. These experiences cannot be confirmed with the currently accepted measuring methods. The measuring methods that prove an effect are not recognized by the prevailing science. Consequently, buyers purchase devices from us that are based purely on research beyond the realm of conventional medicine. The properties of the product listed in this brochure have recently gained increasing recognition in alternative medical circles. Nevertheless, please remember that treatment with it is intended as a complementary measure. It is not a substitute for medical care! Medical clarification and treatment of symptoms by a doctor or alternative practitioner is always advisable. Our bioenergetic products should not be used instead of conventional medical treatment. They are also not able to cover all areas of conventional medicine. According to prevailing scientific knowledge, our products cannot work. Thus, according to orthodox science, any effects that occur are so-called placebo effects. We have to point this out to you due to consumer protection regulations. However, we would like to emphasize that we see the problem rather in the fact that conventional medical methods are simply not yet able to describe why our devices work. Therefore, we refer once again to our approximately 15,000 satisfied customers. The more than 55,000 Isis beamers sold worldwide alone speak for themselves, and their feedback and testimonials confirm us. If you would like to tell us about your experiences with our products, we would be very pleased.



Please also note our comments

Why we say so little about the effect of our products 

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