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Weber-Isis® Reducer 1:1 (gold-plated)

The 1:1 Isis reducer slows down the energy supply, resulting in a 1:1 duplication.

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  • SW10036
Weber-Isis® reducer 1:1 brass (gold plated),  Dimensions of the Isis reducer 1:1 = 7,8cm... mehr
Produktinformationen "Weber-Isis® Reducer 1:1 (gold-plated)"

Weber-Isis® reducer 1:1 brass (gold plated), Dimensions of the Isis reducer 1:1 = 7,8cm x 2,7cm 

The Isis-reducing piece 1:1 slows down the energy supply, whereby a 1:1 duplication is achieved. You take e.g. a homeopathic medicine, put it into the Isis transmitter cup 1:1 of the Isis orgone emitter 1:1 and place an ampoule with neutral saline solution directly in front of the Isis orgone emitter tip 1:1. After approx. 60 seconds the information transfer is finished. In this way only the information is transferred, without enrichment with orgone energy! There is also the possibility to connect an Isis-transmitter cable for further applications.

This product was energized by us with a large orgone emitter and informed with positive vibrations. 

(The Isis reducer is delivered without further accessories).


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