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Bed linen Flower of Life BEAUTY DREAM

1x pillow 80cm x 80cm, 1x duvet cover 135cm x 200cm, material: 100% organic cotton, colour: paradise

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1x pillow 80cm x 80cm, 1x duvet cover 135cm x 200cm. Colour: paradise Material:... mehr
Produktinformationen "Bed linen Flower of Life BEAUTY DREAM"

1x pillow 80cm x 80cm, 1x duvet cover 135cm x 200cm.

Colour: paradise

Material: 100% organic cotton from certified organic cultivation. Ecological digital dyeing without water consumption; dyeing and manufacturing according to certified, ecological guidelines.

Gemstone: microfine rose quartz gemstone is fixed in the fabric. With zipper; hotel quality; machine wash 60°C; tumble dry.

Bring color into your sleep. Healthy sleep - this can become possible with this bedding set 'Beauty Dream' made of organic cotton. This bedding has been produced fairly, sustainably and completely free of harmful substances, especially ecologically dyed in digital printing and equipped with microfine rose quartz - which can be the best conditions for a restful sleep. If you wish, you can simply turn the organic bed linen over and choose the somewhat more restrained, second side in a delicate watercolour design. The motif of the 'Flower of Life' can support inner harmony and can thus additionally promote a particularly pleasant feeling of sleep.

We spend a quarter of our lives asleep in bed. To support the possible fine energetic processes that are likely to take place during sleep and to maintain a possible deep continuous sleep rhythm, it can be important to pay attention to the right bed linen. This bedding is made from high quality organic cotton. Microfine rose quartz is fixed in the fabric. Rose quartz can potentially support deep relaxation, inner peace and balance. The flower of life may create the protective field that we probably need for a restful, deep sleep. So possibly sleeping can become again the purest joy and deep rest.

This product was energized and informed with positive vibrations by us with a large orgone radiator.


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