Weber-Isis Pendulum (gilded)

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Weber-Isis Pendulum (gilded)
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Preventing drainage of energy.


Preventing drainage of energy

"The Isis Pendulum is a good example which demonstrates how I work. Some devices are innovations completely designed by me, whereas some others are enhancements of pre-existing good approaches which I found inspiring. A very long time ago, I found a pendulum similar to this one. It was of shoddy quality and not gold-plated. I put it into my trouser pocket. A short time afterwards, I began to feel warm and my blood started boiling. Remembering the pendulum I had stuffed into my pocket, I pulled it out, and my body functions began to normalize. As soon as I put the pendulum back into my pocket, my blood began to boil again. Without the pendulum, I felt better again. I kept trying this back and forth for a while, until I knew for sure that the pendulum indeed was as powerful as I suspected! So I set out to experiment with it, and after many trials I managed to achieve what I desired to achieve.
Word about the unique effect of the pendulum began to spread quickly. It has become a favorite in most pendulum workshops. Even a world-renowned Feng Shui master from Hong Kong is using it! This, however, does not imply that the efficacy of the device has been proven on a scientific basis. On the other hand, Feng Shui is also a 'science'; it is simply different from today's mainstream science".

Transmitter and receiver
"The Mini Isis Beamer"
The Isis Pendulum can be a reliable measuring instrument. Even prolonged use of it will not be experienced as tiring. The pendulum is made of gold-plated brass. It is 5 cm (1.97") long and weighs 26 g (0.92 oz), and it is filled with white quartz sand, natural cotton and beeswax. Its strap is approx. 26 cm (10.24") long. The pendulum comes in a soft velvet pouch.
Since, every geometric body is equipped with a natural vibrational energy depending to its specific shape (e. g. pyramids), it is possible that the Isis Pendulum can also emit energy of this kind.
• No vibrations will stick to the Isis Pendulum
• The pendulum can be used for energetic work
• The Isis Pendulum may transmit and receive any type of information based on intention
• The Isis Pendulum may function as a small Orgone Beamer
Please note that for legal reasons we need to be very cautious when describing our products.

• The pendulum enables its user to transmit energy based on intention
• Testing of foodstuffs
• In color therapy
• In chakra diagnostics
• Along with pendulum tables

Please note that for legal reasons we need to be very cautious when describing our products.

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Additional Information

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