Weber-Isis® Beamer Mini mobile

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Weber-Isis® Beamer Mini mobile
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Isis beamer, length 5.41 cm, in weatherproof POM cover, (7.23 cm), with quartz sand and rose quartz, among other things for carrying in your trouser pocket, for E-Smog loads, also suitable for children.

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The Weber-Isis® Beamer Mini mobile

The Weber-Isis® Beamer Mini mobile is a small, gold-plated Isis beamer with a length of 5.41 cm, which is housed in a cover made of weather-resistant and food-safe POM. The Isis Beamer Mini mobile is additionally stored in the POM cover in quartz sand, EM powder (effective microorganisms, rose quartz) and organic cotton. The length of 5.41 cm of the Isis Beamer Mini mobil corresponds to the 3/4 value of 7.23 cm, the cosmic wavelength corresponding to the OM tone. The POM cover is 7.23 cm long and corresponds exactly to the wavelength of all our other products, such as the Isis beamer 1:1. The additional ingredients quartz sand, rose quartz, EM powder and biological cotton inside the POM cover can probably give the Isis beamer Mini mobil additional reinforcement within its radiation range. The radiation range of the Isis Beamer Mini mobile is in the radius = 1m (diameter = 2m). The POM envelope of the Isis Beamer Mini mobil is tightly closed by us on the production side and can no longer be opened afterwards. The Isis-Beamer Mini mobile is not suitable for the harmonization of rooms, because its radiation range of 2m diameter is usually too small for rooms. But you can hang it on the nightstand lamp on the night locker at night as a bed place harmonization. It can be worn in a trouser pocket, jacket pocket or on a keychain for all those who previously did not want to wear the Isis beamer 1:1 with leather strap as a pendant. The white POM cover makes the Isis Beamer Mini mobile independent of weather conditions. If you like, you can of course also wear it as a pendant, because the Isis Beamer Mini mobile is also protected against skin sweat in the POM cover, for example. Thanks to its reduced length, the Isis Beamer Mini mobile is also particularly suitable for children, as the children no longer have to hang the Isis Beamer Mini mobile around their neck but can simply and comfortably put it in their trouser pocket. By wearing the Isis Beamer Mini mobile, the entire energetic field of the human body can possibly be protected from electromagnetic and geopathic stress.

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