Weber-Isis-Tensor II (gilded)

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Weber-Isis-Tensor II (gilded)
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Substantially finer reaction than a dowsing rod or pendulum, handle filled with quartz sand prevents the reception of foreign energy, no loss of energy for the user while using the tensor, better concentration ability duration operation, for detecting and indicating disturbance fields.

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One-hand rod and energy dispenser

"In designing this device, one of my intentions was to save energy in connection with the use of dowsing rods, since this tends to be a very exhausting practice and there are quite a few dowsers who end up having sleep disturbances quite frequently. I wanted to construct something which would provide better performance than just doing what it is supposed to do and that may even save its user from loosing energy while working!
The interplay of geometric form radiation and the inner structure of the device, which consists of rock crystal spheres, quartz sand and a gold spiral, prevents any charging of the device with foreign energy. The tensor design also helps me to reach another goal, namely to provide dowsers with a device which allows them to work without draining their energy.
The handle of the tensor may be compared to the Horus Wand. It may be used as a transmitter. Its cables and probe can divert blockages or excess energy in the body or harmonize chakras. Once enough of these have been diverted, the device will stop vibrating.
All this is something you will be able to see and feel! Nevertheless, I am obliged to point out once again that mainstream science or medicine provides no evidence for the efficaciousness of the Isis Tensor. Personally, however, I find it very effective. It can be used to test and achieve a large number of things, for example, the Isis Tensor can be very practical for those suffering from food allergies. This is a device I can recommend to beginners and professionals alike."

Isis Tensor I
A drowsing rod of sorts
After just a brief training period, users will be able to use the Isis Tensor to obtain many kinds of insights about all kinds of objects to be tested.
• Potentially much finer responses than with dowsing rods or pendulums
• The geometric shape of the handle may prevent absorption of foreign frequencies
• As a result, energetic clearing of the device will not be necessary
• The Isis Tensor may enable users to go about their work without loosing any energy
• Therefore, it is conceivable that the Isis Tensor supports focus
• Filled with rock crystal spheres, quartz sand and a gold spiral (design similar to Horus wand)
Application areas
• Used to test foodstuffs
• Used to detect a large range of energies
• May serve as a transmitter and receiver of any type of information based on mental instructions
• Equally suitable for beginners because it may provide an excellent swing
• Has the potential to help experienced dowsers to detect geopathic stress

Isis Tensor II
The tensor for professional use

The Isis Tensor II offers some additional features. If it is connected to a cable and a probe, it may enable the user to introduce or divert information.
Application areas for the Isis Tensor II with a cable and probe
• Potentially helps to detect energetic blockages or interferences in your own body or in others
• May enable diversion of energy blockages
• Potentially enables practitioners to introduce homeopathic or other information into the body's own energy field
• May help to clear and harmonize the chakras



Isis Tensor II: Application for the purpose of introducing information
To introduce information (e. g. homeopathic remedies) into the aura or chakras of the person being treated, take the Isis Tensor II into one hand and the scanning probe with the homeopathic remedy into the other hand. Now you mentally instruct the tensor: "Transfer the information of (name of the remedy) to this person". The Isis Tensor will then begin to rotate. When it stops, the process has been completed.

Isis Tensor II: Application for the purpose of diverting blockages
Diversion of energy blockages (chakra clearing and harmonization)


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