Weber Isis Energyboard

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Weber Isis Energyboard
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Energyboard for food and drinks to put on
To harmonize food and drinks. Food and beverages may be harmonized after having remained on the Energy Board for approx. 15-30 minutes

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An orgone power plant for foodstuffs


"Many years ago, there was a company which offered wooden discs which they charged only once, of course to find out that they would loose their charge over time. It is foodstuffs contaminated with pesticides in particular which tend to drain energy from these boards. Logically, an energy board of this type requires the installation of miniature orgone beamers, since otherwise its energy supply would be limited! My first six boards contained six beamers. Later on, I added a seventh one. In the present version, the way the outer beamers radiate creates the form of a six-sided pyramid, whereas the seventh one in the middle provides an additional vertical energy column. The board is charged via a large orgone beamer for one week. The flush mounted small beamers then ensure a supply of fresh subtle energy whenever needed – even after many, many years.
Another important factor which greatly contributes to the quality of the Isis Energy board is the wood it is made of. What I use, is alder wood. Alders connect the gross and the subtle worlds; they are the intermediaries between energy and matter. The board is hand-turned in Germany, so you can really expect it to have a long useful life!
The energy board should be a positive experience for everyone using it. Allergy sufferers in particular may be able to tolerate more foodstuffs, although there is no scientific evidence for this connection. Still, based on my own experience and feedback from customers I can really recommend this product."


Design of the Isis Energy Board
The Isis Energy Board is made of alder wood. Its diameter is 39.76 cm or 5.5 x 7.23 cm (15.65" or 2.17" x 2.85"), and it is approx. 3 cm (1.18") thick. Its outer wall is equipped with six mini orgone beamers embedded at a 300 angle and filled with quartz sand, cotton, and wax. They are positioned hexagonally. There is reason to assume that the Mini Orgone Beamers generate a six-sided orgone pyramid. An additional miniature harmonizer in the center seems to generate a vertically ascending energy column.


• Food and beverages may be harmonized after having remained on the Energy Board for approx. 15-30 minutes
• As a result, improvement in taste may occur
• The seven miniature orgone beamers enable permanent recharging of the Energy Board
• The Isis Energy Board may enhance the digestibility of foods and drinks
• Energetic enhancement of conventional and biological foodstuffs may occur





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Additional Information

Lieferzeit 1-3 Werktage
Size 39,76 cm
Material Erlenholz mit 7 Mini Messing-Orgonstrahlern
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