Weber-Isis-Vitalon (gilded)

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Weber-Isis-Vitalon (gilded)
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For hanging around neck, vibrating data fields (globuli, gems, Bach flowers, affirmations) in the aura, activating the chakras and the meridians

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Release information into the aura

"This catalogue will definitely also be read by people who never heard of Sacred Geometry or the air bladder as a geometric form before. Please do not allow yourselves be discouraged by this fact! To understand more about these topics (which may sound somewhat strange initially), you could for example read "The Flower of Life" by Drunvalo Melchizedek. It amazes me again and again to see how many business managers read this book and find themselves gaining new insights in the bigger picture of what is happening on the world and then become my customers.
But back to my Vitalon: a naturopath asked me to design a device for him which would help to maintain an information field. What he had experienced was that quite frequently the homeopathic remedies which he administered to his patients failed to work once the patients were back in their home environment. There simply were too many sources of interference there. For this reason, he simply wanted something which he would be able to provide them with a view to enabling the information to be effective from the inside and from the outside. No, there is no scientific proof for the 'functioning' of the Isis Vitalon. But neither did I receive any complaints, to say the least".

Sacred Geometry
The geometric form of the Isis Vitalon is based on the insights of Sacred Geometry about the air bladder of fish (vesica piscis). Geometry is the foundation of creation. There is no form of life, no form of existence whatsoever which is not based on the principles of geometry. Sacred Geometry is a symbol and epitome of reality in the entire cosmos and is therefore sometimes called the language of light. The Isis Vitalon should be worn on the solar plexus.
The Isis Vitalon, too, owes its power to the phenomenon of geometric form radiation. It is 3.61 cm (1.42") in length, which corresponds to half the value of the cosmic key, which has a wavelength of 7.23 cm (2.85"). In addition, the vibration of the 5 grooves may have a self-cleaning effect which may prevent any absorption of foreign energy.

Using the Isis Vitalon with animals
For animals, you can e g. fill the Isis Vitalon with isopathic counter vibrations against parasites. There is a potential for being able to use the Isis Orgon Beamer complete set to generate these counter vibrations. Fastening the Isis Vitalon filled with harmonizing information to the collar of a hyperactive dog may help to calm it down.

• The Isis Vitalon is designed in a way which allows it to be unscrewed
• The Isis Vitalon is supplied with a small rock crystal sphere inside
• In addition to the rock crystal sphere, the person wearing the Isis Vitalon can insert anything which seems important to him or her (such as globules or hand-written affirmations)
• The desired vibration can be transferred into the subtle energy field
The Isis Vitalon does not replace the Isis Beamer!
Practical application
The Isis Vitalon should be worn as demonstrated above.

Wearing time
How long users wear the Isis Vitalon, will depend on their personal requirements and condition. Initially, however, wearing time should not exceed 3-4 hours. Following a certain familiarization period, it is possible to wear the Vitalon the entire day.


Kirlian photography (high-frequency photography) showing the radiation field of the Isis Vitalon

Vitalon zum Umhängen

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Additional Information

Additional Information

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Size 3,61 cm
Material Messing vergoldet
Radius 2m, Ø 4m
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