Weber-Isis-Orgone Beamer (gilded)

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Weber-Isis-Orgone Beamer (gilded)
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Isis Orgone Beamer (gilded) • For energy and information transfer based on the bio resonance principle • For orgonomic approaches • For radionic approaches

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For mental and physical support


"My original idea was to develop a device which would provide comprehensive support for human beings on the mental and on the physical levels alike. There were paragons for this, but I was bent on creating an even better apparatus. I carried out some experiments, and their findings ultimately confirmed what I had already suspected: in addition to geometrical form radiation, the material which is used is very significant. A well-balanced mix of brass, rock crystal, quartz sand, cotton and gold seems to yield particularly good results. What is also different about my Orgone Beamer is its grooved design. In ancient Egypt, grooves and rings represented the technology of the Gods. In other words, this design reflects the experience gathered in a highly advanced civilization which goes back thousands of years!
The intense effect of the geometrical grooves and selected materials is complemented by the wave length generated owing to the size of the beamer (which is 21.69 cm / 8.54" long). As I can say for every single device designed by me, my spiritual world view guided me in its development. At the same time, the experience reinforced my conviction that this interplay between harmonious geometry and the finest materials which have absorbed great quantities of light will generate a radiation which can be exceptionally valuable for every living organism.
And yet something else is very important: Owing to its design, the device does not absorb or transmit any negative space radiation or foreign human energy, e. g. from those who manufactured the device. The Weber Isis ® Orgone Beamer does not radiate anything but the type of energy which we intend to transmit, which is subtle bio energy. Although mainstream science is not yet able to prove the existence of this type of energy, I am absolutely convinced that I have a really helpful device to offer. Which is something that my customers obviously subscribe to. After all, the growth my company has experienced since 1994 is based on the success achieved by the Orgone Beamer".

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Weber Isis Orgone Beamer For mental and physical support

Bio Resonance
In the 1970's, the medical doctor, Franz Morell, and the electronic engineer, Erich Rasche, developed Bio Resonance Therapy (BRT).

Their hypothesis:
Body cells emit measurable electromagnetic signals which then trigger vibrations in the tissue. Every human individual has a vibration spectrum of her own which is comprised of healthy (harmonic) and sick (disharmonic) vibration components.

Their approach:
The two researchers postulated that these electromagnetic vibrations should be captured and that a therapeutic device should separate the harmonic from the disharmonic vibrations. Inside this device, the abnormal vibrations would be cancelled or transformed into harmonic ones respectively and then transferred back into the body, which would enable the body to reactivate its regulatory and self-healing powers.

The Isis Orgone Beamer
cannot be considered a classical device used for BRT because it runs without electricity and electrodes! Its functional principle, however, is similar.

Isis Orgone Beamer
• For energy and information transfer based on the bio resonance principle
• For orgonomic approaches
• For radionic approaches

Maintenance-free device
The Isis Orgone Beamer is used for subtle energy work. Against this background, it lends itself to being used in a holistic therapeutical context, that is, by complementary health practitioners (as provided for under the German 'Heilpraktiker' legislation), naturopaths and dentists as well as responsible self users.
The Isis Orgone Beamer operates on the basis of the form radiation which can be generated owing to the geometrical shape of its tip. This effect can be supported by high-quality organic and inorganic materials and certain wavelengths. The device does not require any electricity. Furthermore, it is maintenance-free and free from wear and tear.

Quantifiable energy
The Isis Orgone Beamer is based on the assumption that there is a universal electromagnetic vibrational energy which can be captured and amplified on the subtle level. This effect can be demonstrated using kinesiology, Kirlian and Aura photography, the pendulum, the rod, bio field tests or bio resonance measurement. These methods, however, are not recognized by mainstream science.

Weber-Isis-Orgone Beamer: length 21,69 cm

Verifiable Energy
The high-efficiency bio-energy (Chi) transmission device contains and strengthens the universal electromagnetic vibration energy on a fine-substance level and transmits to the body or a neutral medium like water or alcohol. This can be verified by kinesiology, Kirlian and Aura photography, pendulum, dowsing, bio-field test or bio-resonance measurement.


fig. right side: Weber Isis Orgone Beamer in environmentally friendly transport case and supplement set, Together= Weber Isis Complete Set


The Isis Orgone Emitter can be used:

  • To vitalize and support powers of self-regeneration
  • In chakra work
  • In Bach flower therapy
  • In homeopathy
  • In crystal and gem therapy
  • In areas of medicine for naturopathy
  • To support the fast, successtul effect in already existing therapies
  • To produce individual vibrations for responsible independent users
  • To increase the value of energy in food
  • In agriculture, horticulture and in the home

The Weber Isis Orgone Emitter 1:1 and the Weber Isis Expansion Set 1:1 are available in gilded models


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