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The super orgone radiator for mental and physical support. Orgone radiator 1 : 1.5, transmitter information disc, reducer, foot plates, hand probes, turbocharger, cable set and adapter for 5 cables. Complete set in two aluminium cases. All brass parts are gold plated.

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With the Weber-Isis® Orgone Radiator it is possible to transmit energetic information (vibration information) of any kind, as well as the presumed etheric forces (Orgone, Od, Prana, Chi, Reiki, Huna). The Weber-Isis® orgone radiator is an: energy and information transfer device, bioresonance device, orgonomic device, radionic device. The Weber-Isis® orgone radiators 1:1 and 1:1.5 have been designed for subtle energy work. They can be used for the holistic therapeutic practice of alternative practitioners, doctors of naturopathy, dentists with naturopathy, etc., but also for responsible self-users. The Weber-Isis® orgone radiators are devices that have proven themselves on the market for more than 25 years in practical work with subtle energies.
have. The Weber-Isis® orgone radiators are maintenance and wear free and their operation is completely without electric current. The Weber-Isis® orgone radiator's mode of operation is probably based on the geometric shape radiation and possibly on the organic and inorganic layering, as well as probably on certain wavelengths. The tube length of the Weber- Isis® orgone radiator 1:1.5 is: 36.1 cm (5 x 7.23 cm). With an additional reducer, the Weber-Isis® orgone radiator extends 1:1.5 to 43.33 cm (6 x 7.23 cm). With an additional adapter piece, the Weber-Isis® orgone radiator extends 1:1.5 to 46.13 cm. The length of the Weber-Isis® orgone radiator 1:1 is 21.69 cm (3 x 7.23 cm). Largest tube diameter orgone radiator 1:1 = 28 mm. Largest pipe diameter orgone radiator 1:1.5 = 48 mm. The tip of the Weber-Isis® orgone radiator 1:1.5 has an additional rib compared to the Weber-Isis® orgone radiator 1:1, i.e. a total of 5 ribs. Thus, the orgone radiator 1:1.5 can possibly generate a higher vibration. As far as we know, the orgone radiator 1:1.5 is probably the only orgone radiator worldwide to which you can connect an adapter for 5 additional cables: for 2 hand probes for the hand reflex zones, for 2 foot plates for the treatment of the foot reflex zones, and for the connection of a transmitter information disk for the possible transmission of individual vibration information (all the parts mentioned above are polished brass and gold-plated). With the Weber-Isis® Orgone Radiator 1:1.5 one is probably able to effectively transfer Biovital Energy (orgone energy) and possibly various energetic information to the human solar plexus. The gold-plated hand probes and foot plates can probably activate the reflex zones on hands and feet, and they can probably support the holistic energy flow in humans during the process of irradiation by the Weber-Isis® Orgone Radiator. Thus an energetic whole body treatment of the human being can become possible, and the presumed self-regenerating powers of the human being can probably be activated and supported.

- On the possible irradiation of the subtle energy body

- For the possible vitalization and support of the presumed self-regenerating powers

- Possible with chakra energy work

- Possible with the subtle Bach Flower Remedies therapy according to Dr. Edward Bach

- Possible in the field of homeopathy according to Samuel Hahnemann

- Possible in crystal and gemstone therapy

- Possible for bioresonance methods

- Possible in the alternative medical fields for naturopathic treatments

- Possible in the support of the presumed self-regeneration forces in already existing therapies

- For the production of possible individual transmitter oscillations

- Production of nosodes may become possible

- Copying of original energetic substances can become possible

- Such a device may be recommended for alternative naturopaths

- For clinics for naturopathy such a device may possibly be recommendable

- For the possible energetic upgrading of food and beverages of all kinds

- In agriculture, in horticulture, for small and hobby gardeners such a device can be recommendable

- Possible irradiation of rock flour as a probable fertilizer (garden)

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