Weber-Isis-Mer-Ka-Ba-Sphere maxi (gilded)

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Weber-Isis-Mer-Ka-Ba-Sphere maxi (gilded)
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The Isis Mer-Ka-Ba Sphere owes its particular power to its spherical form radiation and to the vibration of the 9 rings. It consists of polished and gold-plated solid brass

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Access to higher dimensions

"As its name says, the Mer-Ka-Ba Sphere serves the very same function in your house that the Light Body Transformer fulfils while you are traveling: It generates an external Mer-Ka-Ba field. As already mentioned for the Transformer, a device that powerful should be treated with respect. On one hand, the Isis Sphere can be used to preserve the energy field generated during Mer-Ka-Ba meditations for longer. On the other hand, the connection to the 4th dimension (time) which it might help to establish can very rapidly lead to manifestations of fear. The same certainly holds true for positive affirmations. Those who use the Transformer or the Mer-Ka-Ba Sphere in their work should therefore have attained some self-awareness. In other words, they should be careful in applying it. Whenever possible, the Mer-Ka-Ba Sphere should only be used in detached dwelling units or in meditation centers to prevent anybody who is not prepared from accidentally entering into its sphere of influence. Those using it should do so from a place of compassion. You will become more intuitive and sensitive, your heart chakra may be opened and you can attain Christ consciousness. Those subscribing to mainstream science will not be able to provide proof for its efficiency with the help of their measuring instruments. I and those who tried the prototypes know without measurements of this type what this device can do. As an aside: Because of my previous experience, I have come to call the sphere the 'initiation sphere'".

Design and functional principle
The Isis Mer-Ka-Ba Sphere owes its particular power to its spherical form radiation and to the vibration of the 9 rings. It consists of polished and gold-plated solid brass. Looking through the grooves of the Mer-Ka-Ba sphere, you will recognize that a set of 4 grooves each forms a step pyramid. Together they form two round, four-step step pyramids positioned on top of each other. We view this as squaring the circle, which becomes clear when you take a look at the two-dimensional design drawing. An additional important feature is the put-up hinge made of beech wood, the hyperbolic radius of which reflects and complements the geometrical design of the sphere. Following assembly, the Mer-Ka-Ba Sphere and the put-up hinge are 21.69 cm (8.54") high, which is three times 7.23 cm (2.85"), the Cosmic Key.
Together, the sphere and the put-up hinge symbolize "erecting the backbone of Osiris", who is regarded to have been the first person ever resurrected, with beech wood representing the female principle. Inside the put-up hinge, there is a hole which can house a sodium chloride ampoule or crystals charged with information to be distributed across the Mer-Ka-Ba sphere. (These items are not included!)
The Mer-Ka-Ba sphere may contribute to establishing and stabilizing an external Mer-Ka-Ba field for a house with a 12-m (39 ft) radius or a 24-m (78 ft) diameter.

The device may have the following impacts:
• Creation of an external Mer-Ka-Ba field, a counterrotating light force field
• Clearing and/or dissolution of blockades may be achieved
• Mood enhancement based on the gold alloy is possible
• Harmonization
• Access to higher dimensions
• Amplification of thought power
• Utilization of the device in health and meditation centers can be recommended in particular
The Mer-Ka-Ba sphere is not suitable for replacing the Isis Beamer! Both can easily be inserted together, but there should be a minimum distance of 4-5 m (13-16 ft) between them.
Please note that the sphere is not firmly connected to the put-up hinge and that it should be transported separately if you carry it along.

Weber-Isis-MerKaBa-Sphere - fig right: Da Vinci-Drawing

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Additional Information

Additional Information

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Size 9,03 cm, mit Ständer 21,69 cm
Material Messing vergoldet
Radius 12m, Ø 24m
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