Weber-Isis-Chakra-Harmonizer (gilded)

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Weber-Isis-Chakra-Harmonizer (gilded)
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The shape of the lsis Chakra Harmonizer is based on the insights of Sacred Geometry and consists in a double djed pillar with 8 grooves

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Harmonization of the 7-Chakras System

Eckhard Weber:
The lsis Chakra Harmonizer looks like an isolator for electrical current. Various versions of the device can be found on Egyptian wall reliefs. The Egyptiologists call them djed pillars. Only initiates were allowed to handle them. Some specimens of them were even discovered below the most ancient pyramid, the Djoser pyramid at Saqqara. In later days, these djed pillars were often put up for decorative purposes or even worn around the neck. Probably their meaning was not understood by the common people.
In Abydos, there is even a large wall relief which depicts King Sethos I handing a djed pillar the size of a human being to goddess Isis. However, what does this isolator-like object really represent?
Modern Egyptologists are in disagreement with regard to this answer. There are various possible explanations. According to one of them, the djed pillar symbolizes the god Osiris, whereas others claim that it was a symbol of permanence or eternity.
In developing the lsis Chakra Harmonizer, I primarily had in mind to design a small and effective device which would have the potential to calm people in these hectic times and which allow them to relax more.
Also, I wanted it to be a device for the so-called "children of the New Age" (lndigo children or crystal children) which would help them to cope with the energies and structures of the 3-dimensional world better.
For children with a higher consciousness, it is very difficult to adapt to the lower vibration level they find here. This is where the lsis Chakra Harmonizer might help.

Sacred Geometry
The shape of the lsis Chakra Harmonizer is based on the insights of Sacred Geometry and consists in a double djed pillar with 8 grooves. Geometry is the basis of creation. There is no life form, no form of existence whatsoever which is not based on geometry. Sacred Geometry is the symbol and representation of reality in the entire cosmos, which is why it is sometimes called the language of light.
Structure and functional principle
The device is 5.41 cm (2.13") long, equalling three thirds of the value of the Cosmic Key, which is a 7.23 cm (2.85") wavelength. Also, the vibration of the 8 grooves may have a self-cleansing effect which may prevent any absorption of foreign energy.
Inside, it is equipped with seven different gemstone spheres for the 7 chakras. The vibrations of these gemstones can be transmitted to the subtle energy field. However, they cannot replace the lsis beamer!

Practical Applications

To be worn on the sternum, so that the lower sphere touches the solar plexus (see fig. on the right). The pendant must not be worn on bare skin, since sweat may harm brass and gold alloy.
The lsis Chakra Harmonizers will unfold their optimum potential when positioned vertically. The lsis Chakra Harmonizer made of brass is gold-plated, which enables its user to also receive the vibration of gold. Gold is regarded as the highest and purest of metalls and is also used in homeopathy.
Initially, the lsis Chakra Harmonizer should not be worn permanently, but only for 3-5 hours in a row. Every organism has its own level of vibration. After a familiarization period, the pendant can be worn the entire day. Establish for yourself how long you need to wear it.

• The lsis Chakra Harmonizer may have a vitalizing effect.
• It can be worn by various persons.
• It does not absorb any foreign energies.
• Worn on the body, the lsis Chakra Harmonizer can help build the bioenergetic energy field and the 7-chakra system of a human being. As a result, it may establish a harmonic energy flow in the body. Those whose body, soul and mind is in balance will also have a large bioenergetic field.




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